Gifts for Kids With Anxiety

Gifts for Kids With Anxiety

Adults aren’t the only people who suffer from anxiety and stress. Kids need help as well when they feel anxious, scared, worried or stressed so finding ways to help them relax and have fun is important if you are a parent. This is why we have compiled this list of gifts for kids with anxiety chosen by a therapist to act as calming tools when your child may be overwhelmed and upset.

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Gifts for Kids With Anxiety

Anxiety Toys for Kids

Choosing the right toy as gifts for kids with anxiety can help to make all the difference as they can act as self-help products to assist with calming and changing unhelpful negative feelings.

The right toys for anxiety act in a number of different ways to help alter unhelpful feelings including distracting, relaxing, helping with sleep and as a pre-emptive measure.

Distraction toys for anxiety work because they help to take a child’s mind away from what is bothering them and help them to focus on something else.

Relaxing toys help to lead children into a calmer place. Toys that help with sleep make it easier for a child to face bedtime and have a good nights rest without worrying.

Whilst finally pre-emptive toys for anxiety assist with keep children calmer so that they don’t end up getting into an anxious state in the first place.

So what are our tops picks? Well here are some great products and gifts for kids with anxiety that are both fun and great as tools to reduce unhelpful feelings.

Calming Toys for Toddlers – Weighted Cuddly Toy

Weighted blankets are huge right now for adults with anxiety and there are versions for children but there are better solutions for kids such as weighted cuddly toys.

We love Roylco’s Theo the Therapy Dog cuddly sensory toy. This particular toy is great for any children from three years and older.

It comes with scented lavender pellets which is a scent that is known to be great for helping relaxing. This product can be chilled in the fridge or heating in the microwave so it is the perfect temperature for your child.

Anxiety Reducing Toys – Stress Balls

This Sensory Stress 12 Balls set is perfect for helping with anxiety reduction. Adults use stress balls or gadgets all the time but kids love them as well.

A good stress ball isn’t just fun it helps a child to play with something that uses their energy, occupies their hands and fingers and helps them to let out stress.

This set is perfect for a larger family or to give out to other children as birthday presents.

Stress Relief Toys – Rubiks Cube

If you are old enough to remember this amazing gadget the first time around then you will remember how it was a fantastic toy to help you focus on problem-solving. Twisting the parts of the mechanism to find the right combination makes it a puzzle but it also helps with focus and concentration.

A Rubiks Cube is a great tool to help older kids and teens master a product, help them learn about problem-solving whilst keeping them distracted.

Worry Toys – Worry Monster

Buying your child a Worry Monster is a great idea for a present if they suffer from anxiety. The concept is so simple.

The worry monster has a zipped mouth which is used to feed it with problems. So if your child has a worry or fear you ask them to write it down on a small piece of paper and you feed it to the worry monster and then zip the mouth up to remove the fear.

We love the Rainbow Colour Worry Monster but there are plenty of other designs you or your child can choose to help them.

Anxiety Bracelet for Child

Not all gifts for kids with anxiety have to be toys. There are plenty of other products that can be helpful in assisting with stress or anxiety.

Anxiety bracelets for kids are big right night especially these fidget popper bracelets. They come in all different shapes and colors and help aid anxious children with reducing anxiety by occupying their minds.

For younger children or a toddler, there are also Sensory Chew Bracelets which are excellent calming products. These can be used to help with teething or when a child needs to feel calmer. They are sometimes used as a therapy tool to help children with issues such as ADHD or sensory processing disorders.

Therapy Toys for Kids – Mindfulness Activity Cards

Mindfulness is now widely accepted as a great tool to help both children and adults relax and reduce anxiety and worry. This is why we love this Mindful Kids Boxed Card Deck which contains 50 mindfulness games and exercises to help children have fun and be less anxious.

This is a great way of making mindfulness seem fun and helping children to play using products that are known for relieving anxiety. There are illustrations on the cards to help make the practice of mindfulness easier plus there is an 8-page booklet to help show how modifications can be made to the exercises so they can be suitable for all abilities.

Sensory Toys for Anxiety 

Sensory toys are a great way of engaging children to play in a way where more than one sense is used at a time. We loved this Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Ocean and Sand because it is a brilliant tool for younger children to play with as it helps them to use their imagination.

