lavender self-care kit

Creating a Lavender Self-Care Kit

Creating a lavender self-care kit is a great idea for those of you who are looking at ways of helping your mental health and well-being. Lavender is known as a great natural product that can lessen anxiety, improve relaxation and help with insomnia. Its calming properties mean that it makes the perfect item to use for self-care or to give as a gift to a friend or family member.

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Lavender for Sleeping and Anxiety

Lavender essential oils are used in a huge array of products because they are well known to aid sleep and help with relaxation. This is because a number of studies have shown that lavender can help with insomnia, improve relaxation and assist with disorders such as anxiety and depression.

As the benefits of lavender are well researched a whole array of amazing products has been created to help. We are going to be talking about some of the most popular which can be used in a self-care gift box or for your own use

Whilst a lavender self-care kit can be used to help with mental health and insomnia it also smells amazing which means that it also works brilliantly when used as a treat or when you just want to indulge yourself and have some me-time.

lavender self-care kit

Best Lavender Products for Anxiety

As there are numerous lavender essential oils and products on the market we thought we would talk about some of our favorite items that can be used when making a self-care kit.

If you are creating a gift box or care package for friends and family members remember that you don’t need to use all the products that we have chosen. Just pick a selection that feels most suited to the person you are buying for and create the perfect gift just for them.

We have included products that are suitable if you are on a budget or whether you want to spend a little more money. There is no need to purchase all high-end products to get the amazing benefits of lavender as there are plenty of great items that work brilliantly that are lower priced.

Lavender Products to Help Sleep

Self-care has many different facets and one is the need for a person to regularly get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is restorative and can help reduce anxiety and stress which is why it is so important when it comes to mental health.

Whilst there are many essential oils that can help with sleep lavender products are some of the best because they are so well researched.

Here are some lovely products that you can use to help with your sleep at night or give to friends or family in a gift set.

Use a Lavender Pillow Mist and Room Spray

Using a lavender pillow mist and room spray is indulgent, and luxurious and also is a great way to allow the essential oils from the plant to help you relax for bed.

This particular lavender pillow mist spray also contains chamomile, witch hazel and jojoba oil. You can spray this product around your room and that includes using it on your bed linen, furniture and even clothing to spread the relaxing aroma.

The price point makes it great for everyday use but the bottle looks chic enough to add to a gift package as well.

Add An Aromatherapy Sleep Oil Blend To Your Self-Care Kit

Using aromatherapy essential oil blends for sleep is also a great way to assist in relaxation and beat insomnia. There are many variations on the market that can help and are suitable to use in diffusers.

We like this Maple Holistics Sleep Blend as it has thousands of positive reviews from people who are regularly using it to improve their nighttime routines. Use this in the evening to help you sleep or create a spa set for a friend and put a bottle in their gift set.

Lavender Gummies To Help With Sleep

Whilst most people think of lavender as an essential oil that is inhaled or placed into body products it can also be added to ingested in products such as gummies or tea. Adding edible products to a lavender self-care kit or gift set makes sense because of its calming properties.

Vicks ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs have been created to assist with sleep and relaxation and just need to be chewed to take effect. This particular product comes in Wildberry Vanilla flavor but there are of course other brands on the market that will have different tastes.

Using an Eye Mask For Self-Care and Sleep

Our final useful product for a self-care kit as well as for evening relaxation is an eye mask. Eye masks can be great at helping to relieve headaches and migraines, blocking out light and helping you to sleep better.

This Weighted Lavender Eye Mask is perfect for helping with stress reduction and assisting with helping you to relax before bed.

It also is a product that can be used warm or cold if you place it in a freezer. This versatility means that it is a perfect gift to place in a self-care kit or to have at your disposal at home.

Creating a Lavender Care Package With Spa Products

When you are building a self-care hamper or a store of products for yourself then you are naturally going to look for items that are designed to give a spa-style experience in the home.

The whole point of self-care is that it should help your physical and mental health and make you feel indulged, happy and pampered.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love then there are loads of lavender products that can be used as a treat. Here are some of our favourites that work brilliantly for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or when one of your friends or family members needs a pick me up.

Adding Candles to a Self-Care Box

Candles are a hugely popular present as the smell from a great candle can envelop an entire room and either uplift your mood or relax you completely. They also create a cosy atmosphere which is why you see them dotted around homes and bathrooms across the globe.

