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Holistic Mental Health – Natural Methods to Improve your Wellness

Holistic mental health is an important new branch of well-being to help conditions such as anxiety and depression. It is a methodology that doesn’t just look at the presenting condition but instead takes into account any factors which may play a part in increasing negative feelings of thoughts.

Traditional medicine and psychology tend to deal with the main problem that a person may be experiencing but often there is little time for say a doctor to go into each individual factor that may have brought a patient into their clinic. A holistic mental health practitioner won’t just address the obvious but will look at lifestyle factors that could also be playing a part in the problem.

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How Can I Improve my Mental Health Without Medication?

Many people are unaware that they may have considerably more power than they think if they choose to take charge of their mental health. Holistic mental health is designed to empower them to understand how they can start to see differences in how they feel often without any medication at all.

Taking medication is often an easy route for many people because it is a relatively passive activity. It doesn’t require you to change your lifestyle or what you do. Holistic mental health requires you to take some action to make changes which is why many people initially ignore it.

The only problem is that medication can’t fix everything for you and as many people realise after they have been taking pills for a period of time. When their problems persist (sometimes for years) they realise they have to make other changes and head to a holistic health practitioner.

If they arrive at a clinic such as ours they are shown that what they think is often link to a myriad of other lifestyle factors such as sleep, eating, alcohol consumption, stress and relationships. When there are placed back in balance many problems such as anxiety or depression can significantly reduce.

Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Mental Health

So what are the benefits of a holistic approach to mental health? Well firstly taking medication may be unnecessary for many people. All medication has some form of side effects. Why take something that could create problems when there are natural methods that may be able to help first.

Holistic mental health tackles the underlying reasons for your problems and asks why they are happening. It is a form of detective work that weeds out the real problems and helps you to put in place coping strategies or alternative ways of living to improve your well-being. Holistic living can in the long run change your life for the better and in many cases stop problems recurring. Medication meanwhile often may act as a sticking plaster. It can help but often doesn’t heal the wound or prevent the problem from happening again.

holistic mental health

What are the Five Components of Holistic Health?

When we review our clients from a holistic mental health perspective there are five main areas that we look at that can help our clients. These are their physical health, emotional health, social life, spiritual health and finally how they are feeling intellectually. If we find that some of these areas are out of balance then we work to help our clients alter their behaviour in order to make improvements in how they feel.

Physical Health and Well-Being

If you are not feeling in the best physical health then it is going to impact your well-being. Holistic mental health looks at things that can be done to change how people feel. For example, are they getting enough exercise? If they are not then we suggest that they start by doing something easy to start with and then build up to something more vigorous. Walking is a great place to start. A walking pad treadmill is a great investment that can be used indoors if the weather isn’t great.

We always ask our clients about their sleep patterns as that also impacts their physical health. We give our clients a strict sleep routine to follow and our guided sleep meditation to listen to at night. When they use both of these it can make a huge difference in how they feel mentally.

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Other factors we take into account when dealing with the physical links related to mental health include pain, how our clients eat and whether they are drinking or smoking too much. Many of these issues can be helped with therapy and when our clients start to work on these particular areas their mental health starts to improve.

Emotional Mental Health

Our emotional mental health is impacted not just by what we think but by outside forces as well. As an example, too much stress can make us feel on edge and worried. Yet this is something that can be addressed with holistic mental health treatment.

One of the first things that we do with all our clients is to help them to manage their stress levels. One of the major cause of mental health issues across the globe is too much stress. There are some great ways to manage stress such as using mindfulness to stay focused on the now rather than worrying about the future. Mindfulness cards are a great tool that can be easily carried with you to change how you feel.

Stress can also be helped by finding time to practice self-care. We have a whole host of self-care tips in our blog that you can use. Just the simple task of taking some time out to pamper yourself can make a world of difference. Try using a pamper kit a few times a week and see how it makes you feel. We love the 1001 Remedies Pamper Spa Kit.

All our clients also get our best selling relaxation and stress reduction guided meditation and we ask them to listen to it daily. This is one of the easiest ways we not to make our clients take half an hour out of their day and do nothing but relax. The audio download is great at helping them to switch off their busy minds so that when they are ready to resume their normal lifestyle they are doing it feeling calmer and more in control.

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Social Health and Wellness

Never underestimate how others can impact your mental health. Holistic mental health usually takes a look at our relationships and how well they are working. For example are there family problems, issues with partners or problems with people that you are associate with such as friends, work colleagues or managers?

Learning to manage social health can make a difference in how we think and feel. Sometimes the act of saying no for example to too many requests from others can help us feel more relaxed and at ease. In other circumstances, greater action needs to be taken. That might mean breaking up with an abusive partner or leaving a job when you are unhappy.

What most of our clients soon learn is that if they do nothing in instances where things are not working then things will stay exactly the same. You need to learn to take action to create changes. Sometimes that isn’t always the easiest to do but with the right support it can make a huge difference.

When to Walk Away: Finding Freedom From Toxic People is a great read to help you understand how to remove yourself from relationships that simply aren’t working.

Spiritual Health

Holistic mental health also looks at the spiritual side of our lives. This doesn’t have to be all about religion but it can be about how we find meaning in our lives. For some people that might mean giving back to the community and volunteering, for others it means sticking to ethical boundaries that feel right to them. We also believe that doing things that nurture our spiritual development can make a positive difference in mental well-being.

Spending time in nature is one way to help us feeling spiritually connected as is mixing with others in our communities to help out. You can also take us hobbies such as meditation or yoga to allow you headspace so that you can find the time to focus on your spiritual needs. Setting up a meditation area in your home is one example of something that could work for you. We love these meditation cushions that will allow you to nurture your spiritual side in comfort.

Intellectual Wellness

Finally last but not least we mustn’t forget that holistic mental health needs to look at intellectual wellness. This is the part of us that needs to feel fulfilled through knowledge and learning. When our brains are not being stimulated and we feel stagnant it can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression.

Most commonly this occurs because our work which plays a huge part in our lives is not fulfilling or we have been stuck in a role of far too long and life feels boring and repetitive. Learning new skills or changing roles at work can often help to alter this apathy.

For others, there is an acceptance that work might not fulfil them but they find their passion elsewhere for example in a hobby. We help our clients to look at the options available to them so that this side of their well-being is addressed. Finding your Element by Sir Ken Robinson is also a great book to help you discover your passion and purpose.

Holistic Mental Health Treatment

Holistic mental health treatment is a great way of helping you to wellness and can either be used with traditional medical interventions or without. Learning to understand the individual elements that make up good mental health can be a game-changer when it comes to how you feel. Yes, it does mean that you have to take action and not brush things under the carpet but whilst in the short term, it might seem a chore in the long term it can be transformative and uplifting.

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