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The Best Crystals for Child Anxiety and Positive Healing

Crystals are an incredibly popular tool that many people use to help with everything from anxiety to confidence. The energy from healing crystals is supposed to help bring balance and harmony into your life depending on the gemstone that is chosen. Whilst traditionally adults have benefitted from their beauty and healing energy they can also be used with children. This is why we thought we would create a guide to discuss the best crystals for child anxiety and well-being.

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Best Crystals for Kids

Choosing the best crystals for child anxiety and well-being works slightly differently than for an adult. Certainly, you need to choose the right stones to suit the problem your child may be experiencing but you also have to think about the safety of the product as well.

Small stones should certainly never be given to a young child because they may be a choking hazard. There are always ways that you can help your child with healing crystals but you need to buy suitable products to make sure that your child isn’t in danger. Some crystals for example are made into jewelry for children which has been safety tested.

So what stones are suitable to help children? Well here are some of our favourites.

crystals for child anxiety

Healing Crystals for Children

The best crystal for healing a physical or a psychological problem is without a doubt clear quartz. Clear quartz is known as the master healer and a stone that helps to balance energy and assist with physical and emotional health.

Some people claim that clear quartz is a great stone for helping to boost the immune system and therefore perfect for healing a child who may be unwell.

To utilise this healing crystal energy to help children then think about the age of the child and the type of crystal you may use. Certainly, clear quartz could be placed either under a cot or even in the bed for an older child.

Did you know that crystals have been made into the shapes of animals? Placing a cute crystal animal for healing in a child’s bedroom is a cute idea that you can use.

healing crystals for children - crystal elephant

Crystals for Child Anxiety & Good Mental Health

Without a doubt when it comes to anxiety the number one healing crystal that can help is amethyst. When you choose an amethyst crystal you are picking the perfect stone to help with calming any unhelpful emotions such as fear or worry.

Amethyst crystals are great at helping to reduce or diffuse negative energies and replacing them with feelings of peace and calm. Amethyst is also well known as being a great stone that can help with problems relating to sleep. The gemstone can help to calm an overactive mind allowing it to switch off at bedtime.

For older girls, this natural amethyst gemstone bracelet would be perfect for them to wear during the day. For older boys placing a tumbled amethyst stone in their pocket or school bag would be a great way to protect them whilst they are away from the home.

Carnelian meanwhile is a great crystal to help with confidence and self-esteem. Most people are unaware that a lack of confidence or self-esteem is usually related to underlying anxieties. Confidence is a worry or fear about doing something in case of failure, embarrassment or judgement. When your child has confidence and believes in themselves it is easier for them to do new tasks and build relationships with others.

Carnelian crystals and stones can help to boost confidence and self-esteem and build positive energy which helps to remove the fear. Carnelian worry or thumb stones are great for placing in the pocket of a child so that they can touch it when they are in situations at school that might give them negative feelings.

Crystals for Babies

When it comes to using crystals for babies who are stressed or anxious then as well as using amethyst you could try other stones such as amber. Traditionally amber has been used in products such as teething necklaces to help a child who may be crying to not sleeping. However, as these amber teething products could cause a choking hazard they should be used with caution.

A better alternative for children is this new Amber Teething Toy in the shape of a giraffe. This is a brilliant invention that is made from natural amber and natural rubber which has been moulded into the giraffe shape. Your baby or toddler will simply hold it and place it in their mouth as and when they need it. This is a great product for calming a child and dealing with that unsettling teething period.

Crystal Bracelets for Children With Anxiety or Stress

Healing crystal bracelets for children are actually a great way to help with negative emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, worry or anger. All children are likely to feel these fears as they are growing up so it is good to find positive ways to make these moments slightly easier for them.

Crystal bracelets are a great solution because they are easily worn and will come in a range of different stones so you can the most appropriate product to help.

The best crystal bracelets you can choose could include black tourmaline for negative energy and protection and citrine for happiness. Black tourmaline in particular is great at helping reduce negative energy in the body. Black tourmaline is also great for helping children to have a more positive attitude.

Citrine meanwhile is a stone of happiness and joy. When you use citrine crystals or stones you are helping your child develop a positive mental attitude.