If you are using candles every day then you don’t need to spend the earth to get a product that can smell great however if you really want to be indulgent or spoil someone you love then why not go for something luxurious like a Diptyque Feuille De Lavande Candle.

This isn’t a budget gift but it is an amazing present for a loved one that you want to spoil. No recipient could possibly be disappointed with the beautiful packaging and quality of these designer candles. If you really want treat yourself to one as well. Self-care is about spoiling yourself at times and if candles is your thing this would be a perfect present for you.

Using Lavender Bath Oil To Help Relaxation

A relaxing bath is often seen as something indulgent to do because in many cases most of us simply don’t have time for one every day. Showers have taken over as the go-to way to stay clean however they don’t tend to allow you time to wallow and do nothing in the same way as a bath does.

This is why choosing a relaxing bath oil to place in a self-care kit is sending a message to you or the recipient that it is good to slow down and take your time when looking after yourself.

L’Occitane foaming bubble bath is the perfect product to add to a spa set or a home bath routine. The bottle looks amazing so will look great on your bathroom shelves plus the scent is going to make you think of the lavender fields in Provence. What’s not to love?

Lavender Oil Body Scrub With Exfoliators

Whilst you are having your bath it makes sense to use a sugar scrub or body scrub in order to remove any dead skin.

This Majestic Pure Lavender Body Scrub is perfect to use in that bath and to add to a lavender self-care kit.

This product also contains shea butter and grapefruit essential oil so it can nourish your skin as well as help with exfoliation. Use it to assist with circulation and for the calming aroma.

Using Bath Bombs To Relax

Bath bombs may not be as indulgent as relaxing oils and unguents but they are fun and add a little sparkle to a self-care routine.

Bath bombs with lavender essential oils are still great to allow the calming scent to spread across the bathroom so they are still a great self-care product. A gift set with bath bombs in it is still a great treat and does help with assisting people to relax and unwind.

Arnica Montana Bath Bombs Gift Set with lavender and bergamot essential oils is a bestseller. Use these to soak in and allow your muscles to relax after a hard day so that you sleep like a baby.

Adding Shower Steamers To a Self-Care Routine

Even though baths are more luxurious and indulgent than a shower who’s to say that you can’t try and make that part of your self-care routine as well. Whilst showers tend to be quicker and used more when you are in a hurry they still can feature in a routine where you are taking time to take care of yourself.

Lavender shower steamers can still help you to get a hit of that relaxing aroma even when you have less time. Relief and calm shower steamers combine the best of both worlds. One set of the aromatherapy bath melts is perfect for waking you up and releases eucalyptus and mint essential oil smells whilst the other smells of lavender to help you unwind for bed.

Adding Body Lotion to a Self-Care Hamper

After you have had a bath or shower there is nothing better than hydrating your body with an indulgent body lotion to keep your skin hydrated and supple.

There are of course plenty of body lotions available that you can use but if you are creating a lavender self-care kit then it makes sense to use one containing that essential oil.

The layering of scent on your body, in your bedroom and in your bath can obviously multiply the impact and make it easier for you to get the benefits of its relaxing qualities.

Andalou Naturals Lavender Shea Firming Body Butter is a lovely product to have in your life as it softens and smooths any dry skin that you may have. This hydrating lotion is perfect to use before bed as the scent is great for calming your mind so you can switch off and fall asleep more easily.


Other Lavender Products to Use for Self-Care

There are other lavender body products that are also popular for self-care or which could be added to a care package.

Natural lavender has so many uses from helping your body to your mind. The best thing about lavender is that many of the products don’t have to be a treat as they don’t cost the earth. This means that you or your loved ones can get the benefits every single day.

Here are some of our favorite products that you can use to indulge yourself daily.

Lavender Lip Balm 

Burts Bees Lavender and Honey Lip Balm is a great product that can fit in your pocket or handbag. Looking after your lips with natural products is important and this is a hugely well-regarded company that makes amazing body care items.

Adding a lip balm to a self-care kit for every day is a simple and easy way to take care of yourself. It takes seconds to use but consistent use will make a difference. It is also a great little product to place in a gift basket.

Using Lavender Hand Cream For Pampering

Your hands are one of the areas in the body that do a lot of work but are most likely to get neglected. This is why every lavender self-care kit should contain a good hand cream to nourish the skin on your hands so that they stay silky smooth.

L’Occitane is yet again one of our favourite brands when it comes to lavender products. Their Nourishing Lavender Hand Cream is a great product that also contains shea butter that is perfect to add to your personal self-care routine.

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