Does therapy help with confidence?

Does Therapy Help With Confidence?

Does therapy help with confidence? The answer is of course otherwise I wouldn’t be in business. Helping people to overcome obstacles to their success by building their confidence is one of the most important things that therapists can do. When my clients believe in themselves they can be unstoppable but when there have doubt and fear there have put up artificial barriers preventing them from reaching their goals.

Confidence is a wonderful thing when you have it. You can ask for a pay rise, talk to the person you fancy in a bar and take more calculated risks in your life. When you believe you can do something you are halfway there to making it happen.

A lack of confidence is the complete opposite. You question everything you do and why you are doing it. You worry that if you fail you will look stupid. You don’t bother trying in the first place in case it doesn’t work out and that leaves you feeling stuck and frustrated.

Confidence and Mental Health

The first thing that I get my clients to do when they ask does therapy help with confidence is actually telling them that confidence is not their problem. In fact, the real issue is anxiety. Most of my clients have not associated anxiety as being part of their issue. Instead, I hear them use the words shy or reserved rather than I was too scared to do whatever it is that is causing their problem.

Think about it if you don’t want to talk in front of others it isn’t all about confidence. It is a fear that you might say something wrong or stumble on your words and look stupid. This could be because of social anxiety or some other form of anxiety issue.

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Equally, if you are worried about applying for a new job it is likely to be because of fear. What if you mess up the interview? What if you don’t even get an interview in the first place because you simply are not good enough?

When you break down the first part of confidence it is all about overcoming anxieties. When the anxiety is resolved the worries and fears that held you back are eradicated and you are free to do what you like. This is the confidence that you always had before something or someone created a problem for you.

As part of this process, we may also need to overcome depression as well because this goes hand in hand with some anxieties. Remember if you have been feeling that you are not good enough or that you will never achieve what you want it is going to take a toll on your mental health.

Confidence therapy is all about overcoming the underlying thought processes that started the worry, fear and anxiety. When you understand why you have the problem and look at what happened from a new perspective you can create change.

Self-Confidence Therapy

So how does self-confidence therapy work? Well as a therapist my first job is to see exactly what my clients minds are preventing them from doing. As with any form of anxiety issue there are degrees of problems. Some of my clients may only need some minor help for example to overcome a problem with a driving test or speech. Others have a lifetime of worries and fears that are keeping them trapped. Here are just some of the things that confidence therapy can help with:

Does therapy help with confidence? Yes, providing you can identify what the real issue is that is causing the problem. It is often not exactly what the client is telling you. this isn’t because the client is lying but because they don’t understand that anxieties can spread into your life without you even realising what the issue is.

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Reasons for Problems with Confidence

So let’s look at a really basic confidence issue that I see regularly anxiety about driving. A client lacks confidence in the car and has started to get panic attacks when they try and drive. This appears to have come up out of the blue and they need help to overcome it.

Simple questioning and assessment help me to understand that there is more to the story. In fact, my client is having a hard time at work. Their boss is demanding and picky and my client has started to fear what will happen if they mess up. The fear of driving has been developed as a way of stopping them from going into the office and facing the manager.

Or how about a client who is lacking confidence in relationships. A story I hear regularly is about women who are with boyfriends who undermine them, are critical or who barely socialise with them. Why would a woman put up with someone like this? Why do they not have the confidence to leave?

Therapy then uncovers that they have an underlying feeling that they are not good enough which they have had since childhood. This keeps them with the unsuitable partner because a part of them tells them who else would love them. This thought pattern was caused because they had a critical parent. The parent was in fact the person who was in the wrong.

By uncovering the real problem it now becomes so much easier for therapy to be directed at the underlying issues. Tackle the unhelpful thought patterns and make the client think differently and the worries and fears start to disappear. My client with the horrible boss realises she doesn’t want to work for a manager who has poor people skills and finds a better-paid job in a company where they are appreciated. My client with the bad boyfriend kicks him out and starts to rebuild their self-esteem. Eventually, they find someone who treats them wonderfully and they realise that it was never necessary to settle for someone who was no good.

Therapy and Self-Esteem

Therapy can help you look at your life in a completely different way. It can help you to reassess old thought patterns and create new ones. Here are just some of the areas that can be changed with confidence therapy:

Skillset – Confidence therapy can help you to overcome mental barriers so that you try new things. As you become more skilled in whatever you try you improve your performance and confidence.

Career Coaching – Millions of people have no plan at all for their careers. They stumble into a job and stay there with no plan as to what could happen next. Career coaching helps you to create strategies for success so that you can earn more money and take on more responsibilities.

Social Life & Relationships – When you overcome confidence issues it becomes easier to make new friends and to build relationships.

Communication – My clients who lack confidence have difficulty communicating. Resolve the problem and they find it easier to speak up and have an opinion. They find it easier to stand up and talk in front of others. Instead of being the silent person in the back of the room, they can stand out in the best possible way.

Positive Thinking – A lack of confidence can severely impact your mental health and outlook on life. Remove the unhelpful thought patterns and it can make a huge difference to your entire mood.

Self Hypnosis for Confidence

Self-hypnosis for confidence can also play a part in changing subconscious thought patterns. All my clients received a guided meditation for confidence as part of their program. When listened to regularly the repeated positive suggestions can change the way the subconscious mind thinks.

If you want to try using self-hypnosis as part of your confidence building self-help routine then you can simply head on over to my online store to buy your copy.

Online Confidence Therapy Program

Does therapy help with confidence? Yes, and I have worked with thousands of people over the years to help change the way they think. My work on confidence has also featured in some of the leading media publications. If you would like to join a confidence coaching program just contact me at the form below to arrange your online sessions. These can take place via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Facebook video messenger worldwide.

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