does hypnosis work for weight loss

Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Are you currently looking to lose weight? Are you asking yourself does hypnosis work for weight loss? Well, you are not alone. There are hundreds or thousands of people out there looking for weight loss solutions and weight loss hypnotherapy is something that gets looked for every day.

People love to view hypnosis from the perspective that they have seen on TV. Is there a Svengali who is going to click their fingers, put you into a trance and change your eating patterns overnight? Well, sadly not even lots of people are looking for a quick fix. In fact, weight loss hypnotherapy is far more complex than most people think.

Hypnosis Weight Loss YouTube

I can tell you for starters that your solution is not going to be found by simply watching a video on YouTube. Think about it. Do you seriously think that a lifetime of problems can be resolved by something that has been put up on a video sharing site?

Has the person in the video spent time talking to you to understand your particular problems? Have they vetted you to check that you don’t have an eating disorder? Have they planned a program of sessions with you to address the way you think and behave? Well of course not but wishful thinking plays a part in expectations.

Would it shock you to find that many of the people posting these videos are not really qualified in any meaningful way? I was hearing a story from a colleague only yesterday about a person they knew who had set themselves up as an anxiety guru and who had no real experience. This person was charging over a £1000 for their program. Finding a good therapist is harder than you think!

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Free Weight Loss Hypnosis

If you have been looking for free weight loss hypnosis then the same principles apply. Why on earth would someone give you something of real value for nothing unless they were a friend or a family member? Could you imagine walking into a shop and asking for free clothing or TV’s? Of course not because when you think about it logically anyone who is any good at helping people create amazing life-changing results is not going to be free or cheap.

This is why those Groupon deals are also a very bad idea. The only therapists I know who advertise on these are people with no experience and no clients. The therapist earns nothing from these deals and the clients get a poor experience.

So now you are asking does hypnosis work for weight loss at all? Well yes, it does but here is what you need to know.

How Hypnotherapy Works for Weight Loss

How does hypnosis work for weight loss? Well here are a number of ways that a skilled therapist can help you to lose pounds.

Detailed Questioning and Assessments

Weight loss is not all about cutting calories. If that was the case dieting would have a much great success rate. In fact, you don’t need to just look at the food people are eating but you also need to look at their lifestyle and emotional problems.

In the assessment stage with our clients, we look at everything from stress and anxiety to past traumas, work patterns and even their sleep. A holistic view is incredibly important because if one thing in your life isn’t working it can create problems in others.

To give you an example if you are having problems with your sleep you are more likely to be tired and irritable the following day. When you are tired you reach for food to make yourself feel better. In particular, you are more likely to reach for sugary foods to give you energy. Those foods make you feel better for a short time then you have an energy slump and the whole cycle starts all over again. So there is a simple link between poor sleep and your weight.

Emotional Eating Problems

Emotional or comfort eating is a pattern of behaviour that is created to make yourself feel better because of food. A trained therapist can help you to identify what the emotions are that are creating a problem and give you better coping strategies for creating positive change or alternative behaviours.

These negative emotions can vary from the simplistic to the complex and are sometimes not easy to identify with conventional therapy. Weight loss hypnosis allows a person to enter into a more focused state of mind so these subconscious thought patterns can be identified and addressed.

This type of analytical hypnotherapy really needs a highly skilled therapist who is specialised in seeking out underlying thought patterns.

Motivation and Positive Visualisation

A weight loss hypnotherapist also needs to help build their clients motivation to create change. This is trickier than it sounds because sometimes a person has subconscious blockers to success. So what do I mean by this?

One of our clients came to see us for weight loss hypnosis because she wanted to have a baby through IVF. The only problem was that the IVF couldn’t take place until she has lost a certain amount of weight. My client had tried everything on her own but was getting nowhere so she booked in for hypnosis.

During our weight loss sessions, we discovered that even though she was telling herself that she wanted a child she had real doubts. She was worried about the impact it would have on her life and her relationship with her husband. The subconscious, therefore, comes up with a great solution, it keeps her eating! When she is overweight she can’t have the IVF and her life can’t change. This kept her in her safety zone.

Finding out subconscious blockers to success and overcoming them than make a huge difference. In this case, a simple thought process was changed. You can lose weight and postpone any thoughts of treatment. There is no need to stay fat to avoid pregnancy, just admit you are not sure!

Only when you have found the subconscious blocker can you then help the client to visualise success but in a new way. Feeling happy that she was postponing her decision until it was right for her. Eating less and feeling healthier because it made her feel better not because it was for another agenda. This is how hypnosis can overcome unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with new positive strategies for success.

Mindful Eating Coaching

With weight loss hypnotherapy one of our primary objectives is to help our clients lose weight naturally without it feeling forced as if you are on a deprivation diet. One of the ways in which we do this is by helping out clients learn about mindful eating.

Paying attention to not only the food that you are eating but also your hunger and fullness levels can make a big difference in how you eat. When you concentrate on how your stomach is feeling and whether you are physically or emotionally hungry you suddenly don’t eat food in the same way as before.

Yes, mindful eating does require some effort but it is mostly a time investment, unlike a diet which has a huge restrictive element. 

If you want to eat more mindfully you can download our Mindful eating Printables to help you to pay attention to what you are consuming. They have a daily food diary, sheets to write down your grocery shopping, meal planner worksheets and much more.

Mindful Eating Worksheets

Get The PDF

Subconscious Suggestions

Subconscious suggestions can also help many people to change the way they think. If I suggest to a person who has a willingness to eat healthier that they are going to choose to eat more fruit and vegetables rather than chocolate they have a higher likelihood of creating that change. This is because repeated suggestions unpick unhelpful thinking patterns and replace them with better alternatives.

The suggestions do however have to be aimed in the right way. If suggestions are given and the mind is using the weight as a safety mechanism or an avoidance tactic that problem needs to be addressed first otherwise you will get nowhere. The subconscious will keep on doing what is has been doing previously unless it thinks there is a better alternative.

Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Self-hypnosis for weight loss is the easiest way to see whether subconscious suggestions are helpful for you. As self-hypnosis programs are relatively budget-friendly they can be used without breaking the bank as a starting point. If there are still blockers to your success then you need to take things further by arranging to see a weight loss therapist.

Our self-hypnosis for weight loss program contains four audio downloads to help with:

  • Emotional Eating
  • Portion Control
  • Cravings
  • Weight Loss Mindset

You can download the hypnosis download and give it a try for yourself. Many of my clients have found it incredibly helpful.

ultimate weight loss self hypnosis program

Hypnotic Weight Loss Programs

If you would like to take things further then you can contact us for more details of our hypnotic weight loss program. This online weight loss program takes place online and consists of five sessions spread one to two weeks apart.

So does hypnosis work for weight loss? Yes, but it is not a miracle cure it still requires the person attending the sessions to show up and have some motivation to change. If you believe that you are ready to create some new healthier lifestyle choices then just fill out the form below to discuss my program.

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