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10 Good Vibes Gifts

If ever there was a time in history to spread positivity and happiness this is it. Coronavirus has had a profound impact on our mental and physical health and right now anything that spreads a smile is incredibly welcome. This is why we thought we would compile a list of good vibes gifts to spread a little joy and cheer up your loved ones.

good vibes gifts

Positive Gifts

Good vibes gifts can make a big difference in our mood and our mental health. Giving a positive gift helps to boost endorphins, lower stress levels and create positive feelings.

Also at a time like this, it helps to create a connection to the ones that we love who may be missing us. Communicating by gift gifting tells your family and friends that you are thinking about them and what you want them to feel loved and happy.

Receiving or choosing a positive vibes gift can make a big difference in how we feel and create an emotional high that can make all the difference at the moment.

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Gifts for Positive Energy

So what good vibes gifts should you give to people to help them raise their spirits and make them happy? We’ve compiled some of the best products out there at the moment to help spread some joy and create good feelings.

Luxury Wellness

This Luxury Bath Candle Pamper Sleep Gift Set is the perfect gift to send someone who loves to create a spa experience at home. Buy this for a female friend or family member who wants to relax and unwind and reduce their stress levels. 

This bath gift set includes a bath bomb, scented essential oil, a wax candle, chamomile and lavender mist spray as well as a luxury oil mask. Even better is 100% natural and is infused with pure essential oils. This is the perfect gift for someone to use to unwind and help with their sleep.


Positive Energy Crystals

Crystals have always been considered objects which spread positive energy and so they make the perfect good vibes gifts. We love this Premium Set of Five Large 3″ Crystal Wands which can be used to remove negative energy from the home and attract abundance. Even better they look fantastic as well so won’t look out of place in any residence.

This set has clear quartz, tigers eye, rose quartz which are supposed to increase prosperity in your relationships, health and finances. There is also an amethyst crystal for healing and a black obsidian wand for protection and grounding which makes it a perfect good vibes gift.


Positive Gifts for Friends

Do you want someone to feel loved, appreciated and cared for? Then this Chanasya Warm Hugs Positive Energy Throw Blanket is the perfect positive gift because it spells out exactly what you are thinking. It is covered in messages and words including warm, hug, prayer, positive thoughts, strength, hugs, healing and positive energy just to name a few.

This is one of the absolutely perfect good vibes gifts to make people smile and feel cared for.  This blanket comes in two sizes and can be machine washed and even tumble dried. It is a great gift for the holiday season especially if you are sending presents when the weather is colder.

Good Vibe Products

If you want to change the energy in a room and create feel-good vibes then a great place to start is by using a diffuser to alter the scent. This is why the Kumi Stone Diffuser is a great present to give for someone who loves to use essential oils to create a beautiful smell around the house.

All you need to do is add 5-8 drops of your favourite essential oil to create the mist that will spread the aroma around your room. You can obviously change the scent depending on your mood or whether you want to feel relaxed and calm or energetic and alive.

This particular diffuser comes in a great neutral colour that would look great in any house. It is also highly covetable and similar ceramic diffusers have become one of the must-have products in the past few years.

Positive Vibes Gifts

We know as therapists that sometimes you have to work at changing your mood. When you practice altering negative thoughts and challenge unhelpful patterns it can make a real difference in how you feel. This is why we love the book A Year of Positive Thinking by Cyndie Spiegel.

Cyndie knows as we do that you can change your life by changing your thoughts and so she has come up with a book to help change your mindset. Instead of creating some overwhelming task, she believes that you just need to change one thought at a time and one day at a time.

This book helps you do this by running through 365 days of positive thinking. This includes exercises, mantras and reflections to help you get where you want to be. Good vibes gifts can be life-changing and this is one of those books that can make a real difference in creating positive feelings.

Positive Energy Items

Do you know someone who is mischievous and likes a good laugh? They will love this Bitch…You Got This!, Lavender & Coconut Water Soy Candle which is infused with positive vibes. Made by the Malicious Woman Candle Co (not we are not making this up) to add fragrance around your home.

Even better this candle doesn’t just benefit the person who is receiving it who they hope loves a “sprinkle of snark” in their lives. In fact, a portion of the profits goes to empowering women in need. Which means that by buying it you are spreading good karma to others.


Positive Gift Ideas

Nothing can create a feeling of energy like music can. Listen to the right tunes and you can feel upbeat and alive. Want to relax? Then put on some soothing tunes to switch off to. This is why The Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker can be included in our good vibes gifts list.

The great thing about this particular speaker apart from its amazing sound quality is that it has a water-resistant speaker. This means that it can be used both outdoors and in. It has a wireless range of 30 feet and 8 hours of playing time allowing music to be spread throughout the whole house including the garden.


Good Vibes Wall Sign

Sometimes only the obvious will do. What better way to remind yourself to spread good vibes or do things that make you happy than with a Good Vibes only Neon Wall Sign.

Neon signs are totally on-trend and this would look great on any wall. This sign isn’t just for teenagers. Put it up near your bar cart, in a relaxation or chill out zone or even in your bedroom. This wall sign is really a work of art that you can stand back and admire year after year.

Affirmations for Good Energy

Want to change your mindset? Then use positive affirmations to help you retrain your mind to think differently. We love helping our clients alter the way that they think and as part of their programs, we show them positive affirmations for everything from self-esteem to confidence building.

Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women is a fantastic book by Becca Anderson to serve as a reminder that we don’t all lear out of bed knowing we are amazing. We all have pressures and sometimes those worries and stresses cause us to beat ourselves up about what we are doing wrong rather than praising ourselves for what we are doing right. 

These affirmations have been designed to help you to learn how to strengthen your self-esteem as well as take control of your destiny by changing how you think.

Daily Positivity Gifts

Finally, last but not least in our list of good vibes gifts is this Daily Positivity Talking Button which is certainly an amusing and quirky gift. 

Simply stick this button on to your fridge and press for one of 50 quotes or affirmations. Some of them are profound and others are just simply amusing or downright funny. Who needs motivational wall art or affirmation cards when all you need to do is listen to this every day to get you in the right frame of mind. Probably one of the greatest stocking filler gifts ever.

good vibes gifts

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