gifts for people with depression

10 Gifts for People with Depression

Do you have a friend who suffers from depression or experiences low moods? We’ve compiled a list of 10 gifts for people with depression to help them either get through difficult times or to help them change their emotional state.

Yes, traditional gifts like flowers or chocolates are lovely but it can be good to be a little bit more creative and come up with presents that have a little more thought behind them. There are hundreds of different products out there that can actually make a real difference to how people feel. So we scoured the web and found some examples of great gifts that can help people manage their depression.

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10 gifts for people with depression

Gifts to Help with Depression – Illustrated Book

You are Strong, Smart and You Got ThisKate Allan decided to broach the subject of mental health with this book of drawings, affirmations and comfort to help with depression. She calls it an emotional first-aid kit and her pictures of smiling animals are designed to help make a heavy subject matter easier to deal with.

Plus the book is full of tips to help when you are feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, or down on yourself. As kate has experienced depression herself the book comes from a place of understanding and empathy. This is such a great present for an animal lover and someone who doesn’t want to read something that is too intense.

Thoughtful Gifts for the Depressed – Weighted Blanket

Jaymag Weighted Blanket – We have already written a whole post on the benefit of weighted blankets when it comes to mental health. They not only keep you warm and cosy but they also help you sleep better, reduce anxiety and help you feel calmer. If you are looking to purchase one of these amazing blankets just make sure you look at our guide to help you decide the best weight for you.

It appears that weighted blankets also are great gits for people with depression as they the pressure of the blanket has benefits. The actual weight of the blanket helps to produce feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which help to reduce stress and change our moods.


Gifts for Depressed People -SAD Light

Lumie Vitamin L Sad Therapy Light – Help to change your mood especially in the Winter months with a SAD lamp. Seasonal affective disorder is known to create problems with depression especially in seasons where we don’t get enough sunlight. SAD lamps are designed to help give you the light you need to improve your mood and energy.

Regular sunlight helps to maintain our circadian rhythms which help our metabolism and sleep patterns. When you don’t get regular sunlight then your mood can be impacted, your energy levels become lower and you want to sleep more.

This particular SAD light is designed to produce 10000 lux which you should use for at least 30 minutes every day. It is a relatively slim design and incredibly portable meaning that you can move it around the house.

Depression Care Package – Gift Package

Embracing Mindfulness Gift Package – Gifts for people with depression don’t have to be single items but can be an entire care package. This gift set is one of the best we’ve found for someone with depression.

This is an entire gift hamper which contains 7 of Embracing Mindfulness’ most popular products. Included in the package are:

  • A Mindfulness Challenge Jar
  • Challenge Playing cards
  • A Pack of Keep Calm and Stress Less Cards
  • 20 Mindfulness Postcards
  • 50 Affirmation Cards
  • 25 Postcards to Colour for Art Therapy

You also save money on buying the products individually. Of course, if you know more than one person who has problems with depression or anxiety you could split the set up and use if for multiple friends.

Gifts for Sad Friends – Jewellery

Gleamart Inspirational Bracelet – Complete with Gift Box. Although many of our gift ideas involve coping mechanisms or comforting suggestions sometimes it’s just nice to get something to wear. We love this cheeky message inside the bracelet to remind you sometimes that just carrying on is enough to get you through. Remember nothing lasts forever and your mind can and will change over time.

This stainless steel bracelet can be adjusted to fit your wrist and is also unisex. It is a great gift for a sad friend or someone who likes to be inspired by a rousing message.

Gifts for Someone Having a Bad Day – Mindfulness

31 Day Mindfulness Challenge Cards – Use one a day for a month. Mindfulness is increasingly being used by both professionals and as a self-help tool to help with depression. This 31-day mindfulness challenge is a great gift for someone to use every day to get into practice using this mental health strategy.

Mindfulness is supposed to help creativity, productivity and help with depression and anxiety but as a tool, it needs to be practised regularly. The idea is that over time old thought patterns start to be erased and replaced with new ways of thinking.

These cards give you easy to use exercises that you can perform to change your mood. Providing you practice them regularly they should help your mind to stop worrying about the past or future and concentrate on the present.


Depression Gifts – Journals

Mental Health Journalhelp to monitor your moods. If you are looking for great gifts for people with depression then definitely consider purchasing a journal. They are the perfect tool to help people reflect on what might be creating a problem in their life.

This journal has everything a person needs to not only work out what might be creating an issue but also coping strategies to help. This particular journal includes:

  • A Writing Prompts Section
  • Coping Strategies
  • Anxiety Levels Chart
  • Gratitude Journal and Happiness Tracker
  • Mood Chart
  • Trigger Tracker

In many cases, depression and anxiety are caused by our lifestyle and surroundings. Working out what parts are creating problems is incredibly beneficial as once the problems are known it is easy to put in place strategies to create positive change.



Comfort Items for Depression

Neom Happiness Candle – Improve a person mood with an uplifting scent. There is nothing more comforting than seeing a candle flickering in the evening and a wonderful smell drifting through a room. Neom candles are also well known for being a luxury item made from only the very best ingredients.

The Neom scent to make you happy range has been formulated to have an uplifting effect on the mind and body. This particular fragrance consists of 7 pure essential oils which include neroli, mimosa and lemon to create more positive emotions.

Depression Products – Colouring

Fuck Depression Colouring Book for Adults – Art Therapy at its best.  This colouring book is designed to help people to reduce stress, stay relaxed and stay entertained through colouring.

It contains pages of swear words, positive affirmations and quotes to help you laugh. You can even remove the pages and get them framed. Adult colouring has become increasingly popular as it is a great distraction tool and can help you become absorbed in doing something that takes your mind off negative thoughts.

Gifts for Depression – Books

Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig.  When Matt Haig was only 24 his world changed and this made him consider no longer living. This book documents how he managed to overcome the crisis and learned how to live again.

Matt has sold over a million books in the UK alone and his advice has helped countless people who were suffering from depression. This is the perfect gift to help with depression as it shows you that with time it is possible to get through a time of turmoil or despair.

Mental Health Gifts

Everyone loves to feel supported and cared for especially when they are feeling down. These gifts for people with depression can help change moods, enhance positive feelings and actively help someone to feel better again. Use this list to help choose something suitable for someone you know to show that you are thinking of them.

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