Affirmations for Productivity

Affirmations for Productivity

Do you want to be more productive at getting things done? Do you need help to stop procrastinating and finding the motivation to actually do things? If so then our affirmations for productivity may help.

Being more productive in our life doesn’t mean working so hard that we may be stressed or are unable to rest but it does mean being more efficient and ticking items off our to-do lists. The problem is that for many people that motivation to take action is hard to muster meaning that essential tasks often get left to the last minute.

Rushing to catch up so that a job, project or chore gets done isn’t ideal and can leave you feeling stressed as well as worn out. Affirmations for productivity are designed to help you learn to be more efficient, plan and focus on getting tasks done on time.

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Why Do People Have Problems With Motivation and Productivity?

There is a wide range of reasons why people may not be as productive as they could be. For some people, the difficulties lie in the area of an inability to focus because of a lack of time management skills whilst for others anxieties and fears play a part. Here are some of the common issues that might be causing you a problem:

Fear of Failure – Some of our clients have problems being productive because their mindset is fixed on the idea that they might get things wrong. This negative perception of their abilities makes them believe that every single thing they do is doomed to failure so they avoid doing what is necessary.

Lack of Confidence – For others, there may be a lack of confidence in their abilities which impacts their productivity. They aren’t sure whether they have the skills to get tasks done properly so they are slower at getting things executed.

Lack of Interest – This problem impacts us all at some stage and that is a simple lack of interest in what needs to be accomplished. When we lack interest it lowers our energy level and motivation and prevents us from starting or completing some basic goals.

Perfectionism – Completing tasks on time can also be hampered by someone who may have perfectionist tendencies. They believe that a job needs to be executed perfectly for it to work when in reality in many cases it doesn’t.

Low Energy – Low energy levels can also negatively impact our progress and productivity. Think about how well you perform if you suffer from a lack of sleep or you are ill. It can be hard to stay focused and be productive when we haven’t the energy levels to cope.

Time Management – Finally being productive means that you need to have some time management skills if you want to achieve your goals. Being disorganised hampers your success and also impacts your life in general.

Productivity affirmations can be great at helping many of these problems as they help to change how the way the brain thinks by altering your mindset.

affirmations for productivity

What Are Productivity Affirmations?

So what exactly are productivity affirmations? Well, they are positive statements that you say out loud every single day to help change your mindset.

Positive affirmations are a way of overriding old habits and behaviours by training the brain to think differently. By repeated usage, you are drumming into your mind a different way of working so that you can achieve more success.

Affirmations can be used for everything from confidence to anxiety to help you override unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and replace them with something more productive. When they are used regularly they start to alter old habits and create new helpful ways of working.

How Do Productivity Affirmations Work?

If you want to use our productivity affirmations then we suggest you pick a small selection every day to work on. The best time of day to use them is in the morning as you then have the whole day to get things done.

Pick the affirmations you want to use and start saying them out loud with purpose. Try and get your mind to be focused and visualise yourself doing whatever the affirmation is suggesting. The more you make yourself believe that you can make the affirmation happen the easier it becomes.

Repeated behaviours and suggestions help to change habits. This doesn’t happen overnight but over a period of time, you should start to see changes. Most people believe that it can take up to a month to start to see positive changes.

Remember that affirmations are just one tool that can help with your productivity and motivation however there are many other tools that can help to make a difference. Using a combination of affirmations for productivity with other tools is going to help you to achieve your goals faster.

As an example why not use our Ultimate Life Planner to help you get organized and take back control of your life. This evergreen planner has 30 sheets to help you plan appointments, organize your meals, keep track of your finances and even find time for self-care.

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Other Tools to Help You Be More Productive

Productivity affirmations are one way to get things done every day but there are plenty of other amazing products that can help you create that efficient mindset. Here are some of our favourite tools that can also help you with being more motivated and successful.

Time Management Planner

Time management planners are a great tool to help you achieve tasks on time. These planners can be used in relation to business activities as well as helping you to take action in the home. One of the best on the market is the Smart Planner Pro which is a daily planner to help you be more successful.

This is the ultimate tool to help you to create more positive habits and to keep you on track when you are trying to achieve your goals.

This particular version has daily planner sheets split into hours to help you manage your time. It has a habit tracker, to-do lists, goal setting sections and even an area for brainstorming.

