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Glow Up Challenge List – 30 Ideas to Make a Difference

Every now and then a movement comes along that captures people’s imaginations and the very latest is the idea of having a glow-up. In other words, transforming yourself from plain to pretty by losing weight, changing your hair or make-up. We thought it was about time to create a glow-up challenge list that wasn’t just all about appearance.

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Glow-Up Goals

The reality is that the original glow-up goals are relatively toxic as they seem to suggest that you are not good enough as you are. Instead, you seem to be only valid as a human being if you stick thin, wearing a full face of make-up, and looking like a supermodel. Anyone who doesn’t fit this mould is frankly made to feel bad.

The reality is that the old glow-up goals such as the need to lose weight or to have a beauty regime that takes hours are not only unrealistic but also non-inclusive. Nobody should be made to feel bad because they haven’t dealt with their split ends or haven’t got the latest set of nails. This view is old-fashioned and is problematic for your mental health.

So we wanted to switch it up and create a new 30-day glow-up challenge list that focused more on your self-care, feelings, and health. In other words a list of positive things you could do every day to help your body and mind. We don’t judge people on their appearance and neither should you but we do care that they feel healthy, fit, and well. We do care about whether they are feeling happy and content. This is why our glow-up goals list is designed to help you create positive habits to make a difference.

glow-up challenge list

What Do You Put on a Glow-Up List?

Instead of torturing yourself worry about beauty regimes and how your makeup looks our glow-up challenge list is going to help you look and feel better in a different way.

We are taking a more natural approach than most lists which want you to look more beautiful (whatever that version of beauty is). We want your skin to glow, your eyes to sparkle, and for you to have more energy but not by making you do something that feels negative or makes you feel worse if your appearance isn’t right.

Our glow-up list instead concentrates on natural ways to feel better about yourself and our focus will be on physical and mental health.

When you aren’t in the right place mentally it has a huge knock-on impact on your life. Yet with some simple strategies, most people can make significant benefits to their mental health. You can also improve your physical health and energy levels by altering your lifestyle. Our glow-up challenge list will show you what you can do to change your life.

Can I Glow-Up in 30 Days?

The best thing about your 30-day glow-up challenge is that it really is possible to make a difference in a relatively short space of time.

We regularly work with clients to help them feel physically and mentally better and in most cases, one month’s worth of sessions can be transformative. Now of course the glow-up challenge list is not designed to tackle extremely serious problems but it can change your life for the better.

Each element we discuss on our list can make you feel better and help the way you think feel and behave. Creating better habits makes a difference you just need to be consistent.

1 Month Glow-Up Challenge

Try our suggestions and start to create new routines that will help you glow and feel better inside and out. Monitor your progress and keep track of what works well for you and what doesn’t. Remember that our 30-day glow-up challenge suggestions are a structure that can be altered or amended to suit your lifestyle.

At the end of the month assess the benefits that you have got from the elements on the list. Try to look objectively and see note any changes in your body, energy levels, or thought processes.

Most of our clients are happy to stick with their new routines when they realize how much better they look and feel with some alterations to their wellness

30 Day Glow-Up Challenge Checklist

This glow-up challenge list can be used in any order and is designed to help you expand your intellect, improve your energy levels, make you happier and of course make you healthier. If we are talking in terms of appearance it is not with regard to “attractiveness” but too natural glowing health.

We want you to feel in a more positive place at the end of the 30 days rather than worrying that you don’t meet an impossible standard.

Remember if you can’t do everything on the list do not beat yourself up. Even if you only manage a few of the listed items you are still moving in a better direction. Nobody is perfect and that is ok. Do what you can manage and just continue to help make healthier habits in your life and things will improve.

Stress Reduction

Number one on our challenge list is stress reduction which is so important to keep you physically and mentally well.

When you are stressed you are more likely to have low moods, suffer from anxiety, sleep badly, and eat more. In fact, stress is one of the biggest reasons why we see clients in our clinics.

