why personal growth is important

10 Reasons Why Personal Growth is Important

Have you ever thought about what personal growth means? It is a term that we hear but probably never spend much time thinking about. Personal growth really means becoming a better version of yourself. Yep, that is one huge subject!  This could mean improving emotionally, physically or intellectually. The key to understanding why personal growth is important is that you have a certain amount of potential in life. You can choose to let that potential be wasted or you can grow and learn and see what you could achieve.

Personal growth is not just about accumulating money or success it is about growing as a person as well. Think of it as a way of improving your health and happiness so that you are more content. All of us should take time to make changes to make ourselves happier because staying static or feeling trapped never helped anyone ever. Here are 10 reasons why personal growth is important and why you should take the time to invest in yourself.

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Personal Growth & Psychological Well-Being

Your psychological well-being is paramount to your happiness. When you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed then you are going to be feeling well under par. Yet many people never get round to working on their problems to try and change how they feel. The figures suggest that only about 1 in 4 people actually get the help that they need to address issues with their mental health.

As part of your personal growth, you should be looking at areas of your life that are not quite working and start to address those issues. Visit your GP, start using self-help products or arrange to see a therapist to help facilitate change. Don’t believe the myth that these problems cannot be managed or resolved because this is not the case at all.

A simple place to start is by discovering ways to lower your stress levels and create better balance in your life. Working every minute of the day, answering emails late at night, being involved in lots of clubs as well as trying to run a home will burn you out. Resolve to build in downtime into your routines so that allow yourself time to breathe.

Our self-hypnosis for relaxation and stress reduction audio can help you switch off. Simply take time out for half an hour a day to listen to the audio and allow your mind to drift and enter a state of calm. With repeated listening, you should find that your stress and anxiety levels start to drop.

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Personal Growth & Physical Wellness

As well as your mental health you should also be concentrating on your physical health. Think of your body as a machine. It needs regular exercise to keep it moving. You need to eat the right things to keep in in the best condition. If you don’t look after it then the machine starts to develop problems and eventually breaks.

This means that as part of your daily routines you need to find time to prioritise your physical health and wellness. Schedule walks into your diary or trips to the gym. Arrange to see an osteopath or chiropractor if your muscles are aching. Don’t try and live with pain instead visit your doctor.

Then take the time to eat right at least 80% of the time. It can be so simple to rush and grab some fast food because you are busy but if you do this regularly it will take a toll on how you feel as well as your waistline. Prioritise planning meals that you can cook easily with fresh ingredients and make sure that your diet is balanced. There is no need to use faddy diets if you take the time to eat mindfully and cook most of your meals from scratch.

Too many people prioritise their work, their family and then their friends. They don’t bother to think that they need attention first. In order for you to achieve your goals, you need to make sure you are functioning optimally then everything else is so much easier.

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Personal Growth Through Education

If you want to grow as a person and create better opportunities for yourself then education is the number one way to do it. Clearly someone who has better qualifications is more likely to get a better job, have improved career prospects and get promoted. This is why personal growth is important when it comes to you learning the skills you need to get where you want to be in life.

It is also never too late to learn new things. At my old university, we had a forty-year-old fresher who decided later in life that she wanted to be a teacher. So she bit the bullet and signed up for her degree and lived in halls during the week and went home to her family at weekends. Three years later she graduated and started on a new path which made her happier and more fulfilled.

Just remember that education is not all about academic exams. It could also be educating ourselves for pure pleasure or to enable us to participate in something that we couldn’t do without spending time acquiring knowledge and skills. Look at where the gaps are in your life and think what would you like to know and how that could enhance how you feel.

Personal Growth at Work

Are you happy currently doing what you are doing at work? Do you want to continue doing the same thing for the next ten, fifteen or twenty years? Why Personal growth is important at work is because without actively working on your development it can be easy to get stuck doing the same old things year after year. In order to move to bigger and better things, you have to acquire a set of skills to get ahead.

Every workplace needs different things so no two people’s paths of personal growth will be the same. Does your company require you to speak regularly? If so find ways to polish your public speaking skills to get noticed. Are you regularly late or find difficulty with deadlines? Then you need to learn some time management skills.

Emotional intelligence is a great skill to learn as it can help you to manage your emotions as well as that of others around you. Resilience is another area which is helpful because of the ability to bounce back more easily from problems. Find areas which suit not only your needs but those of the company and you have a win-win situation.

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Self Development Through Experience

How can we possibly know what we are capable of if we keep on doing the same things again and again and stay within our comfort zones? It can be easy to stay in our lanes and stick with the familiar but what are we missing when we do this?

Experiences change people and help them to grow and see things differently. Travel, for example, is a great way of seeing how the rest of the world lives and experiencing different cultures. When we return a part of those experiences stay with us and change who we are, hopefully for the better.

