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10 Ways Mindset Coaching Can Transform Your Life

As therapists, we are also experts at mindset coaching. We work with our clients to help them understand why their mind thinks the way that it does and then help them to change unhelpful thinking or negative habits or behaviours to make them feel happier and create a growth mindset.

How we think can have a profound impact on what we do with our lives and how successful we are in our careers and our relationships. If your mindset is working against you it can feel like you are constantly battling with yourself or self-sabotaging your efforts. Yet when your mind is working in synergy with your plans it can make getting ahead seem effortless as you have a success mindset.

Many people think that they are born with a certain mindset yet in most cases it has been created because of our interactions with other people or events. Change your outlook and suddenly everything can change.

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Mind Coaching

So how exactly does a mind coaching session work and how can it help you to reach your goals?

Mindset coaching is the art of helping people like you understand the mental barriers and processes that are holding you back. When the unhelpful thinking patterns are identified and understood it is possible to put in place alternative actions and thoughts to change outcomes in your favour.

We all have parts of our minds that are self-critical of our efforts or give us beliefs that there are certain things we should not do. For some people, these critical thoughts only interfere in exceptional circumstances whilst in others, they are present all the time and are a major hindrance. A Mindset coaching session helps you to identify and challenge the problematic thoughts so that they no longer prevent you from success.

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How Do I Choose a The Right Mind Coach?

Not all mind coaches are equal and this is important to know when you are looking for someone to help you. Knowing what someone can offer will be particularly important if you have a complex life history or suffer from problems such as anxiety or depression.

Most mindset coaches are generalists having learned their trade from life coaching courses. Their qualifications may be fine for people who need some basic help but when they are dealing with clients who have experienced significant problems in their lives they may not be suitable.

This is why therapists with experience in the mental health arena can make a bigger difference and be a more successful mindset coach. Why? Because many mental blocks or negative thinking patterns are rooted in trauma. We have negative experiences with people or situations and these events stick in our memories and handicap us in the future creating limiting beliefs. To help a person to untangle these past experiences takes a huge amount of experience and expertise.

We have also noticed a trend of wellness bloggers setting themselves up in the mental health arena yet most of these people have no experience to back up their work or relevant qualifications. Always check who you are dealing with before you decide to sign up for a coaching course or mindset training. Find the right person with the correct coaching skills however and you should be on your way to a life-altering experience.

Who Can Benefit From Mind Coaching?

Just about everyone can benefit from mindset coaching providing the person attending the sessions is willing to work with their coach and is ready to remove any old limiting belief systems in place. Any form of therapy or coaching requires mutual participation for successful change to take place. The coach is unable to do all the work. They are there are the facilitator or guide in the coaching relationship but the person receiving the coaching will also need to take action as well.

Professional mindset coaching has been traditionally used for people who want to advance their careers. It is a fantastic tool for helping people to build their self-worth, self-esteem, belief in themselves and confidence. Yet it can also be used by anyone who feels that they have a part of their mind that seems to be not functioning as they want it to be. Coaching can be used for:

How Mindset Coaching Can Help

Mindset coaching is a great tool for creating positive change and building a positive mindset. Limitless by Jim Kwik discusses how you can harness the mind to do things differently. He believes as we do that most of us have parts of our mind that are underutilised or are not working to their capacity. Learn how to tap into these resources and great things happen.

We know that most of our clients have untapped potential. Here are some of the main reasons why you might want to consider hiring a mind coach.

Seeing Things From a Different Perspective

We often make decisions on our own personal viewpoints under the assumption that what we know and think is correct however this isn’t the case. It is impossible to see the big picture when you are living in a stressful moment and we also don’t have all the answers. This means we come to conclusions that aren’t always correct and that can have a detrimental impact on our progress.

A mindset coach can help you to see an alternative point of views and to question stuck thought patterns. They are there to make you think a little differently during the coaching process and help you see that what you know isn’t always enough to get the answers that you want.

Seeing things from a different viewpoint can assist with clarity and help you to adjust actions and thoughts so that you react in a new way. Each coach has different tools to help this to happen for example we also use Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis as part of our coaching programs.

Self-Awareness Coaching

Mindset coaching is also a great tool for self-awareness. Most of us think in silos and don’t think about how we really tick or what motivates us. Good coaching helps you to understand more about who you are, what you want and where you might be heading in life.

When we work with our clients we never just look at the presenting problem but instead look at all the factors that might be involved in your problem. This means we look at anxiety, stress, confidence, fears and phobias, childhood worries, work, relationships and much more.

We lead complex lives and much of who we are is made up of smaller elements. If some of those elements don’t work then it leads to an imbalance and creates problems. We want our coaching clients to see the real issues so that harmony can be restored and progress can be made.

You can also improve your self-awareness by journaling and asking questions about yourself. It can be amazing what you learn when you take the time to write down what you are thinking. The Self-Discovery Journal is a great book to help you ask questions and assist you during your coaching journey.

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Learning The Root Of a Fixed Mindset

The problems that we have in the here and now are often rooted in the past. We learn to put up barriers to protect ourselves from anxiety or harm but over the years we tend to forget about why they are there.