Balancing a child’s emotions will of course depend on what is happening in their life but both of the crystals above are great all-rounders. If you are unsure what the best crystals are to buy for your child then purchasing a pack of twenty gemstone bracelets might be a better solution as that way you have a crystal for every eventuality. This particular pack is relatively inexpensive so getting the right healing crystal won’t cost the earth.

Alternatively, crystal chakra bracelets can also help as they have a mixture of stones. This chakra bracelet for kids also has lava stones in the design. This means that aromatherapy oils for anxiety reduction and calming can be used with the chakra stones to increase the impact of wearing the product.

Gemstones for Kids to Help With Anger 

Another negative emotion that kids can sometimes feel is anger. Children can have problems at times processing bit emotions and when that happens offering them love and support to calm down and focus on more positive feelings becomes important. Crystals can help to soothe this mental distress.

Anger certainly brings up negative energies such as stress, emotional upset and even jealousy. This is why rose quartz is the perfect healing crystal for anger because it is a brilliant stone at changing those negative energies into love and light.

Rose quartz is probably one of the most popular crystals on the planet and there are plenty of products that you can use with children when they are feeling this negative emotional state.

A rose quartz heart can be placed in a child’s bedroom or by their bed to help create a calming impact. We also love this rose quartz crystal lamp which is perfect for the bedside to balance those negative thoughts and feelings.

If the pink of the rose quartz feels too feminine for your child don’t worry because there are other alternatives. This Tumbled Crystal Healing Set consists of four stones which have all been collated to help with anger. This particular set has a pouch containing amethyst, aventurine, chalcedony and howlite within it. This particular mixture of stones has been specially created specifically to calm anger and rage.

The Best Crystals To Help Children Sleep

When you have an anxious child you can bet that their sleep is also likely to suffer. Anxiety brings up strong emotions and that can lead to stress at bedtime.

Trying to calm children so that they get a good nights sleep is important because if they wake up the next day feeling tired and that just feeds into more negative feelings and can make anxiety even worse.

Whilst some of the stones we have already talked about can help kids get a better nights sleep the best crystals for child anxiety should also include lepidolite and sodalite.

Lepidolite is a brilliant stone for helping to create a feeling of protection and security as well as helping to calm the mind. This stone is particularly useful for children who may worry about sleeping on their own at night or being in the dark. This lepidolite star and moon crystal set is a really cute product to place beside a child’s bed to help them with their sleep.

Sodalite is also one of the best crystals for bedtime anxiety because it has properties that help to calm the mind. This blue stone helps to create emotional balance, dissolve fear as well as helping to create a state of tranquillity. This sodalite gemstone pyramid is perfect to place in a bedroom to help with sleep and also makes a great decorative item on a bookshelf.

Books About Crystals for Kids

The great thing about using crystal healing with your children is that you can also use it as a form of education as well. There are plenty of books available that teach kids all about the power of using healing crystals to help with emotions.

Hi. I’m Crystal.: An Introduction to Crystals for Children is a great book by Abbey Acevedo and Paz Ulloa which follows the adventures of the Crystal and her five friends.

Each of her friends is named after a particular crystal and the book shows how each of these characters can offer emotional support. The book also includes some affirmations that can be used to help those problems as well. This is the perfect book to help with anxiety and childhood worries in young children.

As well as using books to discuss crystal healing and the power of gemstones there are also some great children’s crystal sets available to buy.

This National Geographic Fossil and Gemstone Dig Kit is great for children who love to explore. This kit consists of a block that your child can excavate in order to mine their own crystals. Whilst you are digging for treasure use it as a great opportunity to help your child learn more about crystals and how they can help with anxiety.

Therapy for Kids With Anxiety

The best crystals for child anxiety are a useful tool to help with unhelpful emotions but it is important to note that crystals should never be a replacement for therapy. Emotional and mental health issues in children are common but sometimes you need to call in professionals. Children’s therapy is very common and helps children when their innermost emotions cause distressing feelings such as anxiety.

A good child therapist will work with you and your child to find ways in therapy to overcome emotional problems and to help restore feelings of calm and relaxation. There is never any need for a child to suffer just pick up the phone and ask for therapy help.

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