affirmations for social anxiety

Affirmations for Social Anxiety

If our clients leave their social anxiety disorder unchecked it can start to take over their lives. It impacts their relationships, work, friendships and social life and has a big impact on their mental wellbeing. This is why we have started to create some free resources such as our affirmations for social anxiety to help people use self-help methods to change how they think.

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Positive Affirmations for Social Anxiety

To put it simply anxiety is a part of your brain that wants to keep you safe from something that has upset, scared or embarrassed you in the past. Once that part of your mind has learned the lesson about what it doesn’t want it will start to run a program to help you avoid that issue in the future. When it comes to social anxiety the initial event that caused the problem is likely to have involved being embarrassed in front of others or being judged by them.

That program that runs in your mind does not want to stop reminding you of the fear in similar situations triggering anxious feelings. These feelings make you want to run in the opposite direction to the potential threat and cause social anxiety. The feelings however will only get bigger if you continue to run away from your fears as this reinforces the idea that they are a danger.

To change the unhelpful social anxiety program and to help your mental health you need to start training your brain to act in a different way. This can be done by:

Our positive affirmations for social anxiety are just one of many tools that you can use to alter unhelpful thought patterns and change how you think about social situations. You can also use our anxiety downloads, online course and anxiety tracker worksheets to help to change your thinking.

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Our Favorite Self-Help Tools for Social Phobia

If you want to try and overcome social anxiety without online therapy, counselling or hypnosis then self-help strategies can be useful. Self-help tools can assist you to challenge the things that negatively affect you and boost positive thoughts.

So what do we recommend to help you change your thinking so that you can thrive at social events or when you are in public? Well, there are a few tools that can help.

CalmiGo is a simple inhaler device that helps you to breathe slowly to help you feel calmer and more at ease. It is pocket-sized so it is super easy to carry around plus it is scented to enhance relaxation. This particular model is lavender scented but you can choose bergamot or peppermint to do the same job.

How to Be Yourself is a self-help book by Ellen Hendrikson who has suffered from social anxiety herself. She created this book to teach people how to be themselves and silence their inner critic in a social situation. This can help you to meet strangers and make new friends without feeling the pressure to put on a performance.

Natural supplements can help help you overcome anxiety and stress. There are many products out there on the market from CBD gummies to calming chocolate but we like Hyland’s calm tablets to help with anxiety and stress. These are useful at lowering your general stress levels so you feel calmer in a social situation.

Best Affirmations for Social Anxiety

Positive affirmations for social anxiety are designed to do a number of jobs including:

  • Reminding your mind to think about social situations in a more positive way.
  • Helping you to be mindful so that you recognise your triggers and don’t react to them.
  • Giving you positive reinforcement about your skills and abilities.
  • Using repetition to keep on pushing home the message that there is nothing the matter with you.
  • Helping you to boost your self-esteem.
  • To help you reduce stress around certain situations.

Remember that your subconscious mind is trying to keep you safe so it wants to trigger your anxiety. However, as you will most likely have learned your fear in childhood it is working on old outdated information. You need to remind the subconscious that as an adult you have the skills, knowledge and resources to handle things in a very different way as an adult. Positive affirmations can do that quickly and easily as they help you challenge your negative thoughts.

Using positive mantras for social anxiety can help you to keep your thoughts positive and focused on what you do know and what you can do rather than on what could go wrong. By constant repetition and reminders, you can help yourself to step out of your comfort zone and make positive changes.

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Challenging Negative Self-Talk

Affirmations for social anxiety can help your mental health as they can assist you in changing negative thoughts by using positive statements. In order to overcome social anxiety and recognise that you are a worthwhile person who deserves to start living your life, you need to challenge old negative thought patterns that are no longer relevant in your life.

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and that makes you feel anxious in social situations and causes self-consciousness. Using a positive affirmation can help you to build your self-confidence and help you to feel calm and more in control when meeting new people at social events.

Positive affirmations can also help you to boost low self-esteem so that when you experience anxiety you can take some deep breaths and use our statements to remind yourself that you to feel good about yourself.

Anxiety Affirmations

Affirmations for social anxiety are of course one possible use for the positive phrases however they can also be used in plenty of other situations as well. They can be used to help you with general anxieties, fears, phobias, confidence issues and much much more.

Just choose a phrase that is easy to remember and resonates with your particular situation. Then repeat that phrase regularly to yourself to reinforce that things will be ok.

Always remember that you can’t just use the phrase a couple of times and forget about it. You should use it regularly until you feel comfortable in the situation that was previously causing you problems.

Here are 50 affirmations for social anxiety that you can use to help reduce your fears and increase your confidence.

Mantras for Social Anxiety

  1. I am liked.
  2. I fit in.
  3. I am good enough.
  4. Making a mistake is not the end of the world.
  5. I feel comfortable in the company of others.
  6. I have good friends who appreciate and care about me.
  7. I am safe and I am loved.
  8. People want to spend time in my company.
  9. I am confident and strong.
  10. People like me.
  11. I don’t need to worry about people judging me.
  12. I don’t worry about embarrassment, I own it.
  13. I am not fearful of what others think.
  14. I am a liked person.
  15. I feel comfortable even when I have to talk in front of others.
  16. When I am at a party I feel like I belong.
  17. I don’t worry about what other people think of me.
  18. I can control my thoughts instead of them controlling me.
  19. I have high self-esteem and self-worth.
  20. I believe in myself.
  21. I am unique and that is something to be celebrated.
  22. I feel comfortable laughing at my embarrassing moments.
  23. People are not paying attention to everything I do.
  24. I feel confident and at ease when I am with other people.
  25. When I practice positive affirmations is improves my mindset.
  26. I never need to fear saying what is on my mind.
  27. I am happy to accept myself for who I am.
  28. My confidence is growing as I continue to push my boundaries.
  29. I believe in myself and know others believe in me as well.
  30. When I speak my voice is strong and steady.
  31. Working on keeping my stress levels low keeps me calm and positive.
  32. Any anxious feelings are only temporary and those thoughts can be changed.
  33. There is never any need to be perfect.
  34. I don’t worry about making mistakes.
  35. When I speak to others my voice is strong and steady.
  36. I love doing presentations.
  37. I deserve to be right here right now.
  38. I feel comfortable talking to anyone.
  39. When I talk I do it at just the right speed and my voice is strong and steady.
  40. I am kind to myself.
  41. It is ok not to know everything.
  42. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  43. Getting to know new people is fun.
  44. I refuse to put too much pressure on myself as it has negative consequences.
  45. I am happy to maintain eye contact with the people I meet.
  46. Public speaking doesn’t phase me as I am prepared and knowledgeable.
  47. Mindfulness helps me stay calm and relaxed.
  48. New people or situations are something I look forward to.
  49. When I make small talk everyone is happy to listen.
  50. I refuse to hide away at social gatherings. In fact, I want to meet as many new people as possible.

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