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Affirmations for Career Success

Have you ever thought about how you could positively impact your career by taking steps to push it in the right direction? Our positive affirmations for career success are designed to help you find your dream job, create opportunities in the workplace and to make sure that your talents are recognised.

Many people head into the world of work without really having a plan for where they are going or how they are going to reach their career goals. This lack of planning or control over their career means that you could end up in a negative job or situation that you certainly don’t deserve.

Yet with positive affirmations for career success, you can build your confidence, and take back power and control so that you find the perfect new job to help you to career success.

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What is a Career Affirmation?

So first of all what on earth is a career affirmation in the first place? Well, affirmations are positive statements or mantras that you say out loud daily to change your mindset and build your motivation. The affirmations are designed to banish negative thinking and instead replace it with encouraging, motivational and positive self-talk.

There are affirmations for just about everything. We have a huge range of posts discussing affirmations to help with everything from confidence to anxiety reduction. Career affirmations for success are simply motivational statements that are designed to alter your thoughts about your work, workplace, interviews and in fact anything to do with the world of work.

How to Use Career Affirmations

We have created a list of career affirmations for you to use to help you find the perfect job as well as improve your self-worth and confidence. There are a number of different positive affirmations to cover all kinds of scenarios within the workplace. Your job is to find the ones applicable to do and start using them daily.

Generally, positive affirmations should be used daily to build a positive mindset that enables you to take control over your own happiness. We always suggest picking one or two for the day and repeating them out loud regularly throughout the day so you practice thinking differently.

Affirmations for career success work best when they are used consistently and when you start to really believe what you are saying rather than just repeating the words.

affirmations for career success

Do Affirmations for Success Work?

Positive affirmations for career success should always be thought of as one element that can help you towards getting your dream job but not the whole story. They are purely designed to help alter negative thinking but they are not there to do magically give you what you want without working on other areas of your life as well.

As an example, if you are attending a job interview the career affirmations can help to boost your confidence and make you believe in yourself. They can’t however help you with learning about the company that you are interviewing for or give you the right skills to get you that job. That requires additional effort such as having the right qualifications and doing your homework on the company you want to work for.

Think of affirmations as a way of pushing the statistics or likelihood of you getting your dream job in your favour. Remember that by taking control and creating your own luck you are more likely to attract positive things into your life and reach your career goals than someone who leaves everything to chance.

How to Manifest Career Opportunities

Positive affirmations are just one way to help you find and keep the perfect job but think about working on the other skills and character traits you need to truly build that dream career. Your life can be hugely successful but your happiness and what you can achieve is also dictated by other factors as well. Here are some of the essential strategies you could also begin to work on to create the career that you want.

Get the Right Qualifications

If you want to have job opportunities and increase the likelihood of getting career success you want to make sure you have the right qualifications. Find out what qualifications are needed for your dream job and apply to do the courses you need to get your foot in the door.

Interview Practice and Planning

Interviews can be a breeze if you take the time to learn more about the company you are working for and practice difficult questions before you attend the session. You can be underprepared but not over-prepared. The book Knock ’em Dead Job Interview: How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers is a great read if you want to learn more about how to be successful during an interview.

Volunteer To Get Experience

In highly sought after careers, you are likely to be up against plenty of other people who also want the job you do. Get ahead of the curve by volunteering or doing internships to get more experience than them. Internships in the right place often lead to full-blown job offers so it makes sense to do this especially if you are just starting out.

Be Visible

Once you are in the job role be visible and offer to do extra work just to get more experience. Put your hand up when your boss needs help and go the extra mile so that you get noticed so you can move to the next level more quickly.

Build Confidence and Self-worth

If you are having problems with confidence and self-worth then work on them every day. These are not skills that you are born with but are actually things that you can learn. Our self-hypnosis download for confidence and self-esteem can help.

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Build Resilience

Think about getting resilience training to help you when things aren’t going your way. Everyone has bad days or career setbacks you just need to learn how to deal with them, stay calm and continue to work on your success.

Have Clearly Defined Goals

Think about what career success you want and when you want it. If you feel that those job opportunities are not appearing in the workplace that you are working in then take control and make a career change or work elsewhere. Don’t waste time for a company that is wasting your talents. Taking charge of your life and looking for a new job is not a failure as you will be taking your current work experience and expanding on it at another company for hopefully more money.

Try using a Legend Planner as a way of setting yourself goals and productivity targets. This is a brilliant tool for helping you to more success.

Career Affirmations You Need to Start Using Today

So what positive affirmations should you be using to find your dream job or build that successful career? Well here is a list of career affirmations that we believe can help you to be more confident, believe in yourself and create the mental attitude you need for success. Use a selection of them every day to help you on your personal journey to a dream life.

When I set my mind to it I can achieve anything I want.

My talents will get me to where I want to be.

I have the ability to create my own happiness and job satisfaction.

My job search is going to be easy because I have the skills any company would want.

Any new job I choose to do will make me more money and help me be more successful.

I have the ability to fit into any team easily.

Job satisfaction is important to me so I will not put up with something that isn’t right.

Personal growth through my career is how I envisage my future.

I am going to find my dream job because I have the motivation to get what I want.

I will be the boss.

I am a natural when it comes to job interviews.

I will not put my career goals on hold for anyone.

I am mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to get my dream job.

My job search will be a success because I am intelligent and committed.

A successful career is built through hard work, goal setting and perseverance.

When I attend job interviews I am able to talk with ease.

I am on the right path to career success.

My chosen career is going to help me reach my goals.

Every day in my new job is a joy.

I no longer have limiting beliefs about my career and job prospects.

I have options and my job search is going to present me with the best alternatives.

I am the architect of my destiny and that includes my career.

My work is important to me which is why I will only stay somewhere where I am appreciated.

My dream job will give me the money to live the lifestyle I want.

When I talk at work everyone wants to listen.

I am positive that my career change will be a success.

My job satisfaction is growing every day.

My new career could take me anywhere in the world I want to go.

Job opportunities just present themselves to me without me making an effort.

I am worthy of a job that gives me joy.

I am a natural in my new role.

I have the vision to build my dream career.

Every day my dream job just gets better and better.

My colleagues respect me and my decisions.

I deserve to attract the best-paid job posts.

I have power over my jobs search.

My life is enhanced by my dream job.

I am successful and in control of my work and life.

I have the perfect work/life balance.

I am confident that my career will get better and better.

My work motivates me and makes me happy.

I feel cool, calm and collected whenever I am in a job interview.

When I search for a job there are abundant opportunities.

I will be successful and have the life I deserve.

I am productive in any job I work at.

I attract the best work opportunities.

I write my own career destiny.

My dream job is ready for me when I choose to take it.

I am positive that wherever I work I will make a difference.

I have a vision of where I want to be and I am staying on that path to success.

Affirmations for Job Success

Affirmations for career success help you to create a positive mental attitude that takes you on the road to getting what you want. Whilst they are not the whole story they are an important piece of the puzzle. Use them as part of your strategy to reaching your goals and boost your chances of success.

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