8 natural sleep remedies to help you beat insomnia

8 Natural Sleep Remedies to Beat Insomnia

At Rewire the Mind we always try and look for natural solutions to problems especially when it comes to issues with sleep. Sleeping tablets prescribed by a doctor increase the chance of an early death so should only be used in the most extreme cases so what should you use instead? Here are 8 natural sleep remedies to beat insomnia and get a good nights rest.

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Natural Sleep Aids

Neom Organics London Spray Mist

This perfect night’s sleep pillow spray has been created by Neom as part of their Scent to Sleep range. The Neom spray mist consists of 19 essential oils including lavender, sweet basil and jasmine all designed to help you relax and get ready for sleep. Simply spritz your pillow with this spray and breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth for 11 seconds for it to take effect. With

Avantek Sleep White Noise Machine

This best selling AVANTEK white noise machine helps to get you sleeping better by using the power of soothing background sounds. The machine comes with 20 sounds including fans, rain, clock and ocean waves. When you listen to the sounds they help to block out any other distractions allowing you to relax and drift into sleep. The product can be set on a timer for anywhere from an hour to 7 hours and when the time has finished it will simply fade out so as not to disturb you. Even better this product is suitable for children as well as adults.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

The Dodow sleep device is based on a metronome light system. Simply tap the device once for its eight-minute setting and a blue light will appear on your ceiling. Simply inhale and exhale in time with the light and you guided into relaxation. The system also has a longer 20-minute setting that you can also use to help you get to sleep.

ALASKA BEAR memory foam sleep mask

If you find it difficult to get to sleep with even the slightest hint of light shining into your room then this ALASKA BEAR sleep mask is exactly the product you need to help you drift off. This product has a great design that enables your eyes to move freely rather than lying flat to your face. It is also made of memory foam to reduce pressure and can be adjusted to fit your preferences. In addition, the mask is machine washable meaning you can keep it clean and fresh.

Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

Many people who have difficultly switching off at night have busy minds due to stress or anxiety. It can be difficult to stop thinking especially at night time creating insomnia and frustration. A guided sleep meditation for Insomnia is ideal at helping the brain to relax so that it is possible to drift into a deep sleep. Use our Self-hypnosis for sleep recording whilst you are in bed and allow your mind to drift instead of concentrating on the words to help you switch off. Natural sleep remedies to beat insomnia don’t have to be complex or difficult. Just download the sleep hypnosis audio and play.

Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

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Sleep Anxiety Reduction

If your sleeping problems are linked with anxiety or stress then it is a good idea to tackle the root cause of your issues. Why not get our FREE Five Step Formula to end Anxiety and Panic download to help change the way your mind thinks.

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Philips Somneo Sleep & Wake Up Light

The Philips Somneo sleep and Wake Up Light is a fantastic device because it is multi-functional. Firstly it has breathing and relaxation exercise functions using light and sound to help you switch off and unwind. The sunset simulation programme slowly decreases lights and sounds to get you ready for sleep. In the morning natural sunlight is simulated to allow you to wake up naturally and gradually.

Pukka night time organic herbal tea

This Pukka organic herbal tea helps to support sleep with its unique blend of organic herbs. The tea is made of organic oatflower, soothing lavender and sweet limeflower and is 100% organically grown. Infuse the tea in freshly boiled water for up to 15 minutes and get ready for a good night’s rest.

Beurer SE80UK SleepExpert Sleep Sensor with App

The Beurer Sleep Sensor and App allow you to record and monitor your sleep behaviour. The idea behind the technology is so that you get an understanding of your sleep behaviour so that changes can be made to improve it. The product gives you a sleep score and allows you to take into account factors such as sport or alcohol consumption in the data so that you can eliminate unhealthy habits. Simply place the device under your mattress and install the sleep app to find out how you can improve your sleep.

Sleep Products and Treatments

There are thousands of sleep products and treatments on the market which you can use to help you get a great night’s sleep. Our 8 natural sleep remedies to beat insomnia give you a great starting point to help you change your nighttime routine. Whether you want something low tech like aromatherapy or would like to like to try some of the very latest gadgets out there we believe we have something for everyone and at every price point. If you still have difficulty sleeping why not contact us to talk to our therapists about our one to one sleep therapy programs which has been successfully used on thousands of clients.

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