essential oils for emotional trauma

Essential Oils for Emotional Trauma

Whilst we are experts in using therapy to help our clients overcome traumas, anxiety, or depression we know that from a holistic viewpoint that there are other ways our clients can help to heal their mind and body. Essential oils for emotional trauma for example can be used to help calm the nervous system, reduce stress and alleviate symptoms.

Clearly essential oils are not going to be able to resolve a complex trauma on their own but they can assist with reducing symptoms and negative emotions making it easier for problems to be resolved. They are a great tool for helping to calm the nervous system just as self-hypnosis, weighted blankets, or even mindfulness can.

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Healing Trauma With Essential Oils

There are a number of studies that show certain essential oils can make a difference to our physiological states. A study on lavender and the nervous system concluded that inhaled lavender can act via the limbic system to help. Part of the impact is due to the inhalation of the lavender and some of the positive results are due to the linalool and linalyl acetate being absorbed through the skin after massage.

Lavender is well known to relieve anxiety, help improve sleep as well as help with stress release. In fact, the authors of the study conclude that sufficient evidence exists to recommend lavender for “the short term treatment of some neurological disorders”.

Just as lavender essential oil can help with emotional trauma so can many other oils that act in a similar way. The key is finding the right oil to help with your particular situation and then using it as an addition to any conventional psychological treatments to help your problems.

Best Essential Oils for Emotional Trauma

In order to help we have grouped the best essential oils for emotional trauma into specific problems. That way it becomes easier to see what emotional problems and symptoms can be addressed by particular types of essential oils.

Remember that sometimes a blend of oils gets better results than using one specific one. This list hopefully highlights the best essential oils that help uncomfortable or upsetting feelings and can help you on the road back to good physical and mental health.

Essential Oils for Anxiety Attacks

Let’s start by stating that the one oil that is useful in just about every situation where there is emotional trauma is Lavender oil which we have already mentioned. Lavender oil can be thought of as a universal oil to promote calming, stress reduction, and good mental health.

Lavender Oil

If you are looking for help to calm the nervous system, reduce fear, or help insomnia then lavender oil is a great oil to use. Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil is a great therapeutic grade that you can use to add to massage oil or to a diffuser. The makers have even given you a list of oils that blend well with the lavender including Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood, and Clary Sage.

Using essential oils for anxiety can mean that you need products that will relieve everything from sleep problems to panic attacks. Anxiety creates a huge range of feelings as well as physical symptoms and emotions which need to be relieved or let go of. Any oil you choose needs to help remove feelings of fight or flight and help the body and the brain to relax and stop being hypervigilant. This is why our next oil is a great treatment to use.


Ylang-Ylang has an anti-depressant almost sedating effect. It helps to calm the nervous system and lift your mood. In the case of Gya Labs Ylang-Ylang oil, they believe that their product actually washes away negative thoughts and helps to balance emotions.

It is worth noting that as well as being great for anxiety problems it is also useful for using to hydrate dry skin and hair. Getting a dual-use out of a product is always helpful.


Frankincense is another great oil for helping to ground you if you are experiencing anxiety. Frankincense oil is known for being able to stimulate the limbic system which is the part of our brain that governs our emotions and behaviors. By inhaling the scent and smelling the aroma the body responds by feeling calmer and more peaceful.

It is also said that this oil when breathed encourages deeper breathing which helps to slow down the negative physical symptoms associated with anxiety fight or flight.

Try Majestic Pure Frankincense Essential Oil to help you emotionally and physically.


The last of our essential oils for anxiety is Bergamot. This is an oil that helps to balance your emotions and reduces cortisol in the body. It is also known as an oil that can help with pain relief (headaches) and assist with depression.

Healing Solutions Bergamot Essential Oil is one of the most popular on the market with thousands of positive reviews. Just note that you must never apply this oil directly to your skin without using a carrier oil such as almond oil. This is because it can cause sensitivity to the sun, skin irritation, and even allergic reactions.

Essential Oils PTSD

When it comes to dealing with post-traumatic stress with the use of essential oil it is worth noting that this is another form of anxiety. This means that all of the essential oils that we have mentioned above will be helpful in changing negative emotions related to PTSD. There are however a number of additional oils that are worth mentioning.

