crystal singing bowl benefits

10 Crystal Singing Bowl Benefits

When it comes to helping your well-being there are a myriad of products available that can make a difference. One of our favourites is a crystal singing bowl that can be used for sound healing.

These beautiful bowls made from quartz crystal can help with everything from relaxation to chakra balancing. Learning about the crystal singing bowl benefits can be useful as these amazing products have a huge range of uses.

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The Science of Singing Bowls

Singing bowls come in all types of shapes and sizes as well as materials. Whilst we are going to talk about crystal singing bowl benefits it is worth noting that they can also be made from metal.

Using Tibetan singing bowls to create sound waves is relatively simple. Usually, a mallet is moved around the rim of the bowl to create a sound. Occasionally someone may strike the bowl directly in order to create noise or vibration.

When the mallet is moved around the rim of the bowl there will be sound vibrations that you can hear. The note and tone that is made will depend on the bowl size, the material used and whether it is filled with water. Even after the movement of the mallet is finished the bowl will still produce sound because of resonance.

The way that vibrations are made by these crystal singing bowls is well known but what is not so well documented is whether the sound they make has any impact on the body. A study in 2016 did show that using Tibetan singing bowls can have a positive impact on mood and in lowering anxiety levels therefore there does seem to be some evidence that they can be of benefit.

We have come up with 10 crystal singing bowl benefits however it is worth noting that not all of these will have been fully researched.

crystal singing bowl benefits

Crystal Chakra Bowls To Release Blockages

Chakras can be thought of as points of energy within our body that help to keep us in balance. Normally these energy points or chakra areas should be open allowing energy to move freely around the body. Sometimes however these chakra points become blocked and when this happens emotional problems can occur that throw us off balance.

There are 7 chakra points in the body in total and each area relates to a specific location and problem. Each chakra is also associated with a colour and a musical note. As an example, the heart chakra which is located in the centre of the body is associated with love and healing and is represented by the colour green and the note F. If it is blocked then this can cause problems with emotional problems such as issues with self-esteem or relationships.

Chakra crystal bowls are supposed to have the power to unblock specific chakras if the right note is played. This can be done by the person with the blocked chakra or a third party who can assist with its release.

It is possible to buy chakra crystal singing bowls individually depending on the note you want to use to help with the sound healing however as the chakras with the problem may vary many people choose to buy the full set to use.

crystal singing bowl benefits


Using Sound Healing for Pain

Whilst sound therapy for pain might not be particularly well known it is an area where the tone and vibrations from a crystal singing bowl may have benefits.

Whilst studies are scarce in this area there is certainly research to show that certain levels of sounds may have a physical benefit. Research into Low-frequency sound stimulation as an example was shown to have a physical benefit to fibromyalgia sufferers who experience lower pain levels. They also felt a mental benefit to their health with improved moods and less insomnia.

If you are looking to try and get natural medical benefits from crystal singing bowls the key is finding the right singing bowl to help your particular pain. This involves discovering what frequency seems to help.

It is worth noting that these sound bowls can also help with relaxation which may have a knock-on impact on reducing muscle tension. When our bodies relax the muscles also start to release. This can help with pain reduction that thrives on stress or tension.

The root chakra is often associated with pain so choosing a C note singing bowl would be a good place to start.

crystal singing bowl benefits

Singing Bowls Benefits to Spiritual Well-Being

Our spiritual well-being is something that is often overlooked. This is the part of us that needs activities that feed the soul. That could be volunteering in the community, doing yoga, meditating or practising a certain religion. When we feed this part of our spiritual selves we feel happier and physically healthier.

Crystal singing bowls can certainly be used to help us with spiritual self-care. Finding time to lie back and listen to the vibrations of a singing bowl as part of a sound bath can certainly help you to tap into that part of your consciousness and help to lower your stress levels.

Remember that healing doesn’t just involve physical health but also psychological health as well. Making sure that you find the time in your life to stop and be calm using sound therapy can definitely help your spiritual well-being.

Crystal Bowl Meditation

Meditation is the art of training your mind to be calmer and more relaxed by tuning out unhelpful thoughts. This is usually carried out by altering your internal focus or awareness through concentrating on an object, a sound, mantra or by using mindfulness to help. Crystal singing bowls that can give the altered awareness through sound or vibration are a perfect way to help create this calmer mental state.

