Fear of coronavirus vaccinations and injections

Fear of Coronavirus Vaccinations

Just about everyone on the planet will have heard the news about the breakthroughs that scientists are currently making with getting a Coronavirus vaccination ready for public use. A worldwide vaccination program is about to start imminently across the world hopefully allowing normality to return to our lives. However, not everyone is rejoicing particularly those who have a fear of Coronavirus vaccinations.

Fear of Coronavirus Injections & Trypanophobia

If you were not aware around 20% of people fear needles and 10% suffering from the more extreme form of needle phobia which is known as Trypanophobia. This is a large percentage of people especially when you are considering mass vaccination across the world.

People with Trypanophobia will do anything they can to avoid medical procedures involving injections and vaccinations. This can cause problems especially when they need medical treatment which may save their lives.

Clearly having a strong takeup of the Coronavirus vaccine is vital to getting the world back to some normality so the thought that a considerable percentage of people might refuse to have the injection because of the fear is worrying.

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Coronavirus Vaccine Phobia

So why do people have a fear of Coronavirus vaccinations or indeed any other form of injections? Well usually because the person with the fear is experiencing one of the following:

Firstly they may have experienced a trauma revolving around needles or injections in the past. From that moment on a part of their mind will give them the anxiety to warn them to stop doing anything similar again. This phobic response can create anything from fear and worry to full-blown panic attacks.

When a person is in a state of heightened anxiety it can also increase our perception of pain levels. This makes them hypersensitive and hypervigilant when it comes to having an injection. In other words, they will believe that the pain associated with an injection is considerably higher than the average person.

Finally, some people experience a vasovagal response when faced with a needle and will faint when they see one or someone tries to administer an injection. The fainting response is usually a genetically inherited issue.

How to Overcome a Fear of Needles and Injections

We specialise in helping our clients overcome fears, phobias and anxiety-related issues. Our experience allows us to use a number of standard protocols to help people overcome their fears and have the vaccinations they need.

A fear of Coronavirus vaccinations is definitely a problem that we can help with providing people with the fear seek our help. We believe that it is hugely important that people do not avoid this injection because of fear. This vaccination will save countless lives so it is imperative that if you have a worry or feel that you want to avoid the injection you seek help to resolve the problem.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you to reduce your fears and worries:

  1. Teaching relaxation and stress reduction exercises.
  2. Teaching the applied tension technique.
  3. Using the CBT based fear ladder to lessen your fears.
  4. Discovering the root cause of your problem and aiming therapy at it.
  5. Using hypnosis for a fear of needs and injections including self-hypnosis.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction and Fear of Injections

When it comes to anxiety and phobias many of the problems that our clients experience are often because of their negative thoughts which send their stress levels spiralling. The idea of the vaccination seems significantly worse than the reality and the more they build it up in their minds the bigger the problem becomes.

Teaching our clients how to relax and reduce their stress can make a significant impact on their negative thinking. When they are calmer it becomes much easier to rationalise and stay relaxed.

You can use our guided mediation for relaxation and stress reduction to assist you if you are experiencing this problem. Just listen to the mp3 audio download regularly as regular practice will make the most difference.

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The Applied Tension Technique and a Phobia of Needles

If you have a fear of Coronavirus Vaccinations not just because of anxiety but because of fainting then the applied tension technique can help to bring your blood pressure back to normal so that you don’t experience the problem.

Usually, this technique should be practised a few times a day in the week leading up to your injection. All you need to do is to sit in a comfortable place and start to tense the muscles in your arms, upper body and your legs. You need to try and hold this tension for around 15 seconds. Then release the tension and allow yourself to sit normally. After 30 seconds repeat the tension exercise again until you feel your face becoming warm. Repeat this around 5 to 6 times. Always remember to exercise caution if you have any medical problems associated with the areas that you are tensing.

The key to preventing fainting is practising regularly. Once the vaccination dates are announced start using this method to help.

Fear Hierarchies and Overcoming a Fear of Vaccinations

When dealing with phobias of needles it isn’t always necessary to dive straight in at the deep end to get the results. Using a slower approach to melt away with fear is often more effective.

We usually get our clients to create a fear hierarchy and start tackling each level until we finally resolve the fear of Coronavirus vaccinations. The hierarchy may look something like this.

Level 2/10 Fear – Thinking about injections

Level 4/10 Fear – Looking at photos of injections

Level 5/10 Fear – Seeing videos of injections

Level 6/10 Fear – Seeing a needle

Level 8/10 Fear – Touching a Needle

Level 10 Fear – Having the injection

When we understand the levels of fear we start by trying to eradicate the lower level fears and slowly work ourselves towards the big fear. Once you have stopped a few of the lesser fears it becomes significantly easier to resolve the last few.

fear of coronavirus vaccinations and injections

Discovering the Root Cause of a Fear of Injections

Even though many of our clients may tell us they know where their fears have come from many are thinking of events that were not right at the start of their fear but a few years later. Discovering the initial root cause of a problem can help the mind to rationalise in a different way and lessen worries.

People often find that it wasn’t in fact the needles or vaccination that caused their problem but other people. For example, they had an injection as a child and their mother or father started to get upset about the needle. The child picked up on their fears and starts to get upset and cry. The real fear is not the needle but the upset parent. Helping a person to rationalise this can dissolve the fear.

Hypnosis for a Fear of Needles and Injections

Finally, last but not least we have to mention that hypnosis for a fear of needles can make a big difference in how our clients feel. As they are more relaxed in hypnosis their general fear levels are subdued making it harder to get upset.

Whilst they are in hypnosis we can get our client to practice dealing with their fear of Coronavirus vaccinations. We can get them to imagine feeling calm before getting their injection and breathing comfortably as it is administered. When this mental rehearsal is repeated regularly the fear begins to subside.

Hypnosis also makes it easier for our clients to remember the root causes of their problem.

To help our clients we also have an audio download program specifically related to anxiety and phobias and fears. Just listen to the audios regularly to create a calmer more relaxed state of mind so that your fears are significantly reduced.

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