affirmations for overthinking

Affirmations for Overthinking

Are you a person who overthinks everything? Do you spend huge amounts of time and energy thinking about conversations with people, your relationships, or even things you have done in case you have done something wrong or upset someone? Our positive affirmations for overthinking are designed to help quieten your mind, reduce fear and help you take back control over your anxiety. By helping you to keep your mind in the present moment mantras for overthinking can change your life by stopping unhelpful thoughts or worry.

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Anxiety and Overthinking

Overthinking is simply a form of anxiety which when you understand what it is doing makes a lot of sense. To put it simply your subconscious mind is trying to keep you safe from doing something wrong, embarrassing yourself, or hurting someone else’s feelings. So it considers all the possible things you are about to say plus anything you have recently done to check for possible errors.

Your mind loves to take control of your life and by being anxious and hypervigilant it is trying to make sure that you are paying as much attention as possible to things so that you don’t do something wrong.

The problem is that your mind doesn’t realize that it’s over awareness of everything you say or do in your life is wasting a whole load of your time and energy. It is causing you upset, making you feel anxious and more often than not you haven’t done anything wrong at all.

Positive affirmations to help you stop overthinking are designed to help your mind and thoughts in the present moment rather than worrying about the past or the future.

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Positive Affirmations to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking anxiety is just a defense mechanism to help you stop making mistakes in your life. Your mind gets involved in your thoughts as its way of helping to maintain control. It will have learned to do this when you were relatively young however which means that the unhelpful thoughts it is giving you are outdated and unhelpful. We want to help you to use positive affirmations for overthinking as a way of reprogramming your subconscious mind to think differently.

Positive self-talk has been found to be effective in certain studies. For example, athletes who use positive affirmations are likely to get better results. It, therefore, follows that positive self-talk in other areas of life can also be useful and may help you to stop overthinking.

Positive Affirmations for Worry

When you use positive affirmations for worry and anxiety you are helping to ground your thoughts in the here and now rather than allowing them to spiral off out of control. Learning to stop overthinking is often relatively simple but it does require you to practice a different way of thinking to create new positive thoughts instead.

Positive affirmations are simply a reminder to your mind that you need to focus on what is happening right here at this moment rather than thinking about what has occurred or what might be about to happen.

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How to Use Worry Affirmations

There are some key steps you need to take if you are planning to use affirmations for overthinking. Just using them on an ad-hoc basis will be unlikely to be sufficient for change so here are some pointers to help.

Be Present 

Remember that you need to actually pay attention when you are using an affirmation. When you are multi-tasking you are allowing your mind to concentrate on the task at hand. Make sure that you are doing nothing else when you plan to use the affirmation.

Practice at least Twice a Day 

Regular practice is essential if an affirmation is to stick. We recommend that you practice for a minimum of twice a day for five minutes at a time. Allow yourself at least a month or so before reviewing how you feel. Affirmations for overthinking don’t work instantly but take a little time to stick.

Repeat the Affirmations 5-10 times

Make sure that you repeat the affirmation 5 to 10 times to make sure the positive message is registered.


Visualize yourself in a situation where the affirmation is being helpful. See yourself being calm, relaxed, or feeling happy and at ease.

Personalize Them

The affirmations for worry and anxiety that we have picked are our suggestions. If you want to personalize them to make them more real for you go ahead and do it.

Take Other Positive Actions

Finally, note that mantras for overthinking are just one tool to help you. Combine them with other tools such as mindfulness or breathing exercises to get even better results. Hypnosis to stop overthinking is also a great form of therapy you can find the root cause of your problem. Our self-hypnosis download to stop worrying and negative thinking can help you to create a calmer mindset.

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Mantras for Overthinking

Here are some useful affirmations that you can start using today to help you with overthinking.

  1. My mind is at peace right here at this moment.
  2. I have power and control over where my thoughts will go.
  3. I am free from worry and fear.
  4. I can forget things that are no longer important.
  5. I am capable of managing what happens in my life without anxiety.
  6. I have self-control and know that I am not continually making errors or mistakes.
  7. I am capable of relaxing my thought processes so they are grounded in reality.
  8. When I distract myself I am creating solutions to overthinking.
  9. I am capable of challenging any negative thoughts.
  10. I am gaining perspective and seeing reality.
  11. Mindfulness is helping me to see things in a new way.
  12. I do not need to fear what is about to happen.
  13. I am always happy to let go and move on.
  14. I am using my mental energy to focus on what I want to happen.
  15. I don’t need to analyze my thoughts because I know that everything is ok.
  16. When I keep my stress levels low my mood improves.
  17. I cannot change my past so there is no point in worrying about it.
  18. I can help myself by breathing in relaxation and breathing out tension.
  19. I get peace by focusing on things that I can control.
  20. There is no need to worry about pleasing people all the time.
  21. I am happy and confident just as things are.
  22. Today I am happy to just let things be.
  23. I am always able to refocus my thoughts on something more helpful.
  24. I am able to reprogram my mind to be more helpful.
  25. I am choosing to be happy right now.
  26. I am choosing to free myself from stress or worry.
  27. When I use positive self-talk I feel calmer and more in control.
  28. I am at peace with my life.
  29. I am leading a life of happiness and calm.
  30. I have a bright future ahead of me.

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