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20 Girl Boss Habits to Create Success & Financial Freedom

Are you looking to branch out on your own and create your own business or do you want to reach the top in your organization? Well if you do then you might want to think about creating some boss girl habits this year to get you where you want to be.

If you weren’t aware successful people have traits and habits that are different to the rest of the population. They do things differently which is why they stand out from the crowd. Learning to do things differently and to create a success or growth mindset is something you can do but where do you start?

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What is a Girl Boss Mentality?

If you haven’t read the book #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso then buy yourself a copy today to find out more about the woman you created the Nasty Gal brand from scratch. Sophia has the original rags to riches as she went from dumpster diving to being the CEO of a multi-million-pound company.

Her book was the start of the phenomenon of the hashtag #girlboss which is used to describe women in business who are successful but also may do things differently from the traditional male-centric business model. The phrase is now strongly associated with women who are entrepreneurial and incredibly successful in business and who are carving their own path to financial and personal success.

But what exactly are these girl boss habits and how can you utilise them to make your life better? Well, we have curated a list of twenty things that we believe set a successful #girlboss apart from the crowd.

How To Be a Boss Lady – Have Big Dreams

If you want to be your own boss and achieve great things then you need to have big dreams. Highly successful people don’t change their life without having an idea that is groundbreaking or out of the ordinary.

A girl boss isn’t the sort of person who is happy to follow the 9 to 5 daily grind for the rest of their life earning a small wage. They think bigger and want things to happen faster than the average person.

The internet and social media in particular have been a game-changer for women who have levelled the playing field by creating successful businesses by doing things differently. These people all had a dream and made it happen by utilising the latest technology to reach more people faster than ever before.

There are opportunities out there and if you dream big you can find them for yourself and start to work on your action plan for success.

Create a Girl Boss Mentality – Be a Planner

Successful people don’t get to where they are by taking a haphazard approach to life, they have a plan and they stick to it. There may be a grand overall long-term plan about where they want to be in five years’ time but also they are great short-term planners as well.

Boss lady habits might include budget planning, to-do lists, productivity goals, daily plans and meetings as well as self-care needs. Tracking these is an important part of their world as it makes them more efficient and effective.

Use a product like our Ultimate Printable Life Planner to take control of your schedule and make it easier for you to get more done in less time.

Our planner has 30 printable pages to help you get organized, plan your meals, take care of your health and keep tabs on your finances.

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Create Success By Being Future Focused

Remember video stores? The places where you went to rent videos to watch. From being on every street corner in the 80’s and 90’s they disappeared from the high street as fast as they arrived. Some people like Netflix however saw that the world was changing and pivoted into streaming and content creation and have never looked back.

To be a girl boss you need to do the same. Entrepreneurs who keep their eye on every upcoming opportunity and who are ready to move their business direction when necessary achieve lasting success. Business longevity comes from being able to see when the wind is changing and moving direction quickly to take advantage of new opportunities.

Girl Boss Feminism – Be Resilient

Life isn’t easy and it is highly likely that in any business there are going to be successes but also failures. Learning how to manage failure, learn from it and move on is what differentiates successful people from the crowd.

We regularly talk about people needing to take resilience training because learning how to bounce back when things go wrong is one of the essential traits you need if you want to achieve anything.

It isn’t being negative preparing for failures it is smart thinking. Everyone fails especially when it comes to business activities at some point the key is failing in a way that you can recover from.

Earn More By Being Comfortable Talking About Money

If there is one boss lady tip that most women need to know it is to get comfortable talking about money. Too many women (and men) bury their heads in the sand when the nitty-gritty bottom lines are discussed yet having an eye like a hawk when it comes to money matters is essential.

As a girl boss, you are going to need to know budgets, margins, costs, taxes, wages and details on investments to name just a few areas where money really matters. Great girl boss habits are knowing and questioning where every penny is getting spent and thinking about where you can make savings to cut your costs without jeopardising your company.

Get comfortable talking about money and knowing and knowing more about what you are spending. Having the right head for figures is going to keep your business healthy and afloat so it makes sense to make sure you know everything you can about your bank balance.

Successful Female Entrepreneur – Set SMART Goals

Any thriving girl boss knows that in order to change the world they need to set SMART goals. This is an anacronym which stands for:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Time-Bound

In other words, just coming up with a vague goal for yourself or your business is not going to do the job. The devil is in the detail as they say and as part of your goals and dreams, you will need to fill in the gaps to make things happen.

The Art of Setting Smart Goals is a book that has been created to help you think about what you need to prioritize in your life. Use it to get more specific details on how to use this system to change your world.

Knowing When to Prioritize

Girl Boss habits help you to work smarter not harder and that is where learning to prioritize is an essential skill that needs to be used in your day.

We all have plenty of things that compete for our attention and may need actioning but not every one of those issues on our to-do list is going to pay the bills.

Boss ladies have routines in place that allow them to see what needs doing at a glance and to put tasks into the order of importance. This is a great way to get ahead in business and to get tasks that impact the bottom line done faster.

Girl Bosses Are Comfortable With Social Media

Social media marketing is huge right now and if you are running a business without using it then you are missing a trick. A girl boss tends to know that marketing on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel can pay big dividends and often much faster than the traditional routes for making money or creating exposure.

The world is changing fast and with the advent of new marketing channels come big opportunities to do things differently. Being an early adopter of new methods of making money can pay dividends.

Remember even staid and less flashy businesses need to understand how to get found so understanding social media and internet marketing isn’t just for the influencers.

girl boss habits

Creating Success As an Innovating Businesswoman

Girl boss habits usually also involve innovation as the ability to think a little differently from the crowd pays dividends.

