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Anxiety Spinner Rings – How Worry Rings Make You Calmer

We love to look at the latest products that are available to help anxiety and one of the latest fashionable items you can buy to help are anxiety spinner rings. The idea of jewellery as a positive mental health device isn’t new. We have already talked about diffuser bracelets for anxiety and other wearable items that can help to relax and calm you. Spinning anxiety rings are just another innovative way that jewellery can be adapted to help create positive mental health.

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What is a Meditation Spinner Ring?

Anxiety Spinner Rings can usually be divided into two parts. The first part of the ring is a static band that doesn’t move and fits over your finger like a normal ring. The second part then consists of one or more smaller rings that fit on to the static band and are able to rotate freely if you move them. These smaller rings sit safely on the static band and are unable to come off.

Whilst these are the most common form of rotation rings there are other designs on the market. We have also seen static rings which the gemstones on top that move in a circular motion. The purpose of both these style of rings is to help relax the wearer and to keep them occupied or distracted.

Whilst fidgeting has traditionally been frowned upon by many it does serve a purpose to make us feel more comfortable. Fidget spinner rings actually actively encourage you to play with the ring to feel calmer and lower your stress levels.

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Origins of Spinner Rings

It is believed that the inspiration for anxiety spinner rings actually comes from prayer wheels traditionally used in Tibet. These prayer wheels consist of a cylinder that rotates on a spindle that is usually made from metal or wood. A Tibetan mantra is usually placed on the outside of the wheel and the person passing it should turn it clockwise which follows the movement of the sun in the sky.

These prayer wheels were specifically designed to help focus the mind because as the wheel is turned you also should be repeating the mantra. This supposedly creates a calmer mind and allows the person conducting the spinning to be more meditative.

Worry rings work on a similar principle and indeed some of them also come with inscriptions or mantras on them that you can repeat.

How do Fidget Spinner Rings Work?

Anxiety spinner rings work in much the same way as fidget spinners worked. Remember that craze? Fidget spinners although primarily used by children as a toy also served a purpose by allowing some children to manage

their stress. When these children played with the fidget spinner toys their minds were distracted from their stress and their anxiety levels could therefore drop.

Fidget rings for anxiety work in a similar way. They allow the mind to focus on moving the ring and this distracts the wearer from negative thoughts or feelings. In addition, if the person also suffers from nervous habits such as skin picking or nail biting they can help to lessen the times they are likely to do it.

anxiety spinner rings

Do Spinner Rings Help Anxiety?

The jury is still out on exactly how effective they are in reducing anxiety significantly. We certainly know that for some people they can be useful but they are unlikely to resolve anxiety completely on their own. What we can say is that the anxiety spinner rings do help:

  • Distract the wearer from negative thoughts or feelings.
  • Promote feelings of calm and well-being.
  • The wearer to be more mindful and present in the moment.
  • People who choose to use them as a meditative device.
  • People who suffer from ADHD who are usually restless.

It’s also worth noting that even if your anxiety does not significantly reduce from wearing the ring you will have a beautiful piece of jewellery that will be a talking point among your friends.

What Else Can You Do To Help Your Anxiety?

Whilst anxiety spinner rings can help to calm and relax you they are unlikely to eradicate your anxiety completely. Instead, they are a great tool to temporarily lower your anxiety levels. So what else could you do to really help your anxiety?

We have plenty of information about some of the latest natural techniques that are likely to get you better results. At the top of the list is therapy to help you address why the anxiety is there and to help you lower any worry or fear. Each type of therapy will work differently. We love to use hypnosis for anxiety as it isn’t just deeply calming and relaxing it is also incredibly helpful at finding the root causes of anxiety. You could also try counselling or CBT therapy.

Mindfulness is also increasingly being used to help with mental health issues and is relatively easy to practice once you learn the basics. We also recommend lifestyle changes, stress reduction, exercise and other practical steps to make a big difference.

We also have an online course to help you lower your anxiety and help you take back control of worry fear and stress. You can find this in our online store.

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Buying Meditation or Anxiety Rings

There are some lovely designs currently on the market for different anxiety spinner rings if you want to try them for yourself. As with any other form of jewellery you can pay very little or the more expensive the gemstones and the metal the more money you pay.

Most people who buy these rings are not just looking for help with anxiety but also want something beautiful on their finger as well. We have looked at a range of designs and options to suit most budgets and tastes. As with anything you do get what you pay for so don’t expect a cheap ring to last!

Here are just some of our favourites.

Boho Fidget Rings for Anxiety

Let’s start by looking at these classic boho spinner rings for men and women. These particular rings have a plain band but a middle insert that comes in a large array of designs. You can choose from a moon and stars, Celtic design, inscriptions, crosses and more. The ring is made from 925 sterling silver and it is worth noting that the manufacturers state that the design is not made to spin incredibly fast but at a speed to encourage relaxation.

We also like this Novica 925 sterling silver spinner ring made by artisans. This one comes with a leaf design. What is great about this ring is that Novica along with National Geographic work with artisans to make sure that they get fair prices for the goods that they make.

Worry Ring

For a more minimal chic design, you can’t beat the Joerica 925 silver spinner anxiety rings which are stackable. This design is completely different as it has three balls on the ring which you can spin instead of one round insert. This particular design includes two rings, one plain and one with the balls.

This worry ring also has a cool design as each of the spinner parts of the ring are etched with the words balance, calm and harmony. There are also other designs with different words that you can choose from.

Luxury Spinning Anxiety Rings

This Paz creations 925 silver spinner ring has 5 spinning rings and comes in at a price point that is higher than the average anxiety rings. This one includes 925 silver but also three 14k gold plated spinners as well. It is also created by artisans in Israel meaning that you are buying something that is less generic than many on the market.

Paz Creations also do a gemstone spinner ring which makes a nice difference from the standard designs. This particular one has three 14k gold hammered spinners and gemstones that are blue topaz.



Rotation Rings for Anxiety

Finally for a completely different design how about these rotating gemstones anxiety rings that actually have the moving part at the top of the ring rather than being part of the insert? These come as a three-piece set with 1 flower rings and a flower and a bee which you can adjust to your finger size. The stones are made from cubic zirconia and are a little different to the standard anxiety spinner rings.

Spinner Rings for Anxiety

Anxiety spinner rings might not resolve all your anxiety but they are a useful tool to help you with distraction, calming and relaxation. So if you are buying one choose a design that not only helps your mental health but looks great as well because then it will always be a great purchase.

Remember there are many tools out there that can help to relax your mind and sometimes it is a matter of finding the right ones that work for you. We have plenty of resources in our blog for you to read to help you on your wellness journey.

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