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30 Self-Improvement Challenges for Personal Growth

Are you looking to improve your life? Self-improvement challenges are a brilliant way to change your life and create new positive habits. Self-improvement can make a big difference to your physical and mental health so it makes sense to try and create personal growth in your life.

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Personal Growth Challenge

We spend our entire lives helping others to improve the way they think, feel and behave. Therapy is a great way to change old habits and to create mental clarity however a therapist can’t do everything for a client. This is where lifestyle changes also play a part.

Creating positive lifestyle changes enhances therapy and pays big dividends. This is why we have created this self-improvement challenge to help our readers and clients transform their life faster. There are 30 challenge ideas in total for you to use the perfect number for you to use one a day over the course of a month.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to accomplish everything. Remember that every step that you take with these ideas helps. The key is simply taking action to at least make some of these things happen.

30 Day Self-Improvement Challenge

The following 30 self-improvement challenges are in no particular order so just start where you like and aim to complete one challenge a day. At the end of the month assess where you are and what has worked well for you and what hasn’t. If you have missed any challenges you can always roll them over to a later date. This isn’t an exam just a way of helping you grow and develop.

Change One Money Habit

Our first self-improvement challenge is to change one money habit in your life. Most of us have at least one area related to money that needs addressing. Are you guilty of any of the following?

  • Spending money on items that you don’t need.
  • Failing to put money away for a rainy day.
  • Ignoring putting money into a personal pension.
  • Failure to budget for big-spending items.
  • Losing track of your finances.
  • Getting into debt and not prioritizing paying off the money.

Your first 30-day challenge is to start to look carefully at your life and money habits and picking one area to start making personal changes.

Improve Your Mental Health

Stress is one of the leading causes of problems with mental health. Reducing stress should be a priority in your life because when you take the time to relax and switch off you are helping your well-being.

There are plenty of ideas on our website to help with stress such as our post on good coping mechanisms for stress. Use our tips and strategies to help you unwind and feel calmer.

You can also use our self-hypnosis for stress reduction and relaxation audio download to help you quieten your mind. Just purchase your copy in our online store.

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Personal Development Challenges – Walk 10,000 Steps

If you are working behind a desk all day or are leading a sedentary lifestyle it can impact your health and fitness. To counteract a poor lifestyle you need to start moving and one of the easiest ways to do this is to walk.

It is now well known that walking at least 10,000 steps per day can help your physical health. Buy yourself a Fitbit activity tracker and start to monitor how much you move each day.

Don’t forget to build up slowly if you have been doing virtually no exercise to avoid injury.

Get Better Sleep by Creating a Bedtime Routine

One of the biggest problem areas that we see with our clients is issues with insomnia or sleeping. They end up going to bed and either can’t get to sleep or find themselves regularly waking up throughout the night making them feel exhausted in the morning.

If you are having problems with your sleep then you need to start creating a better bedtime routine to help make a difference.

  • Switch off your social media well before your bedtime.
  • Don’t ever watch tv in bed.
  • Listen to a self-hypnosis for sleep recording to switch your mind off at night.
  • Go to bed later rather than earlier so that you really are sleepy when your head hits the pillow.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is comfortable and that your mattress and pillows are not past their sell-by date.

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Take a Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone. This is a place where we feel safe and life feels relatively easy however many of our clients are actually trapped inside theirs preventing self-improvement and personal growth.

Today is the day where you need to examine exactly where the limits of your comfort zone are and start pushing the boundaries.

Your comfort zone might relate to driving, the type of work that you do, public speaking or going for a promotion. Take the first steps today to getting free and start to expand the limits of what you can do.

Hello, Fears: Crush Your Comfort Zone and Become Who You’re Meant to Be by Michelle Poler is a great book to help you on that journey.

Use a Self-Discovery Journal

Do you know what you want out of life? Many people don’t which is why today’s self-improvement challenge is to start using a self-discovery journal to get what you want.

When you start to write and use the exercises in a great journal such as True You: A Self-Discovery Journal you start to get insight into who you are and what you want from your life. Start to examine your life and define what your dreams and passions are and start to make them happen.

The more you learn about yourself and what makes you tick the easier it is for you to alter your course in life and play to your strengths rather than your weaknesses. When you write down and keep track of your emotions and thoughts you are able to keep track of your life and ideas and start to make things happen.

Create a Morning Routine

Your next 30-day challenge is to start thinking about creating a morning routine that you can follow to help you be more productive and to create better habits.

It is well known that if you start your day badly it will have a knock-on impact on the rest of your life. Creating good morning habits means that you start every day knowing exactly where you are and what you should be doing. That helps you to feel calmer and more in control when you are starting off your day.

Morning routines can help to:

  • Make you more productive.
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Help You to remember what you need to be doing.
  • Prevent arguments.
  • Allow you more time to develop those healthy habits.
  • Improve Your Relationships.

Think about creating a morning routine that can help to save you time and hassle in your life so that you never have to worry about what happens when you get up ever again.