Chamomile and PTSD

Studies have shown that chamomile has a wide range of positive benefits including helping to soothe the mind and reduce feelings of anger.

Traditionally however most people associate chamomile with its use as a treatment for insomnia. Typically it was used in tea blends or as an aromatherapy oil to help create a sedative effect.

The need to calm down the nervous system in the body when someone has PTSD is important. This is why this particular oil is a great one to support anyone who is looking for feelings of peace and needs stress reduction.

Artizen Roman Chamomile Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is a great brand to help with healing these strong emotions.

Orange Oil and PTSD

Orange Oil may be helpful in alleviating PTSD based on studies conducted on mice. Whilst it might be a stretch to suggest that this same effect would be seen with humans there is clearly a need for more studies to see if this particular oil can support people with this mental health condition.

Experts in the use of essential oils tend to believe that orange oil is beneficial when it comes to helping support good mental health. Typically it would be used in aromatherapy for helping with stress, anxiety, and depression which can be closely linked.

Cliganic Organic Orange Essential Oil is a great brand to use if you want to start healing the past and lowering feelings of panic or tension.


Essential Oil Blends for Grief

When talking about essential oils for emotional trauma we felt we had to include grief as although it is a part of life it can create big emotions. However, whether you are using therapy or another alternative product it is important for the grieving process to take place and this helps to release feelings in a natural way. Instead, think of therapy or essential oils as a support mechanism to help release or let go of unhelpful feelings.

Rose Oil for Griefe

Rose oil is a great essential oil to help with this process as it is traditionally used to help let go of emotions such as anger, denial, or guilt. By letting go you are alleviating unhelpful feelings, negative energy, and unhelpful emotions such as anger which often appear when people experience grief.

Use rose oil to help alleviate depression, reduce stress and assist with the healing process in a natural way. Rose Otto Oil is a great product to start with and can help soothe the mind and give you comfort.

Vetiver Oil for Grief

When you are using essential oils for grief it is useful to add to your blends a product that can help to stabilize the person who needs support. Vetiver oil is just a great oil for doing this as it helps to anchor and ground someone who may be feeling out of control emotionally or in their life.

Artizan Vetiver Essential Oil can help with this process and assist with relaxation and relieving inner tension.

Essential Oils for Heartbreak

When there is a need to heal heartbreak then a number of the oils that we have already spoken about can all help including Bergamot which can be used to help self-love. There are however two other oils that are worth mentioning when it comes to getting over someone or experiencing a loss.

Eucalyptus Oil for Heartbreak

Eucalyptus oil is a brilliant oil for helping to release negative energy and letting go of emotions (and people). It can also help to clear your head so that you think more clearly and start to let go of the past.

Use some Therapeutic Grade Eucalyptus Oil in a diffuser or in a carrier oil to help to feel more at peace.

Lemon Oil for Heartbreak

You can also think about using lemon balm oil to help to boost your spirits and general mood. This essential oil is also good for reducing stress which you are inevitably going to feel if you have experienced heartbreak.

Other Essential Oils for Releasing Trauma

If you are interested in how to use essential oils for emotional problems then it is worth noting that there are a couple more that we haven’t talked about which should get a mention.

Sandalwood Oil for Trauma

Firstly Sandalwood is a great essential oil for calming the mind and helping to create inner relaxation. Sandalwood essential oil is also known for helping to improve focus and clarity which is why it is often used in meditation rituals. It can also help to calm down the nervous system which is important when someone has experienced a trauma.

Once again Gya Labs Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the most popular on the market. Their product helps to soothe irritated skin as well which is another great benefit of buying oil with a dual purpose.

Clary Sage for Trauma Release

Finally, there is Clary Sage Essential Oil which helps to reduce stress and help to lower blood pressure. It is often used to help improve sleep which is important as well.

What really makes this oil stand out however from many of the other oils is that it helps to create a detachment from emotionally problematic situations allowing a person to get perspective. This is particularly useful when someone needs to take a step back from what has been happening.

Essential oils for emotional trauma are a great tool to use as a complementary therapy. They can play a large part in your wellness and self-care routines and can assist when things become problematic. Use them to support you whilst undergoing traditional therapy so that you can make a bigger difference.

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