comfort items for anxiety

Comfort Items for Anxiety

When you suffer from anxiety finding coping strategies to deal with the uncomfortable feelings becomes important. One way to do this is by using comfort items for anxiety to help with self-soothing and calming down the fear response. There are of course hundreds of different anxiety relief products on the market but what calming objects are really useful at helping to lessen the problematic thoughts and sensations?

We’ve collated a list of some of the very best comfort items for anxiety that you can use to help your problem. Our list covers all price ranges and the items within it can be used by a wide age range for all forms of anxiety. Pick one or two items on the list to help you take care of your mental health.

If you are buying anxiety reduction products as a gift for a friend or a family member think about the person you are buying for and try and appeal to their interests. Anxiety comfort items for Christmas or birthdays can make a brilliant thoughtful gift that will be highly appreciated.

So what products do we recommend? Well here are our top calming products for anxiety.

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Items That Can Help With Anxiety – Weighted Blankets

One of the most popular comfort items for anxiety is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets remain one of the most purchased items to help with symptoms of anxiety because they are cosy, soft, warm and make you feel like you are being given a big hug. A weighted blanket is also brilliant at helping you get off to sleep which is incredibly useful if your insomnia has given you anxiety.

There are many weighted blankets on the market but we recommend choosing a good quality brand with premium glass beads such as this YnM Weighted Blanket. As a weighted blanket needs to be at the correct heaviness use our guide to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Anxiety Comfort Items – Lavender Spray

Comfort items for anxiety come in all shapes and sizes and help all senses. Remember that some people will feel comfort from items they can touch but other people derive comfort from aromas, tastes, sounds or things they see.

If you are looking for something that gives a comforting smell then think about buying yourself something like a lavender spray to make you feel calm. If a lavender spray doesn’t appeal then how about lavender tea, a lavender eye mask or a lavender body lotion?

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular anti-anxiety oils because it is known for its calming and soothing properties. Plus natural lavender is a brilliant product for helping to quieten the mind for sleep. We love this Natural Lavender Linen and Room Spray which is perfect for use in your home and in the bedroom at night.

Anxiety Relief Products – Coloring Books

If you haven’t got masses of cash to throw at your problem then there are many affordable anxiety relief products that are comforting. A simple coloring book for example reminds us of simpler childhood times and assists the mind in relaxing and focusing on doing something calming.

Coloring books for anxiety are incredibly affordable and are a great way of encouraging relaxation and relieving tension. The more complex the better as you will need to concentrate to get the job done.

100 Magnificent Mandalas is a coloring book for adults with anxiety that has over 100 patterns for you to colour in.

Calming Items for Anxiety – Mental Health Journal

It isn’t always necessary to have physical objects to comfort you. Many people for example find comfort and calm from using a journal to record their thoughts and help relieve anxiety.

A mental health journal and workbook is there to help you identify and pinpoint details about your anxiety. This particular version has information on coping strategies, mood trackers and an area to work out your triggers.

We also have a series of Anxiety Tracker Printables and Worksheets that help our clients understand more about themselves and assist them in working out what may be causing their problems. Use it to help you track your anxiety logically and find solutions to your problem.

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Devices to Help With Anxiety – Eye Massager

There are some brilliant gadgets available currently to help people with anxiety. Remember that you don’t just have to rely on one method to make a difference in your anxious thoughts. Most people combine a series of strategies to create a helpful anxiety reduction plan.

So if you do love using a gadget for stress and anxiety don’t forget to combine it with other strategies such as mindfulness, exercise or meditation.

So what is a great gadget for anxiety? Well, this Renpho Eye Massager is perfect for helping you to get to sleep as well as for assisting with deep relaxation. It has a Bluetooth connection for music as well as a massage device that is heated to help with soothing your stress away.

Other gadgets we love include the Calmigo Device, Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets and Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massagers.

Tactile Objects for Anxiety – Spinner Rings

A great way of comforting people with stress and anxiety is keeping their hands busy doing something as a form of stress relief. We will go on to talk about fidget toys for adults and children later on but there are plenty of other objects that can help relieve the anxious thoughts.

Anxiety spinner rings for example are simply worn on your hands and allow you to fiddle with them during the day to help when you feel anxious.

This Dursi Spinner Ring looks great and helps relieve tension and anxiety symptoms when you use it.

Calm Objects – Zen Garden

Mindfulness and relaxation are certainly combined when we are talking about our next comfort item for people with anxiety which is a Zen Garden.