Read a Self-Help Book

One way that people change their life is by using self-help books to alter how they think and help them change negative traits that they don’t like.

There are self-help books out there for just about every problem. If you want more confidence then there are hundreds of books to help. If you want to stop procrastinating authors will have created a ton of strategies to help you be more productive.

Pick an area where you might need some help and start reading to see if you can learn better ways of leading your life. Our personal favorite is Atomic Habits by James Clear who helps you to make better habits.

Change Your Social Media Habits

Can social media cause anxiety and stress? Well yes, it can and bad social media habits can do a lot worse as well.

Being on your phone or social media accounts for too long each day isn’t great for good mental health especially if you are looking at pictures of people that are filtered or are showing a completely unrealistic lifestyle. Being on your social media accounts for too long each day is a bad habit that is good to break.

Try and free yourself from your social media addiction and place stricter limits on the amount of time you are willing to spend each day on your phone or tablet device. It will make you happier, improve your sleep and make you calmer.

Alter One Bad Habit

Another way to change your life is to use our self-improvement challenges to alter one of your bad habits. We all have bad habits which either impact ourselves or other people so today is the perfect day to start working on changing one of them.

Sometimes our bad habits are something physical such as biting our nails or picking our skin. A great way of helping to reverse these habits is by becoming more mindful of what you are doing every day rather than consciously doing the habit and not noticing.

Other habits are more about what we do such as having a habit of being late, being disorganized, being lazy, or having a quick temper. Start to make a concerted effort to change these by better planning, goal setting, or removing the problems that cause the trigger responses.

Practice Better Time Management

Your next 30 day challenge idea is to find ways to practice better time management. Saving time especially when it comes to our work or chores can only be a good thing as it frees up more time for self-care, fun, or relaxation.

No matter how organized you think you are there is always the potential to save more time in your life. We can all do things more efficiently or effectively with a little extra planning or adjustments.

Use a Smart Planner Pro which is a daily planner to help you set goals, increase your productivity and improve your time management. This is a brilliant tool to end procrastination and to help motivate you to do things differently.

Practice Mindful/Intuitive Eating

The next one of our 30-day self-improvement challenges is designed to help you change the way you eat and to create a healthier relationship with food.

Too many of our clients spend their life dieting and battling with food. They may lose some weight in the short term and then a few months later all the weight they lost goes back on again plus some more. This is why we ask our clients to practice mindful or intuitive eating to change their eating habits.

Eating intuitively means that you concentrate on eating when you are hungry and stop when you are full. It also involves understanding the emotional connections that you may have with food. Most of our clients are eating more than they need to at mealtimes or at other times because of subconscious emotional needs.

Use our mindful eating worksheets to help you plan what you are going to eat without dieting. These worksheets and printables can help you to break old triggers and do things differently. You can also read our blog on other mindful eating resources that are available to help you stop bad habits.

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Self-Improvement Challenges – Focus On Your Self-Care

Over the next 30 days think about focusing on your self-care. Self-care is important but often neglected when you are busy just living your life.

Our clients usually feel guilty about the idea of putting their feet up and doing something that is totally for their own benefit. They feel that they should be busy 24/7 but in fact, working yourself into the ground is only going to make you exhausted, anxious, and stressed.

Stop the guilt during these self-improvement challenges and start to take time out to do things that you love over the next 30 days and then see how you feel. Even 10-minutes or 15-minutes a day can make a difference in how you feel. Use our self-care tips to help.

Personal Challenges Ideas – Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an incredibly useful tool for helping anxiety, stress and depression. This is because it helps the mind to focus on the present rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Mindfulness helps you break a cycle of unhelpful thinking and focus on the things that can make you happy right now which can significantly improve your mood.

The easiest way to practice mindfulness is by buying a book on the subject that gives you the basic exercises you need to try. Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sokolov has 75 meditations you can use to help you find peace and calm in a busy world.

Create a Vision Board

A brilliant challenge idea to help you change your life is to create a vision board. A vision board is a tool that allows you to hone in on what you want your dream life to be.

All you need to do to create your own board is to buy a cork board and then start pinning pictures or items to the board that gives you inspiration. You can choose to use the board to cover one theme or to try and help you define how you want your whole life to look.

You can even buy vision board kits to help you with your personal board. This kit has motivational quotes, images, and a goal planning guide to help you define your goals saving you time searching through magazine articles for the right images.

Do a Brain Dump

There are definitely some 30-day self-improvement challenges that shouldn’t just be used for one day only. Doing a brain dump is one of these.

If you find that your mind is finding it difficult to switch off, you are overthinking and you have problems stopping random thoughts you need to think about doing a brain dump. This involves taking the thoughts that are in your head and writing them down onto paper where you can subsequently organize them.

When you write down each thought it helps to clear your mind and allows you to get clarity. Use our brain dump worksheet to make a list of what is on your mind so that you can start taking positive action rather than ruminating and having sleepless nights.

brain dump worksheet printable

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Improve Your Self-Esteem

When we were looking at 30-day challenge ideas we knew that we had to include this particular issue. Too many of our clients have negative self-critical thought patterns which cause them problems.

