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Does Hypnosis for Public Speaking Work?

Public speaking fears and phobias are incredibly common with up to 73% of the population having this worry. That is a huge number of people who worry about speaking in front of others. Whilst many of these people may have a genuine fear or a phobia linked to an anxiety disorder many may simply a little worried as they are not used to running presentations or conducting a speech. So in order to answer the question about public speaking hypnosis we need to look at the differences between people needing a little bit of confidence and practice versus dealing with a major fear or phobia.

Hypnosis for Public Speaking Confidence

Let’s look at the people with milder worries about public speaking. This sector of the population is simply out of practice or hasn’t got much experience speaking in front of others. In these cases, hypnosis can be used to help them to boost their public speaking confidence through positive suggestion and visualisation.

Hypnotherapy for public speaking in these cases is a fantastic tool to help people to relax so they reduce their nerves and look calm and collected. It can also be used to get a client mentally rehearsing speaking in public whilst in hypnosis. Mental rehearsal and visualisation allow people to imagine themselves in situations whilst under the safety of hypnosis.

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A client can be guided through a series of exercises under hypnosis imagining themselves in different scenarios delivering their speeches. During sessions, a qualified hypnotherapist can help the client to imagine speaking in front of a crowd. Delivering their speech or presentation looking calm and composed. Answering questions from the audience clearly and easily. The sessions can teach what to do when there is a stumble over a word so that you remain in charge and in control.

If a client combines their sessions with good preparation for their speech they may have some nerves on the day but they will be far more controllable and less likely to derail the talk.

Overcoming Glossophobia

Now let’s look at a more complex situation that involves glossophobia or a fear of public speaking. This is a far more deep-rooted issue causing significantly more anxiety and panic. A public speaking phobia may involve more complex hypnosis for public speaking to attack the triggers for the problem and to address the root causes.

Fears and phobias such as public speaking phobia are not something that we are born with. They are learned behaviours and are generally linked to incidents we have experienced in childhood that will have upset or embarrassed us. We find that many issues with public speaking start in particular at school. Here are just some examples of how they can start.

You have been picked for the school nativity play at the age of 5 and have been given the part of one of the shepherds. You are up on stage on the day of the performance and you go to sit on a painted hay bail that is sat on the stage. You don’t realise that the prop isn’t solid and the whole thing collapses leaving you in a heap on the stage. The humiliation and embarrassment as everyone laughs are too much and you run off crying (this is a real client story). This starts a fear of you ever appearing in front of others again.

Alternatively, you are in the classroom and have been asked to read out loud in front of your new class at school. The teacher is unaware that you are dyslexic and you start to panic as you struggle to read the text. The teacher thinks you are showing off in front of the class and sentences you to detention and tells you to sit down. The fear of public speaking, in this case, has started as you are afraid of ever getting things wrong again.

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Hypnosis for Public Speaking Anxiety

When we deal with a fear or a phobia relaxation and visualisation techniques can still help but usually, the therapist needs to do a little more to resolve the fear. Regression therapy can help as this assists the person with the fear to remember the incident that started the problem in the first place. Remembering what started the fear is empowering and allows therapy to be aimed at the exact problem rather than second-guessing. When you rationalise the problem from an adult perspective it can usually change the way you think about it allowing the fear to dissolve.

Regression therapy can also assist by helping you to understand if the fear is linked to a wider anxiety issue. One of our clients had a fear of conducting a demonstration of her yoga moves in front of her colleagues. In this case, the problem was linked not to something that had happened to her but to her mother. As a child, she would witness her father belittle her mother in front of others. The fear stemmed from feeling the same feelings when she felt exposed in front of others. Understanding that her fear was actually a worry about her father who no longer could hurt her or her mother stopped the fear in its tracks.

Hypnosis for public speaking is not always straightforward as you can see. Getting to the heart of the problem, therefore, is so important because without addressing this underlying issue the fear would remain.

Can Hypnosis Cure Stage Fright?

In the same way, a public speaking fear can be cured so can stage fright. Again discovering why a person has stage fright is important because that can help to change the way you think. Do they have stage fright because it is their first performance and they have never appeared in front of an audience before or is the fear something larger?

The same techniques can be used to resolve the problem. A hypnotherapist can help to calm the anxiety causing the problem and help the actor to feel calmer when they are on the stage. If there is still a big fear after that work has been done then discovering the reason for the larger anxiety or fear needs to carried out.

I should add that with any form of public speaking or performance an element of worrying about perfection can also be at play. If you put so much pressure on yourself that you believe the slightest mistake will ruin things then you are going to create anxiety. In reality, we all make mistakes it is how we deal with them that matters. Laughing the mistake off or simply moving on means that most people watching are not going to make much or a comment. In fact, it often lends interest to the proceedings.

Self-Hypnosis Public Speaking

If you want to try some self-help methods to try and resolve fears around public speaking then you could try self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis for public speaking can be used at home to help teach you relaxation and to get you mentally rehearsing delivering your speech or presentation.

We have the best selling Self-Hypnosis for Public Speaking audio download program which can help. This program consists of five downloads each dealing with one are of public speaking fears. They include:

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Guided meditations for public speaking are a great way of helping to quieten your subconscious fears so that you are calmer and more composed when speaking in front of others. Our hypnosis for public speaking self-hypnosis program can be purchased in our online store.

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Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Sometimes it can seem difficult or overwhelming to tackle a problem completely by ourselves. This is why hypnosis for public speaking therapy can make a difference. These sessions are conducted on a one to one basis with a therapist and help to address the way that you think whilst boosting your confidence. We currently run a four-session program to help with public speaking fears. To arrange sessions to help overcome your fears and worries than simply contact us using the form below to arrange your program. These are usually conducted as online therapy using a system such as Skype, Facetime or Facebook video messenger. Online therapy for public speaking is just as effective as face to face sessions.

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