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5-Minute Self-Care Tips and Ideas to Improve Your Well-Being

If you are feeling overwhelmed or in need of a break then it might be some time for some 5-minute self-care strategies to help you feel calmer, happier, or more relaxed.

Self-care is an important practice as it allows you to focus on your needs rather than those of the people around you. Too many people spend a good proportion of their lives feeling stressed or in need of a break because they have spent all their spare time on everyone but themselves. That might be due to work, family, chores or other commitments that prevent them from taking time out and looking after their needs.

Our 5-minute self-care ideas aim to alter that balance so that even if only a short time is available you can devote some time to yourself.

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Quick Self-Care Tips

So why 5-minutes rather than longer than more lengthy self-care tips? Well, whilst we would always advocate practicing self-care for longer periods sometimes that isn’t always possible. We wanted to prove that it is possible to still focus on yourself and look after your mental health even when you may only have a short space of time to practice it.

Our 75 self-care ideas are all designed to give you some benefits even if you are only doing them for a short period of time. Remember that every 5-minute activity that you complete for yourself adds up and the positive benefits should start to accumulate over time.

Things that Take Five Minutes

5-minute self-care does have an impact and can certainly help to stop you from feeling stressed as the activities can help you to catch your breath on a busy day. Every time you do something for yourself to relax or make yourself feel better can only be a good thing.

Just remember that short self-care activities should not replace weekly efforts. Instead, think of them as a supplement to what you are should already be doing.

Self-Care to Prevent Burnout

Regular practice of self-care is an incredibly useful tool to help burnout. If you don’t spend regular time looking after yourself then you are more likely to suffer from mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, or depression.

If you regularly push yourself to your limits and never cut yourself some slack it will eventually take its toll. When the inevitable happens it can hit you like a ton of bricks and stop you dead in your tracks.

When our clients get to the stage where they are completely overwhelmed they can’t sleep or work and end up being signed off sick. Yet with some simple strategies to manage stress those problems could have been avoided. Use our quick self-care activities to make sure that you never get to that problem stage in your life.

Short Self-Care Ideas – 5 Minutes or Less

Take 5 minutes out of your busy day to use our self-care ideas to help you stop becoming overwhelmed. Remember there is nothing to stop you from using our suggestions multiple times in a day. Snatch time to do the things you love whenever you can or simply help yourself get organized with our tips and strategies.

Close Your Eyes

Reduce your stress and shut out the outside world for 5 minutes by closing your eyes and taking a break. Taking time out to sit breathe and relax is always beneficial.

Go Outside

Being out in nature is known to be great for your mental health and your physical health. Take time out of your busy day to get some fresh air and take in your surroundings.

Short Massage

If you are sat hunched over a desk all day for work you can find that your neck and shoulders can get incredibly tense which is why you should consider using massage to help. Use a Shiatsu neck and back massager and get the knots out of your body and feel the relief as those shoulder muscles relax. A good massage can really help free you from tension and pain.

5-minute self-care massage


Spend a short time focusing on your needs. Start writing down a list of what you want and make that the starting point of something bigger.


Do a simple 5-minute meditation to help you relax and boost your mood. Meditation is a great tool to help you to calm your busy mind so you get peace and clarity.

5-minute self-care meditations


Take a short drive to have a change of scene. Removing yourself from the mundane and familiar can change your things and give you a fresh perspective.

Brush your hair

A simple form of self-care is to do something that makes you feel and look better. Brushing your hair helps you to look groomed which can make many people happier. If you always suffer from tangled hair use the original Wet Brush it is a gamechanger.

5-minute self-care brush your hair


Spend some fun time with your family just messing about and having a laugh. Family time doesn’t always have to be regimented so moments, where nothing is on the agenda, can be a great way to reduce stress.

Drink Some Water

Use your 5-minute self-care time to drink some water so that you stay hydrated. Drinking water regularly throughout the day is great for your health and well-being so don’t forget to have some. 1 Gallon motivational drinks bottles are a great way of helping to remind you to drink more.

5-minute self-care drink more water

Pay a Bill

If you have been putting off paying a bill or doing some admin this is the time to just get on with it. Putting things off only leads to problems further down the line.

Water the Garden

If it’s spring or summer take time out in your garden and water the flowers and plants. Watching them grow and thrive can be so satisfying.