Or what about experiences that test what we are capable of? This could be anything from learning how to cook different foods to hiking up a high mountain to test our endurance. Each thing we try can help us grow as a person as well as learn from others.

Personal Financial Strategies

Have you ever held your head in your hands because of your disorganised finances? Do you know that bills are going out when? Do you have the cheapest deals for your utility bills? Are you able to save regularly and put money away for a rainy day? Do your money worries keep you awake at night? This is why personal growth important when it comes to our finances because when you are organised you are able to sleep easier at night.

Organising your financial affairs stops you having to deal with a big headache every month. Take the time to get your finances in order and you will have not only peace of mind but hopefully more money in your pocket as well. Unnecessary spending and not getting to grips with your outgoings means that you are throwing money away that could potentially change your future. Do you really need to be buying those three coffees a day or could you just have one and save the money for the rest? Indulgence once in awhile if fine but when it is wasted money then you might need to have a rethink.

Personal Growth and Relationships

When we talk about relationships and personal growth this is not just about your partner but your friends and family as well. We find in our clinics that low self-esteem can have a detrimental impact on relationships. Many of our clients who have low self-worth tend to put up with abuse, bullying, negative comments and so much more because in some way they believe they are not good enough or are not going to find anyone else to love them. Learning to love yourself and building your self-esteem changes everything.

When our clients work on their confidence it changes their happiness significantly. They become more capable of getting rid of people who have a negative impact on their well-being and attracting people who help to bring happiness and encouragement. Who wants to live or associate with people who only ever make negative remarks or put your down? When you stand up for yourself and know your self-worth you don’t give a second thought to those people anymore.

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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is not all about religion instead it is about learning compassion and finding a sense of purpose that isn’t solely based on your successes or failures. Tapping into your spiritual side can stop you from comparing yourself to others and constantly measuring your achievements against your peers. Instead, you need to learn how to make yourself happier by taking the odd leap of faith and giving to those around you.

Charitable work is a great way of giving back to those less fortunate than you and also can help you appreciate what you have. Alternatively, become more attuned to your senses and learn how to tap into your intuition or find your sense of purpose. Spiritual growth may require some work on yourself to let go of traits that are unhelpful or would be considered selfish to others. People who work on their spiritual side tend to be happier than those who solely concentrate on material things. As ever in life, the key is getting a good balance.

Enivronmental Considerations

Environmental considerations are also why personal growth is important. It is becoming increasingly clear that if humans continue to act as they do climate change will have a huge impact on all our lives. How we live now determines what will happen in the very near future and whether future generations will be able to live in certain parts of the earth.

We should all be asking ourselves what can we do to live in a way that causes the least harm to those around us. Do we really need to be buying water in plastic bottles? Should we be using cars for short journeys that are spewing out fumes? Could we cut back on our waste? Every little thing we do has a small impact however repeat that amongst millions of people and the change is dramatic.

As well as environmental growth in terms of sustainability we can also think of where and how we live in terms of pure enjoyment. If you are a country person but working in the city is this something that you want to continue doing in the near future? Would you prefer to live near a park or do you like the hustle and bustle of a busy town centre? Your environment has a direct impact on the way that you feel so make sure you choose a place that will make you happy.

In additiona a toxic working environment is simply not worth staying in because of the sheer amount of time that you spend at work. Make sure that your place of work allows you to feel appreciated and gives you the space to grow otherwise it is time to start looking elsewhere.

Subconscious Growth

Finally last but not least I want to talk about why personal growth is important when it comes to changing your subconscious thoughts. These are the parts of our mind that are partially hidden but dictate our habits and run silently in the background. Consciously you can want one thing but subconsciously another part of you may be working on an entirely different agenda.

To illustrate this think of a person who is always dieting. Consciously they know it is healthier for them to eat better and lose weight and for short periods of time their diets do work. Then another part of them comes along and sabotages the diet and before they know it they are back to their starting weight again and feeling as if they will never be able to take control over their eating.

In this case, the subconscious is continually in conflict with the conscious part and the two are always fighting against each other. Yet find out what the subconscious wants or is trying to achieve and you can start to create change. As an example does the subconscious want to keep you overweight for a reason? Perhaps it feels that without food in times of stress you will be upset. Or that food is the only way to make you happy because you feel you are not good enough. Get therapy help to find out what the subconscious wants and everything could change.

Hypnosis for Personal Growth

Hypnosis and coaching for personal growth can help you to not only give you insight into what your subconscious is doing but it can also help you in moving direction in your life. All of us need help at times to get to where we want to be. Self-help can move us in the right direction but getting assistance to take things a little further from a therapist can make a bigger difference because therapy is tailored to your particular situation. If you need some help to learn why personal growth is important for your health and well-being simply contact us at the form below for more information.

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