The idea is the sensory bin should be placed on a table or cloth so that your child can start to dig and play with the toys in the bin which mimics the sea and sand.

This version has water beads, sensory sand and animals however there are lots of other different versions to use depending on what your child is interested in. At the end of the day, all you need to do is pop the lid back on the bin and the item can be easily stored away.

Fidget Box Set

Fidget toys are a relatively new phenomenon that doesn’t just appeal to kids but to younger teens as well. There are lots of different types of fidget toys on the market which is why we liked the idea of a fidget box set for variety.

This Variety Fidget pack is full of toys to help relieve anxiety and reduce stress. It has everything from squishies to stretch stings and puzzle balls to keep your child entertained and anxiety-free.

If there are too many products in the package just place some of the rest in party bags for birthdays or Christmas for other kids to enjoy.

Best Stress Toys to Help Kids

If you are looking for gifts for kids with anxiety is is worth looking at some traditional toys as well. In particular, Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids are brilliant at not only helping with learning and development but with helping to reduce anxiety as well.

Any child who is working on a jigsaw puzzle is using their concentration in order to fit the pieces together. The focus required and the fact that it is generally a quiet activity can help to calm them down.

Some modern toys can do the opposite and hype children up making them unable to relax but a traditional wooden puzzle is a great way of helping them to do the opposite.

Toys to Keep Hands Busy

Helping to keep a child busy is a great way of distracting them from anxiety and keeping them calm. A great way to do this is with toys or games that keep their hands busy. This is where a gift of a craft or art set is perfect.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different products that can help children of any age stay occupied with a craft project.

Horizon Group USA Ultimate Box of Crafts is one of the best kits that we have seen and contains a whopping 1000+ pieces to help kids and toddlers work on craft projects.

This kit has stickers, foam sheets, pipe cleaners, beads and gemstones and a whole lot more to entertain children and help free them from anxiety.

Anxiety Tools and Gifts for Kids

As well as toys for anxiety there are lots of great products that children will love that can help them in particular items that they can use in their rooms to help them relax and stay calm.

This is why we love the idea of giving the gift of a diffuser that can be used in a kids bedroom or playroom. Simply Diffusers Unicorn design is super cute and is great for using with aromatherapy oils. Lavender oils, in particular, are great for anxious kids and helping sleep.

Stress Toys For Children

If you are looking for gifts for kids with anxiety then another great idea is this Stretchy Calming Glow in The Dark Noodle Toy.

This is a gift that uses stretchy string to help with everything from anxiety to ADHD. All a child needs to do is stretch it, wrap or twirl it to get the benefit. It can stretch to up to 9 feet!

At night this anxiety toy changes colour and starts to glow greens and yellows which is a really cool feature.

Squishy Stress Toys

Squishy toys are also big right now and are a little bit like stress balls which we mentioned earlier only in cuter Kawaii designs. These are really helpful for a kid who loves a cute toy that they can play with in their hands to relax them.

Toys to Help With Anxiety

When is a toy not a toy When it is a book! We can’t forget that giving a kid a book read is a brilliant way of helping to calm them as well as helping their imagination and educational development.

It doesn’t matter what book you buy because most kids who are given something to read tend to go into a quiet corner to absorb themselves in the story. Choose a book that appeals to the ages of the person you are buying for. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle makes the teachers pick on Amazon for ages 8-12.

Anxiety Relief Gifts for Kids

We’ve already mentioned that essential oils are a good way of helping to calm children down and helping them relax but clearly carrying a diffuser around wherever you go isn’t going to work.

This is why Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets for Kids are a brilliant gift for children. All you need to do is pop the essential oil of choice on the disc and place it in the bracelet and the scent follows them around all day.

Tangle Toys for Anxiety

Tangle Toys are our final pick and we love them because they are relatively inexpensive but help a kid to use their hands to occupy themselves and relax their mind.

The Tangle Brain Tools Think Fidget to Focus is great for keeping a child busy and preventing them from becoming too anxious or worried.

Gifs for kids with anxiety are simple to find when you know what you are looking for. Hopefully, our list can make it easier for you to find what you want when you are shopping for a child in your life.

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