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10 Benefits of Executive Wellness Coaching

Executive wellness coaching is the very latest support program for leaders and executives. Unlike most executive coaching programs it doesn’t just focus on your business acumen and skills but instead takes a holistic approach to your peak performance by looking at wellness and psychological well-being.

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What is Executive Wellness?

Executive wellness is a way of helping senior leaders understand that their ability to perform in their role is not just down to their business skills but impacted by their lifestyle, mental health, personal life and general health.

Corporations and multinational companies are waking up to the fact that burnt-out executives mean poorer results for the bottom line. Executive wellness coaching is a strategic program to improve employees health and well-being so that both the organization and the leadership professionals benefit.

Executive Wellness Coaching

What Should I Expect From a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach works with executives or leadership teams to improve the long-term growth of not only the organisation but the senior managers as well. They do this by creating a wellness program that takes into account the whole of a person and not just the component parts.

This means they work with their client to help them improve or create growth in areas such as confidence, energy levels, fitness, mindset, stress and general lifestyle. A wellness coach recognises that only when the whole of a person is working well does their performance improve.

A simple illustration of this is that stressed-out, unhealthy executives with personal challenges are never going to get the best results for a company. Help them to change their poor habits, reduce their stress and improve their mindset and you suddenly have leaders whose performance is going to be significantly improved.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using a Corporate Wellness Coach?

So what exactly are the benefits of executive wellness coaching. Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons why executive well-being coaching can make a positive difference.

From our work with managers, leaders, executives and company owners we know that holistic focus and support can achieve amazing results when there is an investment in creating positive change.

Increased Self-Awareness

The first thing that executive wellness coaching does is help to increase self-awareness about emotional and physical health. Busy professionals can easily become so caught up working towards success in their business life that they can easily neglect other areas of their life which are equally important.

An executive well-being coaching program changes that focus and asks you to look at a much bigger picture. This can include your personal life and lifestyle, energy levels, general health and mindset.

Taking this holistic approach allows a wellness coach to work with you to optimise and develop in areas that you may have overlooked.

Improved Lifestyle and Well-Being

The corporate world doesn’t always lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. Long days in the office or travelling can take their toll as well as stress from the job itself.

At the very worst left unchecked, a professional can easily become burnt out and needing to take an enforced career break. At best you may put on weight, have sleepless nights, suffer from health issues and take little exercise.

Wellness coaching makes you take a long hard look at what you are doing to your body and emotional health through unhelpful working practices. A wellness coach will work with you to find a better balance so that you start to take care of your personal health as well as your career.

Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change is an interesting book on the subject that is worth reading if you are looking to make bigger changes to the way that you work.

Increased Energy Levels At Work

When you are stressed, run-down or working in a sub-optimal way it can have a detrimental impact on your energy levels and your ability to perform well at a company. Health and wellness coaching programs are designed to look for the areas where you are depleting your energy.

As an example, poor sleep is something that can impact your health and wellness leaving you tired and sluggish. A wellness coach can help give you tips and strategies to help change unhelpful habits that could be making the problem worse so that you feel better and increase your vitality.

Poor nutrition, working late, missing vital health checks, lack of exercise and frequent flying are also common areas where your energy levels can suffer. Coaching can help you to increase your awareness of the problem areas so that you take more care of yourself and increase your vitality.

The Mind-Body Toolkit has some great ways to help you increase your energy levels and increase your productivity.

Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem

When you are in a leadership role you need to have confidence, belief in yourself and self-worth but what if a part of you is filled with self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough.

Executive wellness coaching can help you identify your unhelpful feelings and assist you with finding ways to think differently.

We know that many of our client’s doubts and fears start in childhood and simply stay with them until they reach adulthood. Often our clients believe that this is who they are but in reality, it is a trait that has been learned. This is great news for a coach because it means that sessions can be used to help alter the old thinking into something better.

Download our cheat sheet to get more help with building your confidence.