The problem with society now is that we are always reachable, that work hours stretch into our home lives, and that our days can get filled with task after task. Our clients actually feel guilty when they aren’t doing something. Nobody tells them that it is ok to sit and do absolutely nothing.

Taking time out to decompress and switch off your brain is actually vital and helps you perform better in the longer term. In order to do this, we suggest that our clients listen to our self-hypnosis for stress reduction audio to quieten the mind and the body. Listen to ours once a day and experience the joy of leaving your old routine behind and creating healthier habits.

self hypnosis relaxation and stress reduction

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Get a Massage

Whilst we are talking about stress it is worth nothing whether you are holding any in your body? When we are stressed and tense our muscles start to tighten and that can cause aches and pains in our bodies. Regular massage routines, stretching (which we’ll talk about later) and manipulation can help to alleviate those feelings.

Now if you have a partner who is great at massage then ask them to carry out the massages to help alleviate the stress and tension in your body. If you haven’t got anyone who can help then yes you could head to a professional but that is going to be costly if you are doing it all the time. A better solution is to use a massage device every day instead.

Our absolute favorite device is a Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat. This device is incredible for getting right into the knots in your shoulders and back to help loosen tight body muscles. Plus the price point is great. Use this every day to help your body relax.

glow-up challenge list - massage

Drink Less Alcohol

If you are really serious about getting healthy then drinking less alcohol is definitely something for the challenge list.

We regularly see clients who are drinking every single night of the week and that is impacting their health and state of mind. Drinking too much night after night isn’t just extremely dangerous it impacts your sleep and your ability to perform well at work. This is why we help our clients to take steps to cut back on their drinking.

To set yourself free from the drink habit download our free drink less quick start guide to help set you in the direction you want to go in. You can also use our alcohol reduction worksheets to help you make changes to the quantity and the frequency that you drink.

alcohol reduction worksheets

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30 Day Glow-up – Social Media and Phone Detox

Another great way to help you glow-up is to have a social media and phone detox. Are you guilty of looking at your phone multiple times a day? Do you accept messages any time of the day or night? Are you constantly on social media and worry about your likes, engagement, or reach?

You wouldn’t be alone as plenty of our clients have bad habits around their electronic devices and the way that they use them. In the glow-up challenge start to free yourself from the need to use them constantly and start to limit their use.

Overuse of phones creates stress and impacts your sleep patterns. Not just from what you are reading but because of the blue light. Limiting their use and turning them off a few hours before bed can make a big difference.

When it comes to social media unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself, who is argumentative, or saps your confidence. Life is too short to be made to feel bad by other people. Remove them from your timeline and only follow people who build you up, not knock you down.

If you are finding it difficult to do think about buying yourself a time-locked container to help you step away from temptation.

glow-up challenge list - limit social media

Drink More Water

If you want to glow up then nothing can beat drinking fresh natural cool clean water. Water is incredibly hydrating and helps your body to function. Upping your water intake makes sense because drinking more water helps to moisturize your skin, helps to lubricate your joints, and helps you to digest your food.

A great way to drink enough water is by using a motivational water bottle to help you drink a certain amount of fluid during the day. These bottles are a great way of increasing your water intake as you can see at a glance how much you have drunk.

glow-up challenge list - Drink more water

For those of you that don’t love water think about using a water bottle with an infuser. These allow you to place different fruits inside the bottle that helps to flavor the water to something that you may like.

Get More Sleep

If you want to banish the dark circles, improve your skin, feel more alert and think more rationally then you need to get more sleep.

Sleep is one of the most important things our clients can do to help them stay healthy however a modern lifestyle often prevents them from going to bed on time. This is why it is one of the most important elements on this glow-up challenge list.

The average person needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night. If you try and alter that by going to bed late or working into the night then you are going to be tired and that will impact your mind and body.