A Zen Garden is a meditation device that helps you to relax and reduce stress by either raking the sand in the garden or moving the elements contained within it on the try. As you repeat the movements again and again you should find that your stress starts to melt away as your mind switches off. They make great gifts for people with anxiety or stress-related issues.

This Japanese Tabletop Zen Garden is a perfect natural stress reduction tool.

Stress Relieving Items – Fidget Toys

Fidget toys for anxiety have been a huge phenomenon over the past few years. Toy manufacturers are waking up to the fact that certain gadgets are great at helping reduce anxiety. Don’t however think that these just make great gifts for kids with anxiety as manufacturers have also started to create helpful products for adults as well.

For a sleek adult fidget toy that wouldn’t look out of place on many peoples desks, the ONO Roller is a quality product that helps to calm you as you move the rollers in your hand. It can also be used as a gadget to help stop nail-biting and other bad habits.

Calming Products – Chamomile Tea

What we consume can also make a difference in our anxiety levels. We always recommend that our clients try and look after their health by eating well when they are have experiencing problems with stress or anxiety.

As well as eating healthy it also makes sense to think about what you are drinking as well. It makes sense to reduce your alcohol intake and consume more water and healthier drinks.

Herbal teas with natural products such as chamomile can be great for anxiety and for comforting you. We love chamomile tea because it is known for its relaxing properties. Taylors Organic Herbal Chamomile Tea Bags are something you definitely could use in your life and they are perfect for use before bed to help you get a good nights sleep.

Calming Products for Anxiety – Aromatherapy Bath Oil

Baths are also a great place where we can feel calm and relaxed especially if the ambience is right. The warm water in the bath helps with soothing and relaxing the muscles in the body and if that is combined with aromatherapy bath oils and candles it is possible to create an oasis in your home.

Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak comes in a pack of three to help with problems related to stress, aches and pains as well as restless nights. Just add the product you need to your bath and allow your body to relax and unwind.

Comfort Objects for Anxiety – Candles

If you are looking for products that could help to reduce anxiety then candles should be on your radar. Aromatherapy candles in particular are perfect for not only changing the mood in your home with their light but they can also fill it with a scent that is relaxing and calming.

Candles for stress and anxiety reduction also make the perfect gift for a friend or a family member who may need help to alleviate the symptoms.

Try and choose scented candles that use higher quality essential oils to prevent an artificial aroma so that you get the full benefit of the natural fragrance. The Malicious Women Candle Co makes some great candles including their Anxiety Girl Brand Infused with Lavender and Coconut Water. Lavender is perfect for a scented candle because of its ability to help reduce stress.

Stress-Reducing Gadgets – Essential Oil Diffuser

Creating a space that feels comforting, cosy and relaxing is important when you feel anxious which is why an essential oil diffuser can be a great purchase.

A diffuser is able to fill a room with the scent of your choice to make you feel comfortable and calm. There are some great diffusers on the market that don’t cost a fortune and are designed to fit in with even the chicest of room designs.

This Kumi Stone White Diffuser is perfect for modern homes and is able to run for 7 hours on an intermittent setting to fill your home or workspace with scents to soothe you.

Of course, if you purchase a diffuser you will also need to buy some essential oils to use in it. There are so many natural essential oils that are out there it can often be difficult to make a decision on what you should use if you want to help your anxiety.

We know that essential oils such as Chamomile, Rose and Ylang-Ylang all help with anxiety reduction so buying these would be a great start so that you can start to explore which ones suit your personal needs. If you really want to experiment you could buy yourself this Essential Oil Kit which consists of 30 oils for you to use and try.

Heated Products to Help Relax Muscles – Massage Pad

We know that one thing our clients have in common with regards to their anxiety is that the stress and tension often tend to cause muscle pain, aches and headaches. As pain in the body is such a common side effect of the problem it makes sense to use products that can help with the issue.

Heated Massage Pads For Your shoulders and neck are great devices at helping to alleviate tension and pain. Just switch them on and allow them to warm up and let them do their magic.

Remember that these pads come in all shapes and sizes and for all parts of the body. Some work just to help with relaxation whilst others actually are therapeutic and deal with muscle aches and pains. All of them are comforting to some degree it is just a matter of finding a product that works for your particular needs.

There are literally hundreds of items available for you to use if you are looking for comfort items for anxiety. Remember that in order to gain some comfort and relaxation when you need it you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. Hopefully, our product choice has covered all price points to help you find something that can make a difference.

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