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Better Physical Fitness

Whilst executive wellness coaching doesn’t involve making you go to the gym or taking exercise to move your body it can help you to boost your motivation to look after yourself.

A wellness coach is there to help you identify unhelpful thought patterns that are blocking you from doing what you need to support your body. When these are discovered it becomes easier to target that problematic mindset so that it does something more positive.

Wellness coaching can also help you to boost your motivation for change or help you with sports performance if you are already committed to exercising.

We like the idea of this Under Desk Bike Exerciser which can easily be used at work. Simple purchases like standing desks or equipment you can use in the office can make a big difference.

Wellness Business Coaching for Mindset Improvements

Everyone has negative self-critical thoughts that can hold them back from achieving their full potential. These thoughts can hamper self-confidence, self-esteem and make you doubt that you are good enough.

Executive wellness coaching can help you to identify the areas where there are problems and help you to develop new improved ways of thinking to help you thrive.

When you have a fixed instead of a growth mindset it can be easy to become stuck in a rut. Coaching is designed to help you achieve your peak performance which is going to help your personal life as well as the business.

We should also mention that emotional intelligence is also something that professional wellness coaching may touch upon. Having a high EQ or emotional intelligence quotient is an important skill for senior leaders to have as it can help prevent challenges in the workplace and lower stress. Working on improving your EQ with a coach may be particularly helpful for improving workplace relationships and creating harmony within an organization.

Stress Management for Executives

If there is one area that an executive wellness program will look at most closely it is stress. Stress is something that exists in every large organization however the support to manage it isn’t always so forthcoming.

The problem is that stress has a hugely detrimental impact on not just your mental health but your physical wellness. Too much stress can impact everything from your sleep to causing depression and anxiety as well as physical ailments such as high blood pressure.

Coaching clients to manage their stress and the impact that it has on their bodies is an important part of a wellness program. The key is finding out where the stress is coming from and finding ways to change it. Some stress may come from work or the company culture but it is also not unusual to find that some is self-inflicted.

Procrastination, perfectionism negative self-talk for example are all potential causes of self-inflicted stress which can be managed with professional help.

Use our guided meditation for stress reduction download to help you be calmer and more relaxed. You can also use our stress management plan templates to help you find ways to manage the way that you feel.

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Executive Well-Being Coaching for Eating 

Whilst executive coaching for wellness doesn’t include specific details on nutrition that doesn’t mean that the program won’t touch on healthy eating. Coaching helps to move clients to a place where they have a greater awareness of their problems so that they can take steps to create positive changes.

What you put into your body has an impact on your energy levels and your general health. If you eat badly then you are going to put on weight, feel more sluggish and start to create longer-term health problems.

A wellness coach can help you to get motivated to eat differently and start taking care of yourself. They can also help you with planning so that it becomes easier to eat the right thing.

Tweaks and changes to your diet can lead to increase health, vitality and energy which has a direct impact on your business performance. Mindfulness and intuitive eating are great ways to increase awareness of the food you are consuming so that you can make changes to your diet. Use our mindful eating worksheets to help.

Mindful Eating Worksheets

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Executive Health Coaching for Better Sleep 

We have already touched on sleep but getting a good nights rest is so important it definitely is something that a wellness coach should spend additional time helping you with.

When we are sleep deprived we are not only tired and irritable we are also more prone to making mistakes which is bad news for anyone in a leadership role.

Yet with some simple steps, it is possible to get a good nights rest and switch off at night. Wellness coaching can help you to improve your sleep and its quality. We even give our clients a copy of our guided meditation for sleep to make it even easier for them to switch off at night and relax.

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Using a Corporate Wellness Coach For Improved Mental Health

Finally, last but not least executive wellness coaching helps you to look after your mental health. Being in a leadership role can be stressful, pressurised and take its toll on your emotional health. Working with a wellness coach can help you to overcome these challenges and protect yourself.

There is never any point in working yourself to the point where you get physically or mentally ill so insulating yourself from pressures and learning how to do things differently can make all the difference.

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