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Crush Your Goals – Simple Steps to Make a Difference

Let’s talk about how to crush your goals. Are you happy with life as it is or do you have hopes and dreams of something different in the future? Most of us have goals whether they are something simple such as losing 5 pounds or something bigger such as moving to a new country or earning more money. The problem is that many people who have these goals don’t always put in place a plan of action to make them happen. I know people talk about the law of attraction which some people would interpret as if I wish for something hard enough it will happen. The reality is that wishing and hoping for something to happen is not enough you have to take start taking steps to make your dreams a reality.

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Crush Your Goals Meaning

Many people believe that to crush your goals means simply achieving them. I think the interpretation goes one further. To crush your goals doesn’t just mean achieving what you set out to do but also beating it by quite a considerable margin.

So if you set an intention to lose 5 pounds but actually lost 8 (providing it was healthy to do so) you haven’t just met your goal but crushed it completely. If you wanted to earn a bigger salary and hoped for an extra £5000 per year but actually found a job earning £10,000 more then you have taken that goal and beaten it by miles.

To crush your goals can also mean dreaming bigger as well. Why settle for wanting a new one-bedroom flat when you could get a three-bedroom house?

Elon Musk is a great example of someone who is slowly crushing his goals one by one. He has one big dream and that is to send people to Mars. He has a plan to do this by 2050. But along his journey, his commercial company Space X is rapidly ticking boxes that a few years ago people thought would be impossible. He’s invented a rocket that lands back down on earth so it can be reused. He is putting up hundreds of satellites into space and his company has become the first commercial firm to send a rocket to the international space station. By any means, he has set himself some stretch targets but he just dreams bigger!

How to Crush your Goals

If you want to crush your goals how do you go about it? Well here are 8 Simple Steps that you can take to make sure that your thoughts actually come to fruition.

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Goal Setting

Ok seems obvious but not to everyone. You have to take what you want out of your head and start to write it down on paper. That means thinking about exactly what it is you want to achieve. Be specific otherwise, the goal is going to be impossible to get to. For example, there is no point in writing “I want to be rich”. You need to write I want to earn x amount per year in x job role. Alternatively, if you want to work for yourself “I want to earn x per year by starting a (property) company”.

The more specific you are when you write down your goal the easier it is for you to see what you need to do to get where you want to be. Writing down some non-specific goals actually means nothing and doesn’t help.

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Planning Your Goals

Now that you know what you want to do you have to start to figure out a way of getting to where you need to be. This requires a sensible plan of action that can help you on your journey. The easiest way to do this is by creating a worksheet and setting smaller more manageable goals. These should be broken down into weekly, monthly or even yearly steps.

As an example say you have started your own business and would like it to be turning over 100,000 dollars a year after your first year in operation. Your business goals could be:


  • Ringing leads to sell your product
  • Producing a product or service to sell
  • Creating Digital Content to advertise your business
  • Selling 20 products at 100 dollars each


  • Attracting two big regular paying customers a month
  • Attending a trade show to show off your business to a wider audience
  • Running monthly accounts to see if you are on track
  • Getting 1000 new sign-ups to your newsletter


  • Hiring Two Extra members of Staff
  • Winning a prize for the best new business in your field
  • Checking your income is on track for the next year
  • Conducting a yearly review of what worked and what didn’t and making necessary changes.

Crush Your Goals By Showing Up

Setting a goal and then creating a plan is one thing but showing up every day to make it happen is another. Lots of us write lists of what we would like to achieve but how many of us actually tick off all the items and accomplish everything we set out to do? In order to really achieve you have to take the time to put in the work and sometimes that isn’t easy.

We often work with therapists to show them how to run and market their businesses but we are often shocked at how many of them don’t want to put in the hours to make their business a success. One potential client wanted to know when she could have her leisurely afternoon tea drinking sessions with her friends whilst she was setting up her business. We had to break it to her that running a business (unless it is a part-time hobby) takes time and commitment and no taking afternoons off to drink tea or coffee wasn’t going to make that business a success.

The easiest way to crush your goals is to put in a time plan and then put in the hours. So if your goal is to paint a five-bedroom house then you need to break the rooms down into smaller goals and estimate how long it will take for each room. Then stick to your plan of getting the house painted over a time period that is achievable.

The Power of Positive Thought

In order to achieve some goals, you need to believe in yourself. That means you need confidence, high self-esteem and positive thinking to make them happen. If this isn’t something that you have right now then you need to start working on yourself first before working on your goals.

Our self-hypnosis downloads can help as changing how you think subconsciously impacts what you can achieve. If you have self-limiting beliefs you are never going to get anything done. Why not try our self-hypnosis for positive thinking audio or our self-hypnosis for confidence to help you get into the right frame of mind to crush your goals.

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Monitoring Your Goals

If you don’t monitor your goals and where you are on the way to achieving them how will you know if you are being successful? The reality is that you need to keep on checking in to make sure that the steps you are taking are bearing fruit. How you monitor yourself will depend on the goals you have set up.

Financial goals are the easiest to monitor as you can look at the numbers. A simple spreadsheet can let you know how far along you are in your journey to success. If you have fitness goals then you need to look at what you are now able to achieve. Perhaps your intention was to run 100 metres in 16 seconds. It isn’t difficult to note down where you were at the start of your goal, say 20 seconds and where you now say around 18 seconds. By writing down where you started and where you are now you can see how far you have come and how much further you have to go.

Be Realistic

It is also important to set goals that are in some way achievable. There is no point in joining a new company and expecting a promotion within two months. You can’t expect to start a new business from scratch and turn over a massive profit in a few weeks. Your goals have to be sensible which means that you need to sense check what you are doing.

A simple way of doing this is with a little research. It isn’t difficult to look go on the internet and see how long it took other people to do what you want to do. Then you need to work out do you have the experience and skills that they had so that you can achieve things in a similar time frame. If you don’t have what it takes then you need to factor in how long it will take you to get what you need. If you already have more capability, resources and information then perhaps you can shorten the timeline.

Be Flexible

I hate to tell you that being resilient and flexible should also be part of your plan. You need to look at the possibility of things not going right as well as what could go wrong. If something was to come along and change everything then what the hell are you going to do?

You should not only have a plan A but a plan B and C as well. Circumstances change, timelines don’t go to plan, obstacles get put in our way. You need to have the flexibility to be able to adapt to changes and sometimes incredibly quickly to stay on plan. Coronavirus is a perfect example of this. Plenty of people had targets that they were hoping to meet until the lockdown changed everything. Some people and companies however just switched plans and found ways to still reach their goals by doing things differently.

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Stretch Targets

Finally, if we are talking about how to crush your goals we need to talk about taking steps to put in stretch targets. Achieving your goal is great but what about if you could take things just that little bit further?

A stretch target is one that you know is slightly harder but helps you to aim just a little higher. Let’s imagine a financial target of saving $1000 a month. You know this is achievable and involves some sacrifices. It isn’t super easy for you to do but it also isn’t outside the realms of what is possible. But what if you set yourself a stretch target of saving $1200. This requires more effort and means that you might have to miss out on some experiences or fun but gets you to your goal more quickly.

Not everyone needs to have a stretch target but sometimes it is good to set one to push yourself just that little bit further and harder.

Getting Help to Crush Your Goals

Do you need help to crush your goals? Remember that we don’t always have to work by ourselves to get where we want to be. Therapy and coaching can completely alter your mental attitude so that you think success. It can assist you in building your confidence, increasing motivation and willpower and gives you a can-do attitude. To get help in creating that winning attitude simply fill out the form below to hear more about our online coaching programs.

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