This is where mindset coaching combined with therapy comes into its own. Ordinary life coaches may listen to what you have to say and work on the information you give them. Therapy involving tools such as hypnosis looks at the information you give and also looks at what you might also have buried deeper in your subconscious mind. Seeing both pieces of information is often a way of making a much bigger difference.

Root causes will obviously vary from person to person as you will have lived a unique life. Our therapy tools enable us to work within your specific circumstances to try and find new more helpful ways forward which simply are not possible with conventional coaching.

Motivational Coaching

When you are trying to motivate yourself on your own it isn’t always the easiest. Not all of us are revved up to get up and go every single day. Our mindsets can make us want to procrastinate, take time off or spend ages staring into space not getting anything done.

Mindset coaching can help you to become unstuck and finds out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking action and making a success of your life.

Learning to motivate clients for positive change is one of the number one things that mindset coaches do. Having your own personal cheerleader who can point you in the right direction and provide encouragement makes a big difference especially when it comes to goal setting.

Plus all our clients who need motivation can use our very own guided meditation to help them change their subconscious mindset even when we are not there with them.

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Goal Orientated Coaching

One of the key elements of mindset coaching is helping you to recognise and keep sight of your goals. Where do you want to be and how are you going to get there?

We help our clients to start to put in place more concrete plans to help them move forwards in their life or business. These goals are usually split into one main goal and then many small goals that will take that person on the steps to reaching it.

The key to success is moving along the path and hitting each milestone. Each small success takes you towards your main aim. A mindset coach can help you to stay focused on where you are going and help you to make adjustments to your strategy as you progress.

Performance Coaching

At school, you had teachers because they could help you to learn information that you didn’t know. You may have continued your education as you got older with further exams, degrees or vocational studies. Usually, our studies tend to focus on specific areas but there are always gaps in our education. Mindset coaches help you expand your knowledge when it comes to what your mind can do.

A simple example of this is with elite sports stars. They have mindset coaches because how they perform on a pitch, court or track doesn’t just depend on their training but also what their mind thinks. Get the mind in synch with the peak performance work and you have an unstoppable athlete or player.

Mindset coaches can help you to take what you have and improve on it so you get better results. Remember that even small improvements can create great results.

Many mind coaches are also qualified as a business coach so if this is what you are looking for make sure you take full advantage of their expertise.

Spotting Opportunities

Ever heard the expression “you can’t see the wood from the trees”? Put simply it means that a person is so involved in a situation and the details that they are unable to see the bigger picture. We all have moments like this when the obvious opportunities seem lost to us and we need someone else to point out what we are missing.

A mindset coach can often guide you to moments of revelation where you start to see things more clearly. When you see that there are other paths available to you it can lead to opportunities that you have never considered before.

Many of our clients may have spent years feeling stuck in the same place feeling there was no way out. Yet there usually is a way forward it is simply that you haven’t recognised it yet.

You could also try our Law of Attraction worksheets to help you set goals and spot opportunities. They are a great tool if you want to try self-help methods on your journey.

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Some people find it hard to succeed if they are not accountable to someone. These people know that when they have to report back on their progress it makes them focus on getting things done. A mindset coach can be the person who helps you continually tick off your to-do list to reach your goals.

Accountability is a collaborative process. Mindset coaching works on helping you pin down your goals and the steps you are going to take to reach them. These steps should be time-limited so that you don’t allow yourself to drift. Reporting back on the steps you have taken and what worked and what didn’t allow you to continue the momentum to where you want to be. Without a mind or a life coach, those steps aren’t so defined allowing you to procrastinate or worse still do nothing.

Mind Coaching As Guidance

A coach is there to help guide you through your problems or mindset issues but not to give you all the answers. They work with you to help you understand why you may have a problem and then point you in the direction of solutions that can help. They are a rudder that steers you through the complexities of life without doing everything for you.

Well, all need guidance at times and having a mindset coach as a sounding board and a mentor can make a big difference to what you may be able to achieve. We have had clients change jobs, alter careers, move abroad or start new ventures because of what they learned. We didn’t tell them what to do but the coaching helped them understand what they needed in their life and they took action to make that happen.

Mental Health Benefits

Finally, mindset coaching can have considerable mental health benefits. Most of our clients come to see us for help because they are struggling with behaviours, thoughts or feelings which are not in their best interest. By working with us to understand the reasons for their problems they are able to create changes that are beneficial for their particular needs.

Having a mindset coach that is trained in mental health issues is important because they have a deeper understanding of anxieties, stresses or the reasons for low moods. They can help you to find a way forward into a place where you feel calmer and more in control.

We all have worries or problems the secret is understanding why certain ones bother us more than others and learning what we can do to lessen their impact on us.

Accountability Coaching

If you are looking for mindset coaching or an accountability coach near you consider the possibility of online sessions to help you make a difference. Using online sessions is easy and accessible and means that you can get help wherever you might be in the world. Just fill in the contact form below to get more details of our programs.

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