Make sure that you find time to moisturize every day. A good moisturizer protects your skin and keeps it looking youthful and fresh.

5-minute self-care moisturize

Adult Coloring

Adult coloring is a big deal lately as it is relaxing and helps you quieten your mind. Sit and use an adult coloring book to help with stress relief so that you feel calmer and more in control.

5-minute self-care adult coloring

Watch a Funny YouTube Video

Watching something fun is a great way to help you enjoy your day. Head over to YouTube or TikTok to see the latest funny short videos.

Take Deep Breaths

Short periods of deep breathing are a great way of helping you to reduce stress and anxiety. Sit and relax and concentrate on slow mindful breathing to help induce feelings of calm.


Stretch your body as part of your 5-minute self-care time to counteract tension and stress. Regular stretching can help to reduce pain and keep you supple. Use a stretch strap to help.

Listen to Music

Turn on the radio or your music player and blast out some sounds. Find your favorite uplifting song and let the music take you to a place where you feel happy content.

Drink A Cup of Tea or Coffee

Take 5 minutes to drink a cup of tea or coffee in peace. Savor the taste and the time out you get enjoying your favorite brew.


Mindfulness is a great 5-minute self-care tool to help you stay grounded in the present. It is a great tool for reducing anxiety and depression. Mindfulness cards are a brilliant tool that you can use for quick self-care.

5-minute self-care mindfulness cards

Enrol in a Course

If you have been thinking about enrolling in a course then now is the time to start doing something about it. Change your life and join a course that helps to teach you something new.

Have a Quick Shower

A quick shower with some great smelling shower gel is a great way to help you stay fresh and clean. It can also help to reinvigorate you after a hard day.

Start to Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are a really great 5-minute self-care tool to help you to manifest the life that you want. Start a board to help you shape your future life.

Read a Magazine

Remember that self-care means doing something to help you. Never feel guilty about taking time to do what you want including reading a magazine to help switch your mind off.

Use a Law of Attraction Planner

5 minutes is all it takes to use one of our law of attraction planner sheets to help you define new goals and spot new opportunities. This is a great way to practice self-care that will benefit you in the future.

law of attraction planner pdf

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Light a Candle

Use an aromatherapy candle with a beautiful smell and get transported by the scent to another place. You can even use the candle flame to help you focus and be more mindful as a way of quietening your mind.

Text a Friend

Send a quick text to a friend to plan a day out or make them laugh. It will make them and you feel better.

Learn Something New

It is never too late to learn something new. Watch a tutorial, read some facts or try something for yourself to see if you can master a new skill.

Play a Video Game

Play a video game for sheer fun. You don’t have to be the best you just need to enjoy it.

Order a Take-Out

Cooking is great but sometimes nothing can beat a take-out. Order one for a treat and take a night off from cooking.

Create a Gratitude List

What are you grateful for? Use our affirmations for gratitude to help you feel happier and more content about what you have in your life.

Do a Brain Dump

If you are busy and stressed you can have too much going on in your mind. One 5-minute self-care method to help is doing a brain dump to clear your mind with our specialist printables.

brain dump worksheet printable

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Practice Positive Affirmations

Practicing positive affirmations can be done in a really short space of time and they are a great way of helping you feel uplifted and energized.


Use a manifestation journal to write down what is on your mind. 5 minutes is all you need to start plotting and planning a better life.

Draw Something

Self-care ideas don’t have to be difficult. Draw a quick sketch or doodle just to help you relax and take your mind off your busy life.


Find someone you love and give them a huge hug there is nothing like it for making you both feel great.


There are plenty of yoga poses that you can do as part of a 5-minute self-care routine. Pick a few poses and practice them to stretch and relax your body.


Put on some music and dance like nobody is watching. It is life-affirming, invigorating, and totally free.

Take in The Sun

Take the opportunity to have five minutes in the sun. Sunshine provides much-needed Vitamin D without the need for supplements.


Put on a spritz of expensive perfume and take in the gorgeous scent. Pampering yourself is a great form of self-care.

Play with Animals

Playing with your pets such as a cat or dogs is a wonderful way of helping your mental health and destressing.

Do Absolutely Nothing

Finally, who says you have to do anything at all in your 5-minute self-care session. There is a lot to be said for doing nothing at all or daydreaming if that is what you need. Enjoy your time out as you deserve it.

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