Affirmations for Safety, Protection and Security

Affirmations for Safety, Security and Protection

We have all experienced a point in our lives where we have felt either unsafe, insecure or in need of protection.  The negative energies you experience when you feel unsafe can impact your health and well-being so trying to resolve the problem is important. These positive affirmations for safety, security and protection are designed to help you feel protected by creating an inner belief that things will be ok.

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Why Are You Feeling Unsafe?

Before we go on to discuss our affirmations for safety it is important for you to understand why you may be feeling less secure or unsafe. Positive affirmations have their limitations and whilst they can offer psychological support they are unlikely to help if you are in a situation that isn’t safe and secure.

If you are in a bad relationship, unsafe area or are in imminent danger then first of all you should find a way to change your current situation. If you don’t your anxious mind will continue to give you feelings of fear for good reason. It is your subconscious mind that is warning you that you need to move to a safe and secure environment.

In less severe situations it may be necessary to create healthy boundaries to create that inner peace and block negativity.

Yet even when our clients are living somewhere that is a protected and safe environment their anxious minds can still give signals of anxiety and worry. This is usually because of past experiences which have put their mind on high alert and this has caused difficulties with switching off even when they are in a safe space.

This is where positive affirmations for safety can really help as they are a way of telling that inner child of yours that things are ok and that you can relax and feel safe. Whilst affirmations will not give you complete control over everything they can help to create positive energy and alter negative thoughts.

If you are unsure where your fear or worry has come from which is sometimes the case use our anxiety tracker printables to get clues as to what is causing the problem so that you can start to alter your mindset. These printables can help you to identify the source of negative emotions.

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Why Safety is a Fundamental Basic Need

After our basic human needs of food and shelter have been met then our next need is to feel safe and secure. Anxiety and past traumas can have a negative impact on how we feel and make us feel that something bad could happen at any time.

When our fundamental needs are threatened it has a detrimental impact on our mental health and physical well-being. Left unchecked it can create serious problems. When we feel protected the opposite happens as we feel calmer, more in control, and have an inner belief that things are going to be ok.

Positive affirmations for safety can help to nurture this feeling and make it grow so that you feel more comfortable and content.

Where Can Positive Mantras for Safety Help?

Positive affirmations for security and protection are a way of calming down the nervous system and reminding it that there is no present danger. They are a way of helping the mind to relax as well and can help you to visualize different scenarios that make you feel safe and secure. They can instill positive energy, give you feelings of mental and spiritual protection, lower anxiety and boost self-esteem.

Visualization is a powerful tool as it can help you to imagine yourself in a more secure setting and trigger positive memories where you felt safe and protected. Affirmations for protection can also be used to make us feel safer in the present moment and create a more peaceful energy.

When you use protection affirmations you are training your mind to switch off old negative thinking and replace it with positive thoughts. When affirmation practice is done repeatedly you start to create an inner belief that things are going to be fine.

Self-Hypnosis for Safety and Protection

We always recommend that any affirmations for safety are also combined with the use of self-hypnosis as they complement each other.

Self-hypnosis uses the power of repeated suggestions to alter old subconscious thought patterns. The suggestions and deep relaxation that come with hypnosis mean that the old thoughts lose their power and are replaced by something more useful. Positive statements can help to negate negative energy and replace it with feelings of mental, physical and spiritual protection.

Positive thoughts ensure that your mind is taught to think differently and that can change your life. To feel safe and protected generally, all our clients need is our relaxation and stress reduction audio to assist with a more positive outlook. This audio helps to calm down the anxiety response and the positive suggestions help the mind to stop being hypervigilant.

Use this self-hypnosis for relaxation and stress reduction download to help lower levels of fear and create feelings of calm and inner peace. Use it repeatedly at least once a day for one month and assess how you are feeling at the end of that time to see how things may have changed.

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Safety Affirmations for Trauma

Safety affirmations for trauma are also going to be useful if you have experienced a negative situation in the past that made you feel threatened or where you were hurt. Many people will have experienced situations such as burglaries, muggings, abusive behaviour or worse which can stop you from feeling safe although the original problem is no longer a threat.

Once someone has experienced a significant trauma their mind can become hypervigilant and will now continually lookout for other situations that might cause a similar problem. This leaves them feeling anxious and on high alert rather than feeling safe and protected.

Affirmations for safety can help to calm down this response so that you feel more able to deal with your life without worrying about what could happen next.

Practical Ways to Feel Safer and More Protected

Anxiety issues or past traumas can stop you from feeling safe and protected and make you fearful no matter where you are. They are destructive fears that can stop you from leading a normal life yet there are some practical steps you can take to help yourself feel calmer and more in control.

Lowering Stress Levels

If you have a problem with anxiety-related fears then keeping your stress levels lower can help you feel safe and protected. Stress has a way of amplifying your anxiety and fears and is a negative influence on your mental health. Learn how to keep a personal stress management plan to alter yours with our worksheets.

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Home Alarm System

Another practical step is to install a home alarm system so you feel secure and make sure that you keep your family safe. Alarm systems don’t need to cost a fortune and give you a sense of total security in your home. The Ring Alarm system is one of the most well known and is a great purchase to help you feel safe and secure.

Personal Alarms

If you are worried about how you can feel safe and secure when you are away from your home then a personal alarm on a keychain can make a difference. This loud alarm with lights is great at helping you to feel completely safe when you are on public transport, walking or in a place that is unfamiliar.

Crystals for Safety and Protection

As the need to feel protected tends to be a psychological need rather than a physical then products that make you feel safe can also help. Crystals for safety and protection such as clear quartz or black obsidian can be placed around your space to help you feel that you are getting psychic protection or good energy.

Evil Eye Jewelry for Protection

Finally, if you are looking for something you can wear then evil eye jewelry is something that is supposed to make you feel divinely protected and safe from negative forces. You can buy anything from bracelets to necklaces to wear but we love this Swarovski Bangle.

Positive Protection Affirmations

Use our affirmations for safety, security and protection to help you feel as if nothing could hurt or harm you. We recommend that you use some of them at least three or four times a day to help change unhelpful thought patterns and create feelings of relaxation and calm.

I always feel protected, safe and secure.

I feel as if I have guardian angels who are always looking over me.

I have a feeling of total security no matter where I am.

I feel joy and happiness in my life.

A divine circle surrounds me with a wonderful protective aura.

My safe space follows me where ever I go.

I have divine protection from anything bad happening to me.

My inner being feels safe and protected.

A universal force protects my family and me.

I feel at ease in any situation.

I am strong and capable and able to live my life without fear.

I can banish negative thoughts and feelings from my life.

A universal force keeps me feeling safe and secure.

My positive thoughts ensure I feel comfortable and calm.

I am in a zone of safety and protection.

I can create peace and comfort around me whenever I want.

I have spirit guards who are always looking over me.

I am safe and loved.

I live in a secure neighborhood.

All my friends surround me with positive protection and energy.

I can choose how I think and how I feel.

I am happy to relax in new environments.

My life is blessed with positive people.

I trust myself to not go into unsafe situations.

Uncertainty does not mean I need to feel anxious or worried.

I feel protected by those around me.

When I reduce my stress I feel safer and calmer.

I feel as if a powerful light surrounds and protects me.

I choose to bring positive people into my life who make me feel safe and secure.

I am rejecting my negative thoughts and focusing on only positive things.

I am going to spend my life knowing that things will turn out ok.

A universal force protects my life and offers me safety.

Even when I am by myself I am safe.

I am in control of my safety and security.

Wherever I am in the world I am safe, protected and secure.

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