So put away your phones, laptops, gaming devices and start to wind down a good two to three hours before bed. Create a good bedtime routine whereby you allow yourself to relax and switch off at the end of a long day. Use our self-hypnosis for sleep download to help your mind switch off so that you can relax properly. This is a natural sleep system that doesn’t require any pills or tablets and that works in the majority of cases.

Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

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Moisturize Your Skin

If you want to have good skin then as well as increasing the amount of water you drink you should also use a good moisturizer.

Nobody wants dry flaky skin as that can be aging and lead to inflammation, cracking, or other problems. Therefore it makes total sense to use protect the skin that you have by using a good facial moisturizer as well as one for your body.

If you are thinking about one for your face then it makes sent to wear one with good sun protection, especially in the summer months. Estee Lauder DayWear is a popular choice with an SPF of 15. Obviously, if you are going out in the sun all day you may need to buy something with more sun protection.

glow-up challenge list - moisturize

For your body, a great skin essential is Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion which you can use all over to help keep skin soft and supple.

Law Of Attraction Planner Printables

As part of your glow-up challenge list, we want you to realize that often you have a huge amount of potential in your life that isn’t being utilized. If you are like one of our typical clients then there may be worries or fears that are holding you back or opportunities that are being missed.

Instead of just coasting along hoping that opportunities and good fortune will fall into your lap you have to realize that you may have to work for what you want. A great way to start the ball rolling is by filling out a law of attraction planner every day to help you take action.

Our law of attraction planner printables has been designed to help you glow by assisting you to change your life. In less than 30 minutes a day, you can start to set weekly plans and goals and spot opportunities that may have previously passed you by. You can purchase your copy in our online store.

law of attraction planner pdf

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How to Glow Up in a Month – Cut Down on Processed Food

If you want to stay healthy, well, and fit then you need to start to look at the quality of the food that you are eating. Always remember that food is fuel and if you are putting the wrong things into your body then it is going to impact your energy levels and your health.

A simple rule is to drastically cut back on the food that you are eating that is processed. So that means fewer ready meals, takeaways, ready-made snacks, and convenience foods.

Then start to plan meals that are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat and fish, pulses and grains, and good fats. Keep yourself healthy and your immune system working to the max with this eating regime.

Remember that everything should be in moderation so that doesn’t mean completely cutting out every processed food it simply means limiting them so that you keep your body healthy. Find a good balance and you will start to glow with energy and vitality.

One Month Glow Up – Take a Walk

One of the best ways to move your body is by daily walking. The current advice is that 10,000 steps a day is a good target to aim for.

Walking doesn’t just help your fitness it also has other significant health benefits as well such as:

  • Help bone health
  • Improving your sleep
  • Assisting your circulation
  • Improving you balance
  • Helping your mood

A simple way to track your steps is with a fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist. One of the most popular is the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker which can track your sleep, walking distance and even how far you have swum.

glow-up challenge list - Walk moreRead More

One great way to glow up mentally is by reading more. Reading is a brilliant way to expand your knowledge and it can also help you to relax and therefore form part of your self-care routine.

As part of this glow-up challenge list, we want you to think about reading something new every week to either learn something new or to transform your mind into a place where your imagination runs free.

Weight Training

Another glow-up challenge list essential is weight training especially if you are a woman. Weight training is something that all women should do because it helps to keep your bones healthy and assists in reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis.

Keeping your body in tip-top condition is important especially as we grow older because it can help us to live longer and reduce the likelihood of serious disease.

When you weight train regularly you are boosting your metabolism, improving your core strength, and boosting your energy levels. It does not bulk you up but actually makes your body leaner and stronger. Try using these Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells to help your train every week. This particular set is suitable for men and women.

glow-up challenge list - weight training

How to Get a Glow-Up – Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves exercises that help us to focus on the present rather than allowing our minds to worry about the future or the past. It is a well-established practice that can help to change your life by improving your mood and reducing problems such as anxiety or depression.

