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Creating The Perfect Outdoor Meditation Space

Meditation is one of the major wellness trends over the past few years that has gone stratospheric. It’s ability to help people manage their stress and anxiety means that finding time to meditate has become an essential activity. Which is why we wanted to look at creating the perfect outdoor meditation space in your home.

Many of us have outdoor spaces both big and small that may be underutilised and as the spring and summer months start to roll around it makes sense to plan a garden project that is incredibly beneficial to your mental health.

Now it is well known that being out in nature and the outdoors can help your well-being but what about if you also created a zen space in your home that you could retreat to calm your mind and relax your body?

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Outdoor Meditation Room

We love helping people to reduce their stress and anxiety levels so we are going to show you some of the things that you need to consider in order to create an outdoor meditation space. Obviously, you don’t have to use every single one of our ideas and of course, you are going to be restricted by the size of your space and your budget. Follow all our ideas or just pick elements to create the perfect zen space for you.

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So what should you consider when you are thinking about creating a meditation space in your garden? Well here are some of the important elements we think you should consider before building a relaxation zone outside.

Where to Put Your Outdoor Zen Space

First of all your need to decide where you want to create your outdoor meditation space. Are you looking to place it in one area of your garden or will it actually fill your garden? Will it be solely outside or will there be indoor elements? Defining your outdoor zone will be one of the most important decisions you need to make.

If your garden is only small then you may not have space for multiple zones in your garden so it makes sense to create a small backyard meditation garden. If however you are blessed with a much larger space then you need think about where to place it.

We recommend choosing a zone that away from prying neighbours if possible and is in the quietest area of the garden. You also need to consider a space where you are not in glaring sunlight nor total shade. Look at the way light moves around your garden and find somewhere where you can happily sit in comfort in the spring and summer.

Defining your Outdoor Meditation Room

Once you have picked the perfect place for your outdoor meditation space start to think about how you are going to define the area. We love the look of this Cedar Framed Gazebo because it creates a space that is open to the elements but is also shaded from the hot sun. It creates the perfect showstopping element in a zen space design.

We do recognise that not all of you may have huge budgets so think of other ways to define your space. A wooden garden arbour is significantly cheaper and can still make a beautiful design feature in your space.


Even cheaper still is an outdoor sail that can still give you some shade without busting your bank balance plus this design looks minimalist and chic.

Meditation Benches and Chairs

Once you have designated your outdoor meditation space think about how you are going to use it and where you are going to sit. Some people prefer to sit on a mat on the ground whilst others like the idea of benches or chairs.

This Spoko Meditation Bench is perfect for an outdoor space because it is perfectly portable. You just need to take the bench apart and it can be placed into a large bag. So if the weather is looking a little wet you can store it inside until things improve. This allows you huge flexibility with your meditation space.

Also, this particular version doesn’t need to be used with a cushion because the manufacturers believe that it is ergonomically balanced for comfort. This is great if you are looking for a sleek look to your zen space.

We also love this Zen’s Bamboo Floor Seat Chair. This is perfect for the garden, inside your house or in a balcony meditation space. The cushion cover is easily removed so it is washable making it really easy for you to take care of it as you use it.

Or for something really special how about a Macrame Outdoor Hanging Chair is perfect for sitting in whilst swaying gently in the summer breeze.

Outdoor Meditation Cushions

To soften up your outdoor meditation space use cushions to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Meditation doesn’t have to be about sitting upright on a bench. Remember you can choose how you want to sit so if you want comfort outdoor meditation cushions would be perfect for your space.

The Yalleya Square Floor Pillow adds a bohemian vibe to any space. Alternatively, you could think about a traditional meditation cushion such as The Unique Wellness Meditation Cushion that comes with a travel bag allowing you to transport it easily.

You can add as many cushions as you want into your space. We recommend that to keep them clean you place them on an outdoor rug and when you have finished using them for the day place them into a garden storage box to keep them looking great.

Outdoor Meditation Fountain

There is something about the sound of trickling water that helps to relax and calm us which is why an outdoor meditation fountain would be perfect in and outdoor space. Sound can help to enhance the depth of your meditation plus a fountain can help to screen out other noises that you might not want to hear when you are in your zen zone.

This Kenroy Black Slate Finish Fountain is certainly an amazing statement piece that would look great up against a wall.

For a fountain that can be placed almost anywhere and fits the meditation scheme then what about a Zen Stone Fountain.

Decorating Your Outdoor Meditation Space

So you have defined your space, got somewhere to sit and created a zone of comfort now you need to think about decorating your space. It goes without saying that as you are creating an outdoor meditation space you should think about planting to enhance your zen area.

Traditional zen gardens have stone areas interspersed with low planted bushes and the occasional Japanese tree to add height to the design. Of course, you don’t have to go with the traditional you just need to work with what you have around you. Plants that grow up trellis or gazebos can change a space dramatically. Alternatively, if you have a smaller backyard mediation zone or a balcony think about carefully arrange pots with plants in them to brighten up your space.

Also as your garden meditation space is going to be used in the warmer months don’t forget to think about lighting. One of the simplest ways of lighting your space is to use solar-powered lanterns. These GVshine Lanterns are vintage style and are perfect for hanging in any space. We also love that they are waterproof meaning you don’t need to keep on moving them when the weather changes.

You could also add wind chimes to your space if you like to hear their melodic sound. Just a word of warning if you have neighbours close by then please give them a miss. Just because you are creating a zen space with chimes doesn’t mean that others think this is their idea of heaven. Wind chimes can create arguments with your neighbours so it makes sense not to ruin the calming vibes of your zone by irritating those close by.

Finally, think about adding some beautiful statues of outdoor ornaments to your space. Outdoor sculptures can help you to transform your backyard meditation space from the mundane to the extraordinary. There are thousands of designs to choose from so you just need to find something that suits your style. We love this Japanese Pagoda Style Lantern.

Meditation Spaces To Improve Your Mental Health

We hope we have given you some ideas on how to create an outdoor meditation space to help enhance your health and wellbeing. Finding time to meditate and taking time out from your busy life can transform your stress and anxiety levels and make you happier and healthier.  Make the most of the warmer spring and summer nights and enjoy the spaces that you have both indoors and outdoors by creating a calm zone for whenever you need it.

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