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Wearing a Crystal Necklace for Anxiety

There are multiple tools that you can use to help if you have anxiety and one of the fastest-growing solutions is anxiety jewelry. In particular, wearing a crystal necklace for anxiety and stress.

Crystals for anxiety and stress are a growing market because certain stones are associated with healing energies that help to create feelings of calm. Plus they are wonderful objects to look at so in theory you are getting a double benefit.

Whilst there may be no clinical trials that prove their effectiveness plenty of people swear that healing crystal jewelry has helped them to feel more in balance, relaxed, and in control.

There are of course hundreds of different anti-anxiety stone necklaces on the market so we thought we would pick some of our favorite gemstones. Remember a healing crystal necklace for anxiety can come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, and colors so choose one that helps your particular problem as well as suits your particular tastes.

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Healing Crystal Necklace for Anxiety

If you are looking for crystal necklaces for anxiety and stress then you should take a look at jade. Jade is a great healing stone necklace for anxiety as it is supposed to help with negative thoughts and emotions.

Anxiety can negatively impact your mental health and fill you with thoughts of dread or fear. Wearing a gemstone necklace made of jade is supposed to help protect you from any negative energy that might disrupt you. Think of it as a calming necklace for adults to wear to keep you emotionally balanced and tension-free.

It is also worth noting that jade is also associated with helping sleep which can be useful if you suffer from stress and anxiety. Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for helping to create a more harmonious mental state.

This NOVICA Jade .925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace makes great anti-anxiety jewelry.

Anxiety Stone Necklace

Another necklace that can help with anxiety and stress is clear quartz which is also known as the master healer. In other words, it can help with a myriad of problems related to your body or your mind. It is also said to increase the effectiveness of other crystals when it is around.

Clear quartz is a crystal that is often used in Reiki sessions or in other healing sessions because of the wonderful energy it gives off.

Think about using clear quartz if you want to reduce tension, feel grounded and gain a sense of inner peace. Anxiety has a way of making your mind feel hypervigilant and on edge so this is the perfect stone to counteract those feelings.

Don’t however assume that because crystals are associated with new age healing that they have to have a “hippy” look. This Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry 14k Rose Gold Plated Clear Quartz Necklace is as far from new age as you can get. This would make the perfect addition to any jewelry collection and is an amazing statement piece for you to wear.

Amber Necklace for Anxiety

Amber is a gemstone that has been closely linked with anxiety and stress reduction and particularly Baltic Amber.

Baltic Amber for anxiety jewelry is prized because it contains succinic acid which is an anti-inflammatory that has been linked to stress and pain reduction. Whilst there is no scientific proof to show that the acid enters the body thousands of people wear amber necklaces close to their body because they believe they are getting a benefit.

From a healing stone, perspective amber is also supposed to help ground you and help with anxiety, fear, and stress. This baltic amber necklace is a great example of something that you can wear that looks gorgeous as well.

Gemstone Necklace for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are another form of anxiety and can be extremely debilitating and frightening if you suffer from them.  If you are looking for the best crystal necklace for anxiety and panic attacks then sodalite should be the gemstone you choose for your jewelry.

Sodalite has long been called a peace stone as it is supposed to calm you and help you relax. Panic attacks usually occur after a period of sustained stress so it is also hugely important to find ways to keep your stress levels down if you suffer from them.

Whilst panic attacks may sometimes appear to come out of the blue in reality they are usually linked with a stressful lifestyle or underlying worries or fears. Getting to the bottom of these problems is important as it can help to calm down the negative feelings.

We suggest using our self-hypnosis for panic attacks download to assist you in calming the mind and reducing any fear. Use this in conjunction with a sodalite necklace to help you with any worries or fears so that you help yourself regain balance in your life.

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This Satya Jewelry Women’s Sodalite Gold Moon Mala Tassel Necklace is a great piece of jewelry to help preserve your energy and help your body feel grounded.

Amethyst Necklace for Anxiety

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones for creating a crystal necklace for anxiety. This is because the amethyst stone is said to help calm the nerves and relax the nervous system which is clearly perfect for anyone suffering from anxiety and stress.

This particular amethyst necklace for anxiety is a classic style to help create calmness and clarity. It could be worn daily or for special occasions such as a party or big event.

Amethyst is the birthstone related to February so it would also make the perfect jewelry gift for someone who was born in that month.

As Amethyst is one of the most important stones when it comes to helping stress and anxiety we thought it was worth mentioning some other gemstone designs. In particular this Gem Stone King Purple Amethyst and White Diamond Silver Pendant Necklace.

Amethyst crystals come in all shapes and sizes and the more traditional healing stones tend to follow a wand-style design. This Top Plaza Natural Amethyst Flower Wand and Bracket Jewelry set is a great design for wearing every day. The makers believe the Amethyst can help to clear negative energy in your body and help you feel more positive and peaceful.

Energy Crystal Necklace

All crystals and gemstones are supposed to vibrate with different energies that they give off to their surroundings which is what makes them so special. Choosing the right stone is supposed to positively help your emotions and make you feel happier which is why anxiety crystals are so useful.

There are a number of calming crystals that help with anxiety but one of our favorites is Labradorite because of its amazing shimmer and opalescent stone.

Labradorite one of the perfect gemstones to help with mental health particularly anxiety and depression. We often find that anxiety and depression go hand in hand so if you believe that you are having to deal with both conditions this may be the stone for you.

This dainty Silvershake Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Pendant is a lovely wearable design to help with negative emotions.

Rose Quartz Necklace for Anxiety

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals for jewelry on the planet. Rose Quartz stones have an attraction because of their beautiful color and the amazing positive energy they seem to give off.

Rose Quartz is traditionally associated with love but also with self-love and self-care which is hugely important when you have anxiety. As a crystal, it is great at helping calm down anxiety and stress and helping you to feel more emotionally balanced when things around you feel out of control.

This Rose Quartz Gemstone Chakra Point Necklace is a great contemporary design that is incredibly wearable. Wear this gemstone close to your body when you want to feel protected, safe and surrounded by love.

Anxiety Necklace Breathing

Even though a crystal necklace for anxiety and stress is one of the most popular forms of jewelry to help your mental health we had to mention the latest mindful breathing necklace which has appeared on the market.

The Shift by Komuso Design is a necklace that looks very much like a whistle and has been designed to help teach you how to control your breath as a way of helping to relieve anxiety.

The makers took their inspiration from Komuso monks who would blow into shakuhachi flutes to achieve a zen-like state. By using a similar technique in their design their anxiety jewelry can help to lower stress and anxious feelings.

The shift necklace helps you to train your breathing to achieve a more relaxed and calm state. With practice you can use this piece of jewelry to teach yourself to slow down your breathing and that in turn helps to lower your anxiety levels.

Necklaces for Anxiety

Finally, when we are looking at crystal necklaces for anxiety it is worth noting the crystal black obsidian. This gemstone has been traditionally used for anxiety, stress, and panic attacks because it is supposed to absorb any negative energy and protect the person wearing the necklace.

It is supposed to be a great stone to help in particular with negative situations caused by other people. If your life feels less than harmonious because of the people that are in it then this is one of the best stones to wear as jewelry.

This Ocarly Black Obsidian Drop Pendant is the perfect piece of jewelry to help relieve negative energies and change the negative to a positive.

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