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Using Crystal Singing Bowls To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

At Rewire the Mind we love working with our clients to help them find ways to reduce their stress and anxiety. We use talking therapy and hypnosis to help our clients but we also know that there are plenty of other natural solutions which can help to lower anxiety levels. One method that many people overlook is the use of crystal singing bowls to help them meditate and stop their busy minds.

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Sound Therapy to Reduce Stress

Sound therapy has long been recognised as a way of reducing stress and anxiety. On the most basic level if a slow calming tune comes on the radio it helps you to feel peaceful and relaxed. If you are listening to heavy metal music clearly you are not in the mood for winding down for sleep.

All kinds of sounds can help to relax us. Everything from natural sounds such as the birds in the trees to artists playing music or even digital sounds played by a computer. However, there is something special about crystal singing bowls in their ability not just to create sounds but also vibrations which can help us to relax.

These singing bowls have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years in places such as Tibet, Nepal and India and in recent years their use has spread across the globe.

Traditionally these singing bowls may have been made from metal but now many people are choosing to use Crystal Singing Bowls instead because of their beauty and sound quality.

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Best Crystal Singing Bowls

If you are looking to buy a crystal singing bowl then you need to consider what you actually want to use it for and what sounds you want it to make. These bowls come not only in different sizes which produce certain notes but also in different colours to help stimulate certain chakras in the body.

Knowing what notes you like and what chakras you are looking to work with will help make your decision for you. Where possible with anxiety and stress you want to find a singing bowl that resonates with a sound that makes you feel relaxed, helps to slow your breathing and gets you into a meditative zone.

When you find the correct bowl it can change your brain waves and reduce cortisol in your body. That can have an impact on reducing muscle tension and stress as well as improving your blood pressure and helping you to get to sleep more easily.

Crystal Bowl Healing

To help you make a decision on which bowls to buy we have picked our favourite crystal singing bowls to help you find the perfect one for your particular needs. Starting with this TOPFUND G Note Crystal Singing Bowl that relates to the throat chakra.

This particular bowl is made from quartz and has a translucent white colour. It is tuned to the note G. It comes with a suede striker and O-ring and the instructions on how to use it are included in the package. As crystal singing bowls can be very fragile it is good to see that this particular bowl has its own carrying case which is a suede texture to protect it if you are intending to take it out of the house.

The throat chakra or Vishuddha is related to communication, self-expression and being able to speak your truth. If your anxiety or stress is related to this then pick this particular bowl.

Quartz Singing Bowls

Another great quartz singing bowl is this one by ENERGYSOUND. This particular bowl plays a C note at 432 Hz and is sized at 10 inches. It comes with a mallet and a o-ring and is designed to stimulate the root chakra or Muladhara. The root chakra at the base of your spine relates to your sense of security and stability which makes it another great one to use if you have anxiety.

ENGERGYSOUND pride themselves on the quality of their product and their crystal is over 99.99% pure which will of course help with the sound quality. They believe that their bowls help with everything from stimulating the immune system to lowering anxiety and blood pressure as well as creating deep relaxation.


Coloured Crystal Sound Bowls 

Whilst many crystal singing bowls are white or off white in colour others come in beautiful bright colours. This Violet TOPFUND bowl comes in a B note and relates to the crown chakra or sahasrara. This chakra is at the top of your head and is the part of you that helps you to connect spiritually with others and the universe.

This brand is absolutely great at not just created beautiful crystal sound bowls but also created top-quality cases to carry them in. This bowl bag is made from textured scratch-proof suede and comes with a cowhide suede striker.

By the way, if you are looking at sound therapy as a means of helping your stress or anxiety TOPFUND also sell crystal singing pyramids and quartz tuning forks as well.

Himalayan Singing Bowls For The Professional

The average user is likely to buy one bowl to use at home however if you love the sounds they create and want to take things further then why not buy a full set. Certainly, professionals such as Yoga or Meditation teachers are more likely to invest in a full set to use in their lessons. This means that they have bowls that will cover their client’s needs depending on their situations.

A multitude of crystal singing bowls can also help to create a sound bath. This is where a number of crystal singing bowls are used at the same time to create waves and vibrations of sounds. You can do this yourself or take a class where sound practitioners use the bowls to relax you.

This particular set of frosted singing bowls by CVNC has seven pieces and each one relates to a different chakra and note. There are two carry cases in case you need to transport the bowls plus one suede and one rubber mallet.

Reducing Stress with Sound & Guided Meditation

Finally, it is worth noting that crystal singing bowls don’t have to be used on their own. Some people will sing whilst using them or play other instruments as an example. You can also use a guided meditation for relaxation at the same time to really get you into a calm zone. Just put on our relaxation and stress reduction download whilst using your bowl and allow your mind to go calm and still so that your stresses seem miles away.

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