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Wearing a Baltic Amber Bracelet for Anxiety and Stress

There is a huge trend right now for jewelry that helps with mental health and wellness. Adults and children are starting to wear helpful jewelry products to ease their symptoms and one of the most popular is an amber bracelet for anxiety and stress.

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Whilst there are plenty of new products on the market to help with anxiety relief such as breathing necklaces and spinner rings there is something about traditional Baltic Amber that stands out.

Jewelry for Depression and Anxiety

Anti-anxiety jewelry works in a number of ways. Some products help with distraction by giving the wearer something to do when they experience uncomfortable feelings of anxiety or stress. Spinner rings are a great example of this as the twirling of part of the ring helps to calm them down.

Other anxiety relief jewelry products are there as an active anti-anxiety device.  Breathing necklaces as an example are worn by adults around their neck and are to be actively used when anxious feelings strike.

Then there are jewelry products that are more passive and are thought to help the wearer with anxiety just by being worn. Wearing a crystal necklace for anxiety is supposed to help the body absorb the energy from the crystal to help with anxiety relief. Likewise, Baltic Amber jewelry is traditionally known as being a great product to assist with anxious feelings.

amber bracelet for anxiety

What Is Amber?

Amber is actually fossilised tree resin. The Amber develops its unique look after being buried in the ground for millions of years. At one point it would have been a resin but after being buried for a considerable period of time the resin solidifies into the substance that we know today.

What makes Amber unique is that it has natural inclusions ranging from air bubbles to insects which mean that each piece is a natural and unique part of history.

The quality of the Amber is determined by the colour and the inclusions within it. What is important however to note is that for the purposes of using an amber bracelet for anxiety you need to find a product made from Baltic Amber. This is because Baltic Amber has large quantities of succinic acid within it.

Does Baltic Amber Help With Anxiety and Stress?

To answer this question we need to talk about Succinic acid which is is a naturally occurring product that is found in Baltic Amber. This product is renowned for being able to reduce anxiety.

The belief is that the naturally occurring oils in Amber are released into the skin when you are wearing jewelry made from the product. In particular, amber necklaces or bracelets have a larger contact area with our skin allowing the acid to permeate into the body helping to reduce stress and increase feelings of calm.

Whilst no trials have been done on adults to test the robustness of these claims a study completed on mice showed that the succinic acid was able to reduce their anxiety.

The Other Benefits of Amber Jewelry

Whilst wearing a natural Baltic Amber Bracelet may help anxiety it can also be helpful for other issues as well.

Baltic Amber is also known as a product that can help with inflammation. The belief is that succinic acid is released into the body and that can help to reduce inflammation as well as help with other problems such as pain. People with arthritis for example may choose to wear an amber bracelet to help with the inflammation and pain caused by the condition.

It is also believed that Baltic Amber Necklaces are good for helping with headaches, again because of the pain-relieving benefits of succinic acid.

Finally, there is also a belief that amber may be able to help with healing. The suggestion is that wearing Amber next to a wound or problem area of skins can speed up the healing process.

Using An Amber Bracelet For Teething

Amber has also been traditionally used for babies who are teething. Amber teething necklaces are simply small pieces of amber beads tied on to a cord that babies would wear and suck on to help with pain.

Whilst amber teething necklaces were popular for many years the beads are now considered dangerous for babies and children because of the risk of choking.

Whilst traditional Baltic Amber Necklaces may no longer be used for teething pain a company has come up with a great alternative solution. Bambeado has made an Amber Teething Toy from Amber and rubber that helps to soothe the pain but in a much safer way.

The Best Amber Bracelets for Anxiety

If you are looking to buy a Baltic Amber bracelet for anxiety and stress then what are some of the best products and designs on the market? Here are some of our favourites.

Unpolished Amber Bracelets

Polished Amber is the most popular type that is used for jewelry making but unpolished beads also make a great style statement.

This Amberage Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet is a perfect example of unpolished beads. Raw Amber can look extremely stylish as well as helping with pain relief and anxiety.

What we particularly like about this bracelet is that it has six different types of beads on an elastic band. This shows off all the amazing colors that Amber can come in. It is worth noting that the sellers state that this particular bracelet is certified at Natural Baltic Amber.

Amber Bracelets With Lava Stone

Amberge also does a Baltic Amber Bracelet in an elasticated style but with a mixture of polished beads and lava stone.

Lava stone is particularly interesting as it is porous allowing you to use aromatherapy oils or perfume on the stones to create a scent that you can wear all day. This dual stone design is an incredibly useful anti-anxiety tool as not only can you get the benefit of the succinic acid but you can also use a relaxing scent as well to lower any stress or anxiety.

Layering Beads To Help With Anxiety and Inflammation

Clearly wearing multiple natural Amber beads is going to make more of a difference than just a few on a bracelet. You could buy a few bracelets and layer them or alternatively buy a bracelet where this is already done for you.

This Amber Bracelet on a wire is a perfect example of a multiple bead bracelet that looks great. The wire design makes it incredibly easy to put on plus it comes with a gift box if you were thinking of buying this for friends or family.

High-End Bracelets To Help With Anxiety

Whilst most of the bracelets we’ve chosen can be purchased at a very reasonable price there are some amazing high-end pieces for sale that are stylish and beautiful to look at. Sometimes it is worth paying for quality bracelets especially if you plan to be wearing them for a long time.

This Peora Genuine Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Teardrop Bracelet is a great example of a more luxurious product to wear. It has cognac-coloured stones and a lobster claw clasp. This is the perfect product to buy if you are looking for classic jewelry that is going to last.

We also love this Baltic Amber Lemon Colored Bracelet that is a bangle style. This product is great for showing off the natural inclusions that raw Amber can have. The pieces of foliage that can be found in Amber might not make a difference where anxiety is concerned but they are what makes a bracelet unique. This particular brand even states that you might find rare preserved insects in some of their stones.

Baltic Amber Necklaces

Baltic Amber Necklaces of course do the same job as bracelets made from the resin. They also contain succinic acid and can help with your mental health as well as inflammation and pain relief. In fact, there is no reason why you can’t wear multiple pieces of Amber at the same time.

Baltic Amber Necklaces come in all shapes, sizes and styles but whilst many of them look amazing not all of them will be so useful for anxiety. Remember that for a real benefit you need to have the Amber touching your skin. If you are wearing a pendant that hangs down and is actually over your clothes then it won’t make much of a difference. Your best bet is to find a design that touches as much skin as possible.

Shorter styles tend to work well as they are more likely to hug the neckline. It is also worth looking for a necklace that is almost totally made of amber rather than having a design that hangs on a silver or gold chain. We particularly like this Cognac Colored Necklace which is 14 inches long.

Choosing practical and stylish amber bracelets for anxiety doesn’t have to be difficult as there are plenty of products to choose from and most are at a reasonable price. Just make sure that when you are researching what to buy you make sure you choose an amber from the right region otherwise you will miss out on the healing benefits.

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