Productivity Timer

The Mooas Cube Timer is an ingenious device to help you focus and finish tasks in a set amount of time. This product can seriously improve your life as well as your time management skills with its simple design.

Simply choose the length of time that you want to focus on a task for and set the timer and it will count you down towards your goal. This can be used for everything from work to cooking to housework and a whole lot more.

Self-Hypnosis for Motivation and Productivity

Productivity affirmations are repeated statements to help change your mindset and old habits and are said consciously but what about if you could get your subconscious involved as well?

Self-hypnosis uses repeated suggestions to help change negative thoughts and habits and is a way of naturally altering the way your brain thinks to help you succeed. There are self-hypnosis downloads for just about everything but we have one particular audio that can help with motivation.

Use this motivation self-hypnosis download to help you feel more energized and to give a boost to the affirmations for productivity.

self hypnosis for motivation

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Hide Your Phone

A big productivity time waster is your mobile phone or other electronic devices. They are hugely distracting tools that whilst helpful in certain situations can have a negative impact on your ability to be productive.

Either set your phone to silent mode or switch it off so that you can get on with some work or alternatively try using this amazing product which is a phone jail.

This Safe Time Locking Container is a simple device to keep you away from temptation. Simply place your device into the timer and set a time when it can open again. Now you can free yourself from the distraction and get what you want to be done more efficiently.

Get Organized With The Right Storage

One problem that we see regularly when it comes to productivity is disorganization. It can be impossible to be productive if you don’t know where anything is. So investing some time and energy into the right storage solutions and paperwork management systems makes sense because it can save you time.

It doesn’t matter if you are organizing your office, desk, drawers or kitchen having the right storage helps. Think about what you could do to help yourself be more efficient and find things more easily. We love this Mesh Desk Organizer to help you keep your workspace tidy.

Affirmations To Stop Procrastinating

Try using our different productivity affirmations to help spur you into action. We have split them into five sections to help your motivation, discipline and time management.

I am ready to start working towards my goals right now.

I am committed to finishing any projects well ahead of time.

I am an expert in getting things done.

I can accomplish anything when I set my mind to it.

I am motivated to stop thinking and start taking action.

Finishing tasks brings me happiness.

I am proactive and productive.

My life gets better when I accomplish things.

I have control over my mind and that increases my productivity.

When I have finished my task I am free to enjoy the rest of my day.

Focus Affirmations

When I concentrate I am more productive and successful.

When I have work to do I am able to clear my mind easily.

I am able to focus on my goals and improving my life.

I am more efficient when I concentrate on my work.

I have the ability to clear my headspace to be more productive every day.

When I am focused I have mental clarity which enables me to naturally succeed.

I am capable of controlling my mind so that it focuses on one task at a time.

When I reduce my stress levels my ability to focus grows.

Productivity affirmations help me focus on my life and business goals.

My mind is capable of focusing on my priority tasks.

Time Management Affirmations

I have the ability to control how I spent my time.

When I plan my life I am more efficient.

I succeed because I am able to schedule my time.

I continually monitor my progress to get things done.

I always set the appropriate amount of time to complete my work.

I optimize my time to stay focused on my goals.

I have the ability to be more productive by prioritizing my work.

When I set time limits I get positive results.

My projects are always finished ahead of schedule.

I manage my work and life so I have more free time to do what I love.

Affirmations for Self-Discipline

I am able to resist temptation so that I get what I need to be done on time.

I am focused on being productive so that I can follow my dreams.

Every single day I am more productive because it makes me successful.

I am naturally achieving my potential by limiting distractions.

I have the willpower and motivation to be more productive every day.

When I am motivated nothing stands in the way of my success.

I control the outcome of tasks by staying on track.

My potential is increased when I am self-disciplined and work hard.

What I do today will change my life in the future.

I am developing better habits to make me more productive.

Affirmations for Getting Work Done

I am able to take immediate action to accomplish my jobs.

Today I am ticking off my to-do list easily and quickly.

I like to work hard so I can complete a project and focus on myself.

I stay on track every day and am always productive.

I am enthusiastic about what I have to do today.

I am a doer, not a procrastinator.

I focus on getting the most difficult things done first.

I am capable of increasing my productivity if I need to accomplish more.

I like to take positive action to finish my projects.

I stay on track so that I complete what I need to.

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