Negative self-talk is not helpful and impacts self-esteem and prevents you from doing things that could improve your life. We love to help our clients build confidence and self-esteem as when it is high they can achieve things that never would have dreamt of.

Use our self-hypnosis download for confidence and self-esteem to boost yours.

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Self-Challenges – Get Organized

If you want to free yourself from stress and feel more in control then you definitely need to break bad habits around clutter. Having a home or workspace that is tidy and clutter-free improves your world and helps your mental wellness.

Although an initial declutter might take some time once you have things under control you then only need to spend 10 minutes or so at a time keeping it that way.

So how do you organize? Well the queens of organization are the Home Edit who have a tv series on Netflix. Read their book The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals. Then purchase their storage systems to tidy your home.

Create Something 

Our creative parts of our mind are often underutilized so why not try something new and create something from scratch. That could be a piece of art, a recipe, or even a DIY job to help you do something completely different.

Using your creative part of the brain can help you reduce stress, allow you to express yourself, and save money. Plus you should also have a great sense of achievement when it is all finished.

Do Something New

You can also use these self-improvement challenges to change your life over the next 30 days by trying something new. Think about something that you have always fancied trying but have never got round to doing. That could be horse riding, driving at speed around a track, or even parachuting.

Trying something new helps you to do things that help to build your confidence and broaden your horizons. You might even find that what you do starts to become a real passion or leads to a new career.

Practice Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a simple self-help tool that helps you to change your mood, boost your motivation, and improve your mindset. As part of these 30 days of challenges start to use them every day to help you think differently.

We have a large number of free affirmations that you can use in posts on our website including:

101 Affirmations for Happiness and Success

Affirmations for Finance to Create a Money Mindset

Affirmations for Gratitude

Create a Drink Less Strategy

30-day self-improvement challenges can often improve your physical health. One area that we constantly help our clients with is by giving them a drink-less strategy to cut down on their alcohol intake.

Too much alcohol drunk every day is never a good thing so it makes sense to find ways to become more mindful about what you are drinking. One way you can do this is by using our alcohol reduction worksheets. These help you to pay attention to what you are drinking and reduce your triggers. You can buy them in our online store to help you on your journey.

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Practice Self-Hypnosis or Meditation

Using self-hypnosis or meditation can be a way of helping you to find ways to quieten your mind and help you with self-care. When your mind is overactive or overthinking all the time it can cause problems such as stress or anxiety. Regular practice of calming strategies can help.

Set up a meditation cushion in a corner of your home to help you start to use either of these calming methods every day to help you switch off and relax.

Start Using Yoga Poses for Stretching

Stretching your body helps to keep it supple and eases aches and pains. The best way to do this is by using Yoga poses to help elongate your body and release stress.

You don’t need to do a full yoga class just some simple stretching and poses. The easiest way to do this is with some Yoga pose cards which you can use to guide you.

Use a Law of Attraction Planner

If you want to get what you want then you need to take action. Without action, you can get stuck inside your comfort zone and stay doing the same things day after day.

Our law of attraction planner worksheets help you to hone in on opportunities and to get motivated to do things that can help you get where you want to be. Use them to help you change your life for the better.

law of attraction planner pdf

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Listen to a New Podcast

The world of podcasts has exploded over recent years and there is definitely something available out there for just about everyone. Whether you want to listen to something funny, thrilling, or educational there is something that you can listen to.

As we are talking about self-improvement challenges find something that is going to help you improve your life in one way or another.

Keep Track of Your Water Intake

As part of your self-care it is important to make sure that you are drinking enough water every day. Over the next 30 days start to monitor your water intake to make sure that you are having enough.

Motivational water bottles can really help as they help you drink the right amount of water every day.

Take Up a New Hobby

Self-improvement challenges can help to make you a more rounded person which is why we had to mention hobbies. Remember that your career is not the only thing that defines you. Hobbies are a part of your life that are generally unrelated to work which you simply enjoy.

So whether you want to take up painting, archery or pottery there is always something out there for you to try and enjoy.

Use Shadow Journal Prompts To Get In Tune With Your Subconscious Mind

Our penultimate 30-day self-care challenge is using shadow journal prompts to help you understand more about your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is operating all the time but often remains hidden. It may have a very different agenda from what you are consciously thinking.

Shadow work prompts help you to understand more about what makes you the person you are. That understanding can help you to create positive change by removing unwanted traits or habits and can make you happier

Practice Goal Setting

Finally, make sure your self-improvement challenges over the next 30 days involve some goal setting for the future. Think about where you want to work, what you want to earn, where you want to live, and who you want to be with.

Goal setting helps you to create some targets enabling you to take steps to make those things happen. Some of your goals may be only for short-term issues whilst others may be longer-term plans. Use a Clever Fox goal planner to make you get to where you want to be faster.

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