Yes of course plenty of female entrepreneurs are able to have a successful business without innovation but the ones who knock it out of the park tend to have new ways of doing things.

Make it a habit to wake up early and spend some time thinking about what you could do differently in your business to make a difference. What tweaks could make you stand out from the crowd or what could you do to revolutionize your niche?

Innovation is a great way to meet your goals more quickly and easily and can also up your productivity.

Girl Boss Habits Include Going to Bed on Time

Ever heard the term “sleep is for the weak“? It is a phrase that people use to suggest that sleep is a waste of time and that getting by on very little is something to be prized. This is an old-fashioned and unhealthy attitude that stems from the 80’s “greed is good” school that has no place in boss lady habits or lifestyle choices.

The reality is we all need to get a good nights sleep and when we do we tend to have more energy, be more productive and make fewer mistakes than those who don’t go to bed at night until late.

A lack of good sleep and bedtime routine actually is detrimental to your health and well-being and it certainly won’t get you ahead in business.

A great girl boss habit is going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up early to start the day feeling refreshed and awake. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference and will allow you to do more not less.

If you have problems switching off at the end of a busy day use a guided sleep meditation to naturally switch your mind off so you can relax at night.

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Create a Great Life as They are Highly Motivated

Being a boss lady means being a self-starter and having high motivation. This is especially the case if you are running your own business. There is nobody who is going to tell you how to start your day or reach your goals so you have to find ways to push yourself to get things done. Loving the niche you have chosen for yourself helps.

Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop is a bestseller that can help you to stop mental blocks standing in your way so you build the life you want.

Female Boss – Has Confidence and High Self-Esteem

If you want to be the boss then you better have good confidence and self-esteem. When you are filled with doubts and worries about your worth then you need to do something to fix it. Running your own business empire means that you are going to have to be confident in your decision-making and lead from the front. Worries or fears about your capabilities are going to hold you back.

Most people are unaware that a lack of confidence is just another word for anxiety. A lack of confidence is a safety mechanism to keep us away from things that we feel are scary or that could cause us embarrassment. The thing is that we have usually learned these anxieties when we are young and have kept on running the same old thought processes even though we are now older and wiser.

The great thing is that confidence can be taught so if it is something that is holding you back arrange confidence coaching sessions to help you change your mindset. Our self-confidence cheat sheet can help get you started.

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Women Know The Importance of Self-Care

If there is one thing every girl boss should do it is find the time for self-care. Self-care isn’t selfish and is an incredibly important lifestyle essential for successful people to follow.

Whilst work might be first and foremost in a boss lady’s mind it shouldn’t be the only thing that is focused on. Finding time for adequate self-care is always going to help you be more happy and healthy.

Without proper self-care, our physical and mental health suffers. For anyone running a company the need to rest and recuperate is essential to avoid burnout.

Use our stress management worksheets to help you manage your life and make you focus on taking care of your health and wellness.

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Female Entrepreneurs Find Time to Network

Networking is essential in business as creating good relationships with others can help you expand your horizons and access more opportunities.

The key to building a girl boss network is focusing on working with and meeting people who are highly motivated and willing to trade ideas. Whilst some of your meetings won’t always work out it only takes one networking contact to make a difference.

Being a Boss Means Knowing When to Delegate

If you going to use girl boss habits then you need to know when to delegate to others. Nobody in an organization can be expected to do everything and even if they could it wouldn’t be productive.

Even if you are a one-woman solopreneur you still need to let others do work for you. It always makes sense to play to your strengths and delegate the things that you are weakest at.

So if you can’t do graphic design or develop a website hire someone who can and spend your week doing things that bring you a greater return and more success.

If You Want to Stay a Success You Continue to Learn

Every girl boss needs to understand that whatever you do you will always be continually learning. No business stays static and neither does the world around you.

Learn to embrace change and take the latest courses to keep you are the forefront of your profession. There is always something for you to learn and use to your advantage.

Great Leaders are Organized

As a girl boss, you need to get organized. This doesn’t mean just at work but at home as well. Nobody can be expected to work well when everything around them is in chaos and you are no exception.

Take the time to build the right foundations to make life easier for yourself and to help things run more smoothly. Create routines in your life to keep things tidy and on track and everything will be simpler. Invest in good organization tools to help streamline your life.

Start with a workplace desk organizer then try and get your office ship-shape and then move on to your home. Take it step by step and you will soon have things running like clockwork.

Remember that the time you save from implementing these simple tips and strategies means you will have more time to focus on making money and creating your dream life.

Successful People Are on Time

Learn to care about time and find ways to use it more wisely. Left unchecked it can be easy for a girl boss to lose track of it and allow things to slide but that leads to bad habits.

Resolve to be on time for meetings and to end them on time as well. Segment your day into time slots and dedicate each slot to doing something that will propel you forward in your life. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by other activities in that time slot.

Learn more about the Pomodoro technique and how that can help you to focus your time more effectively. Then invest in a Pomodoro timer to stick to your new regime.

The Most Important Trait of All – They Take Action

Procrastination is the enemy of any boss lady who has dreams but can’t seem to follow through. Don’t become a person who is stuck on the thought of what to do in your business just start somewhere.

Procrastination usually has psychological reasons behind it. As an example, some people may worry about failing so never quite get around to starting their projects or tasks. Think long and hard about things that could be stopping you from taking action.

Your life and lifestyle don’t need to become derailed by procrastination if you decide to just start taking action and see where it takes you. Once you begin and start the journey of using girl boss habits everything becomes easier and you are finally going to have a chance of making your life a success.

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