Mindfulness is a tool that should be practiced daily to get the best results. To make things easy for yourself buy a set of Mindfulness Cards and pick a daily exercise so that you experience the benefits.

glow-up challenge list - practice mindfulness

Social Media Detox

Another way to glow up is to start a social media detox to help create a healthier way of managing your time online.

Poor use of social media can create anxiety and make you feel negative about yourself. In fact, too much time spent online can:

  • Make you feel you are tuned in all the time.
  • Impact Your Sleep.
  • Create Unhealthy Comparisons With Others.
  • Expose you to trolls or cyberbullying.
  • Make you worry about who likes your posts.

As part of this challenge start to unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself or who are negative. Then limit how much time you spend online each day.

Glow Up Routine – Spend More Time on Self-Care

Most people don’t spend enough time on self-care which is why we added it to our glow-up challenge list.  They are too busy working, looking after their family, socializing, or dealing with other commitments that sap their time. This means at the end of the day they will have spent virtually no time doing things that make them feel good.

Read our self-care tips to give you some pointers about what you could do to take care of yourself and make yourself glow. That could mean everything from watching Netflix all afternoon to putting on a face mask, dealing with your split ends at the hairdresser, or simply luxuriating in a hot bath with an expensive bath oil in it.

Just remember that no matter what you choose to do none of the time you spend on self-care is wasted. It is vital for good mental health.

glow-up challenge list - relax in a bath

Practice Positive Affirmations

Another of our glow-up tips is to practice positive affirmations. They are a free and simple way of helping to change your mindset so that you feel happier, confident, or more motivated.

We have a wide range of positive affirmations to practice every day. Start to use them for every day of this challenge and see if they have helped to change your life for the better at the end of the 30 days.

Affirmations for Gratitude

Affirmations for Overthinking

Affirmations for Happiness and Success

Create a Vision Board

Not sure what you want from your life? Well, one way to find out is by creating a vision board to help you visualize what you want.

Vision boards are a great way of starting you off on a journey to better things. They allow you to take your dreams out of your head and place them on a board in front of you so that you see where you are heading. Create yours with a simple cork board and a vision board kit.

glow-up challenge list - create a vision board

Exercise Regularly

As we continue the glow-up challenge list we thought it was important to state the obvious and more your body more to keep yourself healthy. Take care of yourself and your body by regularly doing some exercise to keep you fit.

The key is finding something that you love so that you manage to keep doing it week after week. Think out of the box and consider dancing, hiking, cycling or even working out with your games console and it won’t feel such a chore.

Eat Intuitively

We are not ever going to ask you or any of our clients to go on a diet because we know that they don’t work. They are not a great way to lose weight and typically make you feel bad about yourself when you inevitably eat something that you shouldn’t.

Instead, practice the 1o principles of intuitive eating to help you get in touch with your body so that you start to understand the difference between genuine hunger and emotional eating. You can use our mindful eating resources to help including our mindful eating worksheets.

Mindful Eating Worksheets

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Too much clutter makes you feel overwhelmed and prevents you from knowing where anything is in your home. It is a great way to slow you down, frustrate you, and ruin your week. So do something about it in this challenge.

You don’t have to do everything at once instead just pick an area of your home that is out of control and spend 30 minutes tidying it. Do this regularly and your home will be spotless in no time. The Home Edit are the queens of tidying and organizing. Read their books to find out how they make their client’s homes spotless.

glow-up challenge list - declutter

How to Glow Up Naturally – Take Care of Your Teeth

As part of your glow-up challenge think about spending more time taking care of your teeth. You use your teeth every day but most people do little more than brush them once a day and hope for the best.

Make sure you spend more time thinking about how you can keep your teeth healthy and strong. Schedule regular dentist appointments and start a major dental care routine.

Try and floss your teeth every day and brush them at least twice. Use a great electric toothbrush such as a Phillips Sonicare where possible as it will be more efficient at keeping them clean and fresh. Remember that the more you do to preserve your teeth now the less likely it will be that you end up with false ones later on in life!

glow-up challenge list - take care of your teeth

Get Rid of Toxic People

If you want to lead a happy life then you need to free yourself from toxic people who may be preventing you from being happy. How the hell are you supposed to glow if other people are dragging you down?

