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Anxiety for No Reason – What you Need to Know

Are you one of the many people with anxiety who simply can’t pinpoint why you are feeling worried or fearful? Do you think your anxiety attacks are random and can’t work out what could be causing them? If so you are not alone. There are millions of people around the world who feel they have anxiety for no reason and don’t know what to do about their attacks.

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Are Anxiety Attacks Random?

Anxiety for no reason is a very unlikely scenario. During our work with anxiety clients, we have never come across a case where the anxiety was a total mystery. It may have seemed like one to our clients but that is because they were not looking at the bigger picture.

Have you ever heard of the expression “You can’t see the wood for the trees”? It simply means that when we look at something we can only see what is in front of us but don’t usually have the capacity to see the bigger details. As anxiety therapists, our job is to work with our clients to help them see the whole story.

Can Anxiety Happen for No Reason?

Anxiety never really happens out of the blue, there will be a reason for it and a trained therapist can help you identify exactly what may be creating you problems.

During an intake session, we ask our clients lots of questions. Not just about their anxiety but other aspects of their life as well. We want to know:

  • How they are sleeping?
  • Do they have fears or phobias?
  • What their childhood was like?
  • Are they under any stress?
  • Do they have any addictions?
  • Have they experienced any panic attacks?
  • Do they have any medical conditions?
  • Are they taking any medication?
  • Do they have OCD?
  • Have they recently suffered from a loss or bereavement?
  • Do they suffer from depression?
  • Do they have a partner and what is that relationship like?
  • Do they have suicidal thoughts?

We don’t ask these questions for no reason it is to help us to start pinpointing the areas of our client’s lives where they may have been experiencing difficulties. These give us clues as to where the problem areas may lie and give us an indicator of where we need to investigate further.

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Anxiety Where Does it Come From?

Most of my clients look at what is happening in their lives at the moment they are experiencing their anxiety to try and understand what might be creating their fear. What they don’t tend to do it look at their past and assess how previous scenarios and situations could be upsetting them in the present.

A really simple example of this is illustrated by a client who came into see me who was experiencing anxiety and panic when he was driving his lorry. He couldn’t understand what had triggered his fear but knew that he would potentially lose his job if he was unable to control it. Was this anxiety for no reason? No of course not and two sessions later we were able to piece the jigsaw together.

Six months prior to this fear development the man had experienced a near-miss with another lorry on a bridge. The incident had shaken them both a little but they both got back into their lorries and went on their way. A few days later the worry and anxiety about driving again started. This wasn’t the whole story, however.

The real reason for the fear was actually a fear of heights! When this man had been a small child he had climbed up on to the roof of a tower block as a prank. As he looked over the edge of the roof the fear of falling hit him and thankfully he managed to get back down without any mishap. Even though he was safe his mind had triggered anxiety of falling. This had been dormant until the day he had the near accident on the bridge and now the fear came flooding back. What if he drove his lorry had an accident and drove off a bridge? The mystery was solved!

The reason this man couldn’t work out why he was having anxiety is that it was rooted in his past. He had never connected the fear of falling incident with his driving. In this case, we were able to connect the dots because of hypnotherapy but in some cases, it is possible to find the connection just through talking.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis for anxiety is a great way of helping people put together the pieces of the jigsaw so that they understand their anxiety. Understanding why you have a problem makes a huge difference as it starts to take some of the fear away from the problem. When anxiety is a mystery it makes people feel like they are losing their mind or think that they are seriously ill.

I use hypnosis for anxiety as one of the quickest ways of getting to the real heart of where a problem lies. Usually, within 3 or 4 sessions I will have managed to relax my client sufficiently to get their story. In every single case, my client will tell me what the real problem is and not the other way round. I simply act as the questioner asking hopefully the right questions to get to the bottom of the mystery.

I find that hypnotherapy rather than counselling or CBT for anxiety is better for resolving the mystery. This is with other talking therapies the client will only tell the therapist the obvious. Hypnosis allows them to become more relaxed for the real story to come out.

Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

Self-hypnosis for anxiety is a crucial tool to make this happen. This is because in order to get the information from my client I need them sufficiently comfortable in my presence. To make sure that this is the case I give them a self-hypnosis for anxiety hypnosis download to listen to daily. This gets them used to my voice and helps to switch their minds off. By the time they come in for their sessions they are primed and ready to give me the information I need.

The self-hypnosis download also does a secondary job. It helps to relax my clients deeply. This helps to dampen down the anxiety response. In many cases, it may never be necessary to resolve the underlying issue as the audio download has relaxed them sufficiently so that the anxiety goes away. You can access our Ultimate Stop Anxiety Self Hypnosis Download Program in our online store.

Anxiety Printables

In addition, if you want to use other self-help methods to discover what may be causing you anxiety we have a set of anxiety tracker printables that you can use to work out where your anxiety is coming from. There are 8 printables in the pack to help you track and trace your worries and fears as well as challenge unhelpful thinking patterns.

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Is Anxiety Curable?

For many people, anxiety may well be a temporary state and will disappear on its own when the triggers for the problem are no longer there. In people with long term anxiety then finding the reason for the problem is very important in reducing or stopping the problem entirely. This needs to be combined with practical steps such as removing themselves from stressful situations.

Anxiety therapy is always a two-way process which involves the therapist making suggestions and the client following them. If the client chooses to ignore what the therapist suggests then the problem may remain. For example, is your partner is abusive or threatening your anxiety may never be resolved if you stay with them.

Online Anxiety Therapy Program

Do you have anxiety for no reason or would you like help to feel calmer, less worried and more in control? I currently run a four-session anxiety reduction program which involves one to one therapy sessions online. If you would like to talk to me about the program or book to get some help simply fill out the form below and I will be happy to get back to you.

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