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50 Calming Affirmations to Relax You

Calming affirmations are the perfect tool to help you relax and keep your head even when everything else around you seems to be going crazy. This year has been particularly hard on everyone but we do have choices on how we are going to react to the information we are given.

Everyone knows that the current world situation is not good however we can choose to deal with what is happening around us in a relaxed, composed manner or we can lose our heads and spend our time worrying excessively about things we can’t control. Calming affirmations can help you to remain grounded and at ease which is what you need when you need to make decisions that are not based on fear.

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Calming Affirmations for Anxiety

Calming affirmations are particularly useful for people with anxiety. When you are anxious and enter into fight or flight mode you can feel as if you are on edge and as if something bad could happen at any moment. Yet there are many simple ways to calm down when you are anxious including using positive calming affirmations.

When you use affirmations you are giving your mind instructions about what you want and how you would like to think. Say them in the present tense and take time out to really focus on what you would like to happen next. Making space in your life to recite them without distraction or interruption is also helpful because it enables you to be more relaxed and at ease.

Calming Mantras

Calming mantras can be used for everything from sleep to dissipating anger or just to help with relaxation. There are always points in our life when we could do with a little extra calm in our life. Affirmations are just one way to help us feel more at ease and able to deal with whatever may come our way.

When you use calming affirmations for sleep they can help to switch off a busy mind so that you can relax and drift off. When you use them when you are angry they can take your levels of rage down a few notches so that you can think more clearly.

We use calming affirmations in our anxiety reduction program downloads. Our self-hypnosis for anxiety download program is simple and easy to use. Just download the audio and find a quiet space to relax and do nothing. There isn’t even any need to concentrate too hard on the audio. Just allow your mind to wander and you should find yourself drifting into a deeply relaxed zone.

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Other Ways to Calm Yourself

As well as our calming affirmations below there are plenty of other ways that you can stay calm and composed no matter what life may present you with.

Hylands Calm Tablets are a homoeopathic remedy which are used to combat anxiousness, nervousness or irritability. Just pop one under your tongue and let it do its work.

The Muse Brain Sensing Headband is another great device which links to your smartphone. Use it to help you to meditate and stay calm and then get feedback from the app to help you stay in the correct zone of relaxation. Just place the headband around your head and link to the app, place in your headphones and listen to the immersive soundscapes. These change depending on your heart rate and breathing to guide you into relaxation.

Buy Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser to use with your favourite calming essential oils. Lavender is known to be especially useful if you suffer from anxiety. The great thing about diffusers is they can completely fill the room that you are in with their scent to help you stay calm. You can even buy great calming diffusers to use on your desk to help you with work stress.

Calm Affirmations

  1. Every Storm Passes by Quickly
  2. Breathe in relaxation breathe out stress
  3. Be still, be calm be tranquil
  4. Let stress go let relaxation in
  5. I always choose calmness over worry
  6. Saying calm phrases makes me feel happy and relaxed
  7. I am focused, relaxed and feel at ease.
  8. I choose to remove stress from my life.
  9. Gently does it is my motto.
  10. I choose to press pause in my life when things get too hectic.
  11. I let go of fear and worry.
  12. This too shall pass.
  13. My poise and grace allow me to always feel at ease.
  14. I have taken a chill pill.
  15. I keep cool in all situations.
  16. I am calm and composed.
  17. I choose to focus on only what I can control.
  18. I am happy, safe and well.
  19. I remain cool, calm and detached.
  20. When things are stressful I choose to remain quiet and calm.
  21. I find it easy to go with the flow.
  22. It is what it is.
  23. I can take big deep breaths to relax myself whenever I need.
  24. I float gently through life.
  25. Stress just washes over me.
  26. I am feeling peace and tranquillity.
  27. My mind always chooses to focus on thoughts that make me calm and happy.
  28. I focus my energy on staying relaxed and feeling at ease.
  29. Every day is like a fresh start and a new beginning.
  30. I attract peace into my life.
  31. I can change my mood any time I want to.
  32. When I am mindful I can calm my mood.
  33. I can release tension and focus on relaxation.
  34. I am happy and feel at ease no matter where I am.
  35. I can deal with whatever comes my way with a cool calm head.
  36. I can control my emotions and remain calm.
  37. I am serene at all times.
  38. There is a stillness deep within me.
  39. I make others feel calm and relaxed.
  40. I have calming strategies for every situation.
  41. After a storm, there is always calm.
  42. Restful thoughts and feelings follow me around.
  43. I am cool, calm and composed.
  44. I can soothe myself and my thoughts any time I want.
  45. I hush my mind and relax my body.
  46. I live in a zen-like state.
  47. I can lull myself into relaxation whenever I want.
  48. I know how to live a quiet life.
  49. I have deep inner peace.
  50. My life is going to be smooth sailing.

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