This is the week to identify who isn’t adding to your life and working out ways to shut them out for good if possible. Being free from negativity can really help you to think and feel differently and can be life-changing.

Practice Self-Hypnosis

We specialize in self-hypnosis and see on a daily basis what a big difference it can make to many of our client’s lives. It isn’t a magic tool but it is a way of helping to calm your mind and to give it suggestions to do things in a different more positive way.

We help our clients to feel more confident, drink less, or be more positive all through the power of hypnosis. In order to see if it works for you just try one of our self-hypnosis downloads to help. Make self-hypnosis part of your daily routine and check-in with yourself after a month to see how you feel.

Positive Thinking Self Hypnosis

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Use a Journal

Using a manifestation journal or planner is a great tool to help you shape your future. Unlike a traditional diary where you record your day a manifestation planner helps you to think about your dreams and helps you to identify ways of making them a reality.

Read our blog about some of the best manifestation journals that are available so you can pick the best planner to suit your availability and routine. There really is no better way to get a glow and feel good than doing something you love and enjoying every minute.

How to Glow Up Fast – Learn to Meditate

Learning to meditate is great for your self-care and can really help you especially if you have a tendency to suffer from stress or anxiety.

The great thing about meditation is that it can be practiced almost anywhere. Just buy a good meditation cushion and position it in a comfortable position in your home. If you want to go just that step further you can read our article on creating the perfect outdoor meditation space.

glow-up challenge list - meditate

Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you really want to glow from the inside then you need to think about working on your confidence and self-esteem. If your confidence levels are low or you don’t believe in yourself then you are more likely to miss opportunities, earn less money and put up with situations that others wouldn’t.

Working on your self-esteem however and pushing your boundaries helps to set you free from artificial constraints that have been holding you back. There are so many practical ways you can grow your confidence and help yourself grow more useful thought patterns including reading self-help books for confidence to using our self-hypnosis for confidence downloads. Pick something that appeals to you to start your journey and see what gives you the best results.

Self Hypnosis for Confidence & Self-Esteem

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Use Aromatherapy

An often neglected way to boost your mood and make yourself feel more positive is by using aromatherapy. There are huge amounts of aromatherapy products on the market that can help you feel less stressed, more relaxed, or alternatively more invigorated or alive.

A great way to incorporate aromatherapy into your life is by buying a desktop diffuser and running it throughout the day. Just choose the essential oil that you want and place it in the diffuser and allow the scent to work its magic.

There are some great models on the market but one of our favorites is the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser because it looks so stylish.

Start Stretching

If you really want your body to work more effectively start to practice stretches in the morning when you get up. Stretching is a great way of helping your flexibility, increasing your range of motion, and improving your posture.

Regular stretching helps you to free yourself from aches and pains and helps to keep you supple. Make regular stretching a new habit and not just something you are using because of the glow-up challenge list.

Look After Your Feet

Your feet carry you around all day but how often do you actually spend time looking after them? Taking time to take care of your feet is well spent because otherwise calluses, athlete’s foot, fungal nail infections, corns, and bunions can make your life a misery.

Creating a good foot care routine is important. It helps you to remove dead skin, trim your nails and keep those feet that work so hard for you in tip-top condition. Head on over to where there are plenty of suggestions on foot care and footwear to keep your feet healthy.

Create a Money Mindset

Finally, last but not least on our glow-up challenge list is to cultivate a money mindset and pay attention to your finances. This doesn’t mean obsessing over every dollar but it does mean finding ways to make sure that you are financially secure.

This could mean savings for a rainy day, putting money into your pension, or finding ways to make a passive income to supplement your income. Keeping yourself financially secure helps to stop money worries and stress and allows you the freedom to do what you want without worrying about every cent.

money affirmations pdf flashcards

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