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Binge Eating Disorder Quizlet or Test

What exactly is binge eating disorder? How do you know whether you have the eating disorder or if there is another food problem that you are experiencing? Well, there are a number of criteria that indicate whether you have a problem. The binge eating disorder quizlet or test below can help to indicate if you are experiencing the eating disorder.

We highly recommend that our binge eating disorder quiz is just used as a general guide and not a diagnosis. If you appear to agree with most of the statements below then you should go to see your doctor for a formal diagnosis. Binge eating disorder can be a life-threatening illness in some circumstances so it is always important to be medically checked before embarking on any program of change.

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Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder Quiz?

Our binge eating disorder quizlet is not designed to give you points that you add up or vague categories that you fall under. Those type of quizzes are fine for non-medical problems but not appropriate for eating disorders. Instead, you will see a series of questions with a simple explanation attached to each.

Generally, people with Binge Eating Disorder are likely to experience the majority of these issues (although there can of course always be exceptions).  If you find that you are agreeing with most of the points then it is recommended that you see your medical doctor to discuss your issues with food.

Binge Eating Test

Are you eating large amounts of food when you are not hungry?

If you are suffering from binge eating disorder you will be eating food even when you know you are full. Many people may call this emotional eating. Just because you emotionally eat doesn’t necessarily mean that you have binge eating disorder. This behaviour would need to be combined with the other points below.

Are you eating large quantities of food (more than the average person) within a two-hour time window?

If you are a binge eater the quantity of food that you consume will be considerably more than an average person would eat. Many binge eaters confine their binges to a short window of “opportunity”. Such as after their family have gone to bed or when they are alone and they have no distractions.

Do you eat in secret and hide your food intake from family and friends?

Most binges take place without any witnesses. This is partly because people are embarrassed by their behaviour and don’t want anyone else to know their secret. It can however also be because food is used as a form of stress release. When others are around it is possible to hang out and indulge without any interference.

Do you buy large quantities of food to binge on when you are alone?

Many binge eaters will make special trips to the shops in order to hide their binge behaviour. If they do binge on food in the house it is not unusual for them to make a special trip to buy the foods they have eaten again and replace them in the cupboards to pretend to other family members that nothing has happened.

Are you restricting your food or on regular diets?

Binge eating disorder can be caused by food restriction or over dieting. The food that they are eating may be far too small to sustain them leaving them hungry and deprived. Eventually, they have to give in and eat something only now because they have eaten so little they are likely to eat significantly more to make up for what they missed out on.

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Have you experienced a food binge at least once a week for a period of three months?

In order to be diagnosed with binge eating disorder, a person needs to have been bingeing on food at least once a week for a period of three months. If they have just overeaten once or twice they are unlikely to have the disorder.

Do you ever eat until you are uncomfortably full?

Binge eaters tend to eat so much that in many cases the fullness causes incredible discomfort.

Do you ever feel out of control around food?

Binge eaters will describe themselves as being out of control around food. This means that keeping food in the cupboards may be difficult because there is a temptation to eat anything that is available. If a packet of biscuits is open binge eaters may be unable to stop eating until it is gone. Food starts to become something that is feared and occupies a binge eaters thoughts most of the day.

Are you eating your food extremely fast?

The average binge eater tends to eat much faster than the average person. On a binge, a large quantity of food is consumed in a very short space of time.

binge eating disorder quizlet

Do you feel disgusted with yourself because of what you have been eating?

Binge eaters think negatively about their food binges and tend to be disgusted by their eating habits.

Do you feel embarrassed, distressed, anxious, depressed or upset about what you have been eating?

Binge eaters have strong negative feelings about their eating habits and their body. Binge eating can cause weight gain which makes many binge eaters feel depressed or upset. Feeling out of control around food can also lead to anxiety,  embarrassment and shame about food choices.

Can you say that your binge eating is not accompanied by purging/bulimia?

If you are purging after eating them you do not have binge eating disorder but could have bulimia. Purging does not just involve being sick but can also involve over-exercising or using laxatives.

Can you confirm that you are not suffering from anorexia or any other eating disorder?

If you have another food disorder such as anorexia or avoidant restrictive food intake disorder you are not likely to be classified as a binge eater.

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Binge Eating Disorder Diagnosis

Our binge eating disorder quizlet or test is designed just as a guide to help you understand the main problems that occur with this eating issue. If you feel that you agree with most of the statements on this page we suggest that you get checked by your doctor and ask for a formal diagnosis. Once binge eating disorder has been diagnosed you can then decide to seek help for your particular circumstances.

We offer a binge eating disorder program that is taken online with a therapist face to face. If you would like to discuss our program simply contact us using the form below to get more information about how we can help you change the way in which you eat without unhelpful dieting or restrictions.

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