Meditation can have huge benefits to your physical and emotional health when it is practised regularly. It can help to lower anxiety and stress, reduce your blood pressure, lower pain levels and help your spiritual health.

To get the benefits of a crystal singing blow meditation you can of course purchase your own bowls to use. However, there are some great CD’s or mp3’s available that you can use such as this crystal bowl guided meditations cd.

crystal singing bowl benefits

Using a Singing Bowl to Cleanse Crystals

Crystal singing bowl benefits can also involve other crystals.  In particular, it can be used to help cleanse other crystals.

Over a period of time crystals can absorb the energy around them. Whilst some of that energy can be positive other energies can be negative and this will lessen the power of the crystal itself. Cleansing crystals help to remove this bad energy.

Traditionally people would cleanse their crystals on a full moon but there are of course always other ways to do things. Using a crystal singing bowl is a simple and easy way for the sound vibrations to do the same job.

Simply place the crystals you want to cleanse around the bowl rather than inside it. Remember if you were to place them inside they could become damaged or the quartz crystal of the bowl could be scratched. Then strike the bowl with the mallet and then move it around the edge of the bowl to create the sound waves. The frequency and tones of the bowl will help to cleanse the energy on the surrounding crystals.

Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Baths

A sound bath is a form of meditative therapy when the people attending lie and relax whilst listening to singing bowls or percussive instruments. The purpose of the sound bath is to help calm the mind and relax the body so that stress and anxiety are reduced. Sound baths can also help you to enter into altered states of consciousness which are great for healing or self-awareness.

Most sound baths are immersive experiences and usually involve groups of people experiencing the deep meditation together however one to one therapy may be available albeit more expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative there are Sound Bath CD’s available which you can use at home to experience the same benefits.

crystal singing bowl benefits

Crystal Bowls and Yoga

Another of the benefits of crystal singing bowls is that they can be used to enhance yoga sessions. It is not unusual for most yoga classes to have a wind-down section right at the end of the class. In the past, meditative music may have been used at this point in the class but now it’s not that unusual for Tibetan singing bowls or quartz crystal singing bowls to be used.

The vibrations from the bowls as well as the resonance can create pure deep relaxation which helps the mind to switch off and relax after a yoga class.

crystal singing bowl benefits

Using Singing Bowls to Assist With Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Probably the most obvious benefit of crystal singing bowls is their ability to help with anxiety and stress. The vibration from the quartz crystal has the power to help assist the body and mind to relax which in turn can help improve your mental and emotional health.

Regular practise of any meditative activity can have medical benefits as well. For example, too much stress can increase your blood pressure which can impact your health. Relaxing whilst listening to the vibrations from a singing bowl can help to lower stress and in turn help reduce the pressure.

The key to the sounds acting as physical and emotional therapy is consistency. Using the singing bowls once or twice will have a small benefit but over time if they are used regularly the improvements should be magnified.

Crystal Bowl Music

An obvious benefit of crystal singing bowls which is often overlooked is that they are capable of creating music that can be relaxing, calming and peaceful.

As we have already touched on every bowl produces sounds that correspond to musical notes. When the bowls are played together then music can be produced. This rainbow frosted crystal bowl for example produces the note F which is related to the heart chakra. You can also purchase other bowls by note to produce music.

crystal singing bowl benefits

This crystal bowl music can of course be used as part of a sound bath or for meditation but don’t forget that sometimes it is perfectly ok just to listen to the vibrational tones just for pleasure.

It is worth noting that there are plenty of tracks available to purchase where quartz crystal singing bowls are used to produce music to help with everything from sleep to your mood.

Crystal Bowls and Healing

Finally, last but not least it has been claimed that crystal singing bowls can help with healing the body. The belief is that the sounds from the singing bowls impact every cell in our bodies and that this can have an impact on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We have already touched on some of the physical benefits to health such as muscle relaxation and lower blood pressure. There is also the belief that crystal singing bowls can help the immune system and improve digestion.

With regards to emotional healing, any reduction in stress can impact everything from our sleep to anxiety. It also helps to make us feel more positive and resilient to lives ups and downs.

Whilst last but not least spiritual healing can also take place as we resonate with a higher vibration and feel more in balance and content.

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