how to create a peaceful home environment

How to Create a Peaceful Home Environment For Good Mental Health

Learning how to create a peaceful home environment is really important for your mental health and well-being. When you have a home that is disorganized and full of clutter it can sap your time and energy and make you feel stressed, anxious and depressed.

Taking time to plan your home, its contents and decor can make a significant impact on your mood and help you to feel calmer and more relaxed. So we have collated some simple home decor tips that you can use to change your home environment to create a better space to benefit your wellness.

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How Do You Make Your House a Peaceful Sanctuary?

So how exactly do you make your home into a zen space that helps you and your family relax? There are certainly some simple basic steps that you can take to make a difference to your spaces that are universal. We will discuss how decluttering your rooms and working on harmonising your space can make a difference however not all people have the same tastes, needs,  space or locality which does make a difference.

Learning how to create a peaceful home environment, therefore, involves working with what you have and altering it to suit your surroundings and needs so that it makes you feel happy and calm.

how to create a peaceful home environment

Tips for Building Serenity at Home

One of the biggest tips we have for helping you to create a peaceful environment and home space is working with what you have and adapting it depending on the outside world and who is living in the space.

What is going on in the outside world is important when you are decorating because depending on what your surroundings are you either want to shut the world out or bring it into your home.

So if you are living in the middle of the city and surrounded by traffic and noise you are likely to want to shut the outside environment out if you can to create a relaxing home. The opposite would be true if you lived in a home with a beautiful view. Then you might want to do everything you can to bring that peaceful outside space into your home.

Who is living in the home will also impact your decisions. If you have a large family and children then it may be impossible to create an entirely peaceful house so you may choose to focus on creating calming zones within it instead. If you live by yourself it becomes much easier to make every room a peaceful zone.

When you have thought about these basics here are some other things you can do to make a difference to your living space and stress levels.

Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere With Natural Light

Learning how to create a peaceful home environment can involve simple strategies such as playing with the light that is in your home.

Natural light in particular is great for making a space feel light and airy as well as fresh and clean. Of course, where you let that light in is important depending on the environment you are living in.

You can add more light into your home by changing your windows and doors or moving their location in the home. Skylights are great as well as they can flood a room with light but also give you a great view of the ever-changing sky. If that isn’t possible then you can think about adding glass block walls to your home or using doors with glass in them instead of wood. Light tubes also can help food natural light into your house.

If renovating is out of the question then lighting and decor become more important as that can also help with creating a better atmosphere. Try and use lighting that uses natural light bulbs (full spectrum) to simulate daylight. Also, think about where you can place the lighting to make a bigger impact.

Don’t forget that objects like mirrors can also make spaces feel lighter when they are placed in the right rooms to create a calm airy space.

Keep Your Home Clutter-Free To Create a Relaxing Environment

As we touched on earlier having a clutter-free home is essential if you want less stress and want to make your home and life more relaxing.

Trying to run a home and family when everything is disorganized is impossible and makes your life ten times harder. Therefore it makes sense to look at each room in your home and start to think about some great storage solutions to make a difference.

The range of storage products you can buy for your home right now is huge as more and more people are waking up to the benefits of having a home where everything has a place. TV shows with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit have also popularized the revolution in tidy clutter-free spaces.

So how do you get rid of the clutter in your home? Well, think about investing in good storage solutions such as cupboards and large wardrobes. Use storage boxes so that everything has a place and is tidily put away. Clear the clutter in your kitchen by using storage solutions such as pantry organizers.

When your home is clutter-free it is going to feel more peaceful and calming plus you will know where everything is.

Buy Calming Objects and Natural Products

The objects that you bring into your home can also give off calming energy especially if you choose natural products to create a peaceful home.

Wood floors for example can make or break a space and help to create an environment that not only is calming but soothing as well. Wooden furniture can also help to change the mood of your house especially when they are in light or mid-tones.

Many people will also use natural products in their rooms to create a cozy vibe such as warm wool blankets or cotton cushions.

If you are thinking about accessories or decor don’t forget that ornaments can also help to relax your space. Whether you want a stone buddha for your meditation zone or a zen garden for your office desk there are plenty of products that can help to make your interiors spaces more relaxing.

Create Serenity in Your Home With Plants

Flowers and plants are another great way to helping to transform your space and help to bring the outside in. Yet the benefits of plants don’t just extend to their look but also to their wellness benefits.

When you have plants in the home they help to filter out air pollution and assist with reducing stress levels. As you feel calmer and your well-being improves your mood lightens which makes you happier.

The right plants in a room can make a big difference to a house and are a relatively easy and cheap way to make a difference relatively quickly. They are also easily moveable and non-permanent which means that if you change your mind you can move them elsewhere. If you are renting they can also be easily transported to wherever you are living.

Remember even if you have hayfever or allergies there are also plenty of artificial plants that can transform your space. They might not have the same natural health benefits but artificial plants can still replicate a calming green space.

Make a Relaxing Home With Aromatherapy

Learning how to create a peaceful home environment isn’t always about the decor. How a home smells can also help to make a home a calm zone.

Big business is very aware of how aromas can make a big difference to their sales and you can utilise the same tricks only to help create a calming space. The fact is that smells alter our mood and choosing the right ones can either help you think zen and calm your stress or give you energy and boost your mood.

Aromatherapy diffusers are probably the easiest and the cheapest ways to make this happen. There are some brilliant models in the market from desktop diffusers to use in your office space to beautifully designed ceramic diffusers that look like an ornament.

This Kumi Stone Diffuser is perfect for diffusing essential oils to help create a relaxed atmosphere and wouldn’t look out of place in even the most stylish home.

Create a Peaceful Space to Make a Zen Zone

If you have kids then creating a peaceful home is a little bit more difficult but not impossible. The key is zoning your house so that some rooms are for the family but others are places where you can be calm and peaceful.

Look at your home and try and see what areas you could use as a calm zone or a zen space. In most houses, you will be at least able to turn your bedroom into a relaxing area where you can get away some peace if you need it.

Make your bed comforting and inviting so that it becomes a great place to hang out and relax if you need to take some time alone. You could also create a calm meditation corner in your bedroom to allow yourself to relax and allow your mind to be peaceful. All you need is a meditation cushion and you have a calm zone.

You can also read about how you can create an outdoor meditation space to help create that same peaceful space in your garden.

Create a Cozy Space for Calm

Creating a peaceful home doesn’t always have to be about light airy spaces it can also involve cozy corners that can make you feel safe and protected. A cozy space in your house is perfect for the Wintertime when we go into hibernation mode and are going out less.

One