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30 Breakup Journal Prompts to Help You Heal

If you have just experienced a breakup, divorce or failed relationship then finding positive ways to reflect, heal and move forward is important. When you have a broken heart journaling might be the last thing on your mind but it can be a great way to process your emotions and focus on your future. Our breakup journal prompts can help you to write down your emotions and feelings allowing you to move on in your life.

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Journaling to Heal A Broken Heart

The reality is that all breakups suck whether you have been dating someone for a few months or have been married to them for years. Nobody likes the idea that their relationship may have failed or that they have been rejected. It is going to hurt your feelings, give you anxiety and in some cases make you feel like you are in pain.

You could of course brood on your last relationship and allow all your painful emotions to fester or you can do something positive to take back control and that could give you some benefits in the longer term.

Journaling to heal a broken heart is a way of gaining a deeper understanding of yourself as well as your last relationship. When you write it helps you to examine your life with your old partner and to reflect on what went wrong as well as what went right to that you don’t make the same mistakes in your future relationships.

Journaling can also teach you about self-love and help you to focus on what you do want in your life. Using a journal is a way to heal as it helps you to acknowledge your heartbreak but helps you to also look to the future.

Does Journaling Help After a Breakup?

Journaling can help you with moving forward providing you you take the time to use your journal to take a step back and gain perspective on what went wrong. A journal should be a tool to help you understand what went wrong and to find healthy ways of moving forward so that you can heal.

Breakup journal prompts can help because they give you a structure to follow when you are journaling so that you stay on the right track rather than veering towards self-pity and negative emotions. Without having a structure to what you write it can be easy just to journal a negative stream of anger, pain and frustration without a resolution.

Journaling prompts are the key to reflecting, healing and helping you understand that your relationship ending doesn’t mean that your life is as well.

What Should You Write in Your Breakup Journal?

Ultimately if you decided to not have any structure or method to your journal entries you could write anything you like in your breakup journal however as we have said that approach doesn’t help your emotions in the longer term.  Whilst your journaling should acknowledge a painful breakup as that is only human it shouldn’t be an excuse to wallow in heartbreak or make you feel worse.

It makes more sense to structure your journaling so that what you write takes you on a journey that can help you heal and give you hope for the future. A great way to do that is to allow yourself a short period of time in your journal to examine your raw feelings and pain but then to find ways to move away from the past.

You could try using your journal to do a brain dump of emotions at the start of the process and then allow yourself to question how many of those feelings are really valid or as important as you think.

Once you have got the brain dump out of the way then use our breakup journaling prompts to think about your old relationship from different perspectives. Recognise the elements that you are grateful for and note the things that you miss. Also, note what you believe might have been missing from the relationship and what you might need to start looking for in your next relationship.

Journaling helps you gain perspective and through your writing, you may start to realize that your ex might not have been right for you after all. When you have covered all you can write about letting go of the past as part of your healing process and start to visualise and focus on what will happen differently when you start dating again.

Best Breakup Journal

If you are going to write about breakups and your old relationship you are going to need a journal to do it in. There are a few great ones on the market that can help you by guiding you through the process of writing. Here are just some of our favorite products that can help.

After the Breakup: A Self-Love Journal is a great place to start as it is a book to help you build your self-esteem following a failed relationship. This book has breakup journal prompts and exercises to help you plus it can assist you with reflecting on the root of the break-up. This book is a great tool to help you build your strength by addressing problem areas and assisting you in setting small goals to help you move forward.

It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken isn’t exactly a journal but a roadmap to moving forward when things go wrong. As one of the writers was a consultant on Sex and The City you know this self-help book is going to be helpful but also funny as well.

The Breakup Journal is another great interactive solution to help you deal with your old relationships. Use the fill-in charts and graphs to create your very own journal to move on with your life.

Finally for those who are still at the stage where you need to vent then we had to include the Have a Nice Life Asshole Coloring Book for Adults. This is such a brilliant tool to get out your anger and frustration by using a tool designed to help your anxiety and stress at the same time. Plus the pictures you get to color in are going to give you joy!

Divorce and Breakup Journal Prompts To Help You Move Forward

So here are 30 of our favorite breakup journal prompts for you to use going forward. You don’t have to answer all the questions at once. Just pick a few when you are ready and get your journal and start writing. Every few days go back and reflect on what you have written. Remember if you have changed your mind that is absolutely fine just adjust your comments and move forwards.

  1. What do you believe went wrong in your relationship?
  2. Do you believe that the person in your old relationship was really right for you?
  3. Have you ever experienced a breakup before?
  4. Do you believe you stay in relationships for the wrong reasons?
  5. Do you pick partners that are suitable for you?
  6. Have you ever stayed with a partner because it was the easy option?
  7. Were there things you knew about your ex that were red flags right from the start?
  8. What were the worst things about your ex?
  9. What were the best things about them?
  10. What do you believe you could have done differently in the relationship?
  11. What sapped your energy in your old relationship?
  12. Did you and your ex-partner have similar interests?
  13. Did your ex-partner support you in life?
  14. Did you support your old partner in their life and interests?
  15. How often did you feel unhappy in your old relationship?
  16. Were other people a factor in your breakup?
  17. Did you like your partner’s friends and family?
  18. What would have happened if you had stayed in the relationship?
  19. What do you believe you need from a partner?
  20. What would you change about yourself in a future relationship?
  21. If your ex was in front of your now what would you say to them?
  22. What would be your ideal relationship going forward?
  23. What are your fears or worries about the future?
  24. Write down what your negative mind is telling you about the breakup?
  25. Write down the positive things you have gained from splitting up with your old partner.
  26. How can you feel happier when you start dating again?
  27. What type of partners will you never date again?
  28. How can you build your self-esteem and confidence right now?
  29. What can you do to help your stress or anxiety about relationships when you are struggling.
  30. How will you know the perfect partner when you meet them.

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