bowen therapy for anxiety

Bowen Therapy for Anxiety

There are plenty of complementary therapies that are available if you are looking to help with anxiety . We love using talking therapies however there are plenty of physical therapies that also can be used to help including Bowen Therapy for anxiety .

The Bowen Technique involves physical manipulation of the body to help with muscle tension and is primarily used to deal with pain however it can have a useful side effect which is helping to reduce chronic anxiety and stress.

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What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy was developed by a man named Thomas Ambrose Bowen who lived in Australia. He developed his technique of bodywork by watching football and sports trainers. His observations led him to come up with the idea for Bowen Therapy to help with pain and muscle tension. He was a prolific user of the technique and at the height of his work, he was seeing 13,000 patients a year.

Bowen therapy involves making rolling moves or stoppers on the body over muscles to help release tension and reduce pain. Bowen treatment moves are usually made towards the spine and are completed in a sequence before there is a rest period of five or so minutes before the therapy resumes again. This may be repeated a number of times before the treatment is finished.

Unlike traditional massages or manipulation techniques, the moves the Bowen practitioner makes are not deep or heavy which is great for people who are not happy dealing with the pressure of other treatments. Bowen Therapy should not be used in conjunction with other therapy treatments and usually there should be a break of at least 7 days before using this technique.

Bowen therapy for anxiety is unlike any other form of traditional stress reduction treatment. The benefits for anxiety were usually only seen after the pain work was completed. Now of course it is possible to book this therapy especially for anxiety and stress.

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What Are The Benefits of Bowen Therapy?

There have been a number of claims made regarding the benefits of Bowen Therapy. Whilst some studies have shown that working with a Bowen Therapist may have positive benefits there is a clear need for further clinical trials before those claims can be fully backed up.

Bowenwork practitioners however believe that it can be beneficial for the following problems:

  • Back Pain
  • Knee Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Feet and Ankle Problems
  • Arthritis
  • Neck and Shoulder Injuries

In addition to its help with pain relief, it can be used to help other issues. Bowen therapy for anxiety is one of the areas where people have seen benefits however there are also claims it can help with:

  • Allergies, Hayfever and Asthma
  • PMS
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety, Depression and Stress (Mental Health)
  • Fertility Problems
  • Low Energy

We are of course interested in Bowen Therapy as a way of helping anxiety and stress response. Here practitioners feel that the technique should be used to assist with stress management and maintaining good general health. To do this they recommend that maintenance sessions are held 2 to 4 times a year.

Anxiety and Bowen Therapy 

When we are stressed or anxious is creates physical effects in our bodies. We start to produce adrenaline and that places us into fight or flight mode. When we are on high alert to a real or an imagined threat it can take its toll.

Our muscles tighten and get prepared to make us run from our stressors. This causes muscle tension, pain and discomfort. We are on edge as if waiting for something bad to happen. This hypervigilance can stop us from sleeping and also stop us from relaxing.

In addition, when we are in fight or flight mode our digestive systems become disrupted creating problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. We are also likely to feel pain more acutely because we will focus on it which amplifies the feeling.

Bowen therapy for anxiety helps the muscles to relax thereby removing tension and allowing the body to enter a more restful state. By switching off the anxiety state we are going to feel calmer and more at ease.

Of course, if we continually enter into situations that make us anxious or create problems the Bowtech therapy will only offer temporary relief and continued sessions would be required to maintain the feeling of relaxation.

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Is Bowen Therapy Safe?

The use of Bowen therapy for anxiety or to help with physical pain is supposedly a very safe treatment. In fact, the main organisations operating in the field believe it can even be used on small children because the manipulations of the soft tissue are so gentle.

As with any form of therapy, however, there may be some side effects. People have reported problems such as sore or stiff muscles after treatment and sometimes headaches. It is possible that pain levels could temporarily increase or you may feel uncomfortable as the body resets between treatments.

Bowen Therapy practitioners say that this is entirely normal however if the pain is significant or does not go away then it makes sense to make a trip to your doctor.

Bowen Massage for Anxiety

Bowen therapy may have not been created specifically for anxiety but it is not a recognised positive side effect of the treatment that many people experience.

Bowen therapy for anxiety is definitely a relatively safe complementary therapy that could be used to help especially if you suffer from stiff muscles and tension in your body.

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