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The Best Holistic Gifts Chosen By a Wellness Therapist

We pride ourselves on working with clients in a holistic manner. That means we look not only at the main problem that they contact us for but their general lifestyle as well. When their lifestyle is out of balance it can create problems which feed into their main issue and they need to be addressed. As we use therapy in this way we always thought it would be a fun idea to come up with a set of holistic gifts that can be given to help lifestyle improvements as well as make them happy.

We have split our holistic gifts into sections to complement a holistic lifestyle. These are some of the main areas that help our clients with. Think of the person that you are purchasing a gift for and think about what area might be most suitable for them. Choose a present that will help them to improve their lives and make them smile when they open it.

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Serenity and Wellness Gifts – Home

Serenity and wellness begin in the home so finding a holistic gift that will help to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere is a great place to start when you are looking for a present. The Vitruvi Ceramic Diffuser not only looks great it is capable of diffusing scent right across a home. It comes in a number of natural colours and all you need to do is add the essential oil you want into the diffuser and turn it on.

Weighted blankets are an incredible present to give to friends and family especially if they are experiencing anxiety or sleep problems. The YnM Weighted Blanket is a popular holistic gift that is designed not only to keep you warm but to promote wellbeing. The pressure from the blanket is designed to act as a warm hug and create feelings of safety and calm. This particular blanket comes in an array of colours to suit every decor and also different weights which are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.

Holistic Gift Ideas – Exercise

Moving your body is essential if you are to keep yourself well and fit. If you have someone in your life who needs help reaching their fitness goals or would simply like to try a different form of exercise then there are plenty of options available to them.

This 7 piece Yoga Starter Kit is a great present for someone who is looking to increase their mobility and core strength. Yoga is known to increase flexibility and strength, help muscle tone and boost energy. It is can also help reduce stress levels and improve respiration making it the perfect exercise for good mental health.

We are also great believers in walking not only as a fitness tool but as a great form of exercise to help your mind. If you want to up your level of walking you could try Nordic Walking. This is a style of walking that uses poles and is known to have greater cardiovascular results than normal walking. You tend to walk faster as well as burn more calories without it being an impact exercise that can hurt your joints. These TrailBuddy Trekking Poles are a great present for someone who is looking to take their fitness just that little bit further.

Holistic Wellness – Self-Care

Too many people ignore the importance of self-care and never find the “me” time they need to recharge and relax. Holistic gifts that help people to find that space in their life to decompress are always welcome. There are so many choices out there when it comes to self-care gifts but these are a few of our favourites.

The Self-Care Bucket List Card Deck by Flowjo is a great present because it acts as a reminder to do something. You simply pick a card from the pack and it gives you a self-care activity to do. There are over 100 cards to pick from so that should give the receiver of the gift plenty of scope to pick an activity that is suitable for them. The cards are even colour coded so that a yellow card gives a challenge, red is something to love for yourself or others and green is a reminder to enjoy life’s journey.


What could be more relaxing than setting up your own spa in your own home.? The Super Size Hammam Spa and Bath Kit with Argon Oil has everything anyone could need to help them take time out and pamper themselves. This particular kit comes with 1 lb Moroccan Black Soap, 16 oz Organic Argan Oil, 1 lb Ghassoul clay, 5 unique exfoliating gloves and a tote bag. This a great holistic gift idea for someone who loves their beauty products.

Holistic Sleep Aid

Sleep is hugely important for physical and mental wellness but not all of us are getting enough every night. Our busy lives tend to stop us from getting the quantity and the quality of sleep that we need. Therefore anything that can be done to improve sleep is going to go a long way at making us feel healthier and happier.

Holistic sleep gifts are a great present to give to someone who may have been struggling with getting enough. We recommend The Snooz White Noise Sound Machine which can help you get a better nights sleep. This is a white noise machine that links to an app that can deal with everything from loud neighbours to tinnitus. It has ten settings of volume and tone and is suitable for babies, kids and adults. The device also includes a remote control and night light. Probably the perfect gift for an insomniac or someone who has sleep problems due to noise.

Organic Wellness Presents – Nutrition

What goes into your body is crucial for your health. If you are not eating right you can become sluggish, tired and overweight. Recently more and more chefs and nutritionists are writing about what you should be eating to make yourself feel better and improve your health. Cookbooks that promote healthier eating and wellness are great holistic gifts especially for someone who may have been suffering from a period of ill health.

We love The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul. Christina Anstead one of the writers of the book talks you through how she was able to improve her physical and mental wellness through the help of a nutritionist following a series of stressful events. This book is divided into sections to deal with Gut Rehab, Exercise and Mindfulness. Plus the book has sixty recipes that are designed for busy working parents.

Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate? Well, certainly The Elements Truffles Rasa Collection is as close as they come. These ayurvedic chocolate bars are dairy-free, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, raw and organic. You get five bars of amazing flavours including Maple Toffee With Moringa, Black Lava Salt With Turmeric, Cayenne With Cinnamon, Lemon Coconut With Tulsi & Raisins, Almonds With Saffron. A great holistic gift for someone who has dietary restrictions but still loves to eat chocolate.

Mind, Body & Spirit Gifts

Holistic gifts don’t only speak to the mind and body but to the soul as well. Meaningful presents or spiritual gifts can be just as uplifting and important as ones that tackle physical issues. If the person you are buying for loves spiritual or mindful gifts then you could buy the EFYTAL Sterling Silver CZ Crescent Moon & Stars Necklace. This is a lovely necklace that is designed for a best friend, sister in law or bridesmaid to celebrate your friendship. It also is beautifully designed so will look great when worn.

Crystals are also wonderful at creating new energy in someone’s home or place of work. Each crystal creates its own vibe so you could think of what might work well for the gift receiver. If you feel stuck then we suggest you buy this Premium Set of Five Large 3″ Crystal Wands. The set has Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye and a Black Obsidian Crystal which are all fully charged which means that they can be used straight away. They also look amazing when arranged on a shelf or desk.

De-Stress Gifts 

If you know somebody who finds it hard to relax and who always seems stressed then a gift to help them wind down and relax would be a great idea. We know what stress can be a major cause of problems for our clients causing issues such as anxiety, eating issues, addiction problems as well as problems with sleep. This is why in our therapy sessions it is one of the most important problems we tackle first. Holistic gifts to aid relaxation and decrease tension can be incredibly helpful when it comes to tackling stress.

We love this Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager that also heats up. The motion of the massage nodes is brilliant at doing deep tissue and muscle massage. The infrared heating also warms the muscles and helps to improve blood circulation and stops tension and aches. It can be adjusted to three different speeds and changes direction to get into every muscle. This is a product that has amazing reviews and it is also a great price (considerably cheaper than paying for a masseuse).

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home from a hard day at work and relaxing with a scented candle to change your mood. The Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin Home Candle is the perfect luxury candle to give as a gift that has a gorgeous scent. The product is also beautifully packaged meaning that it will never look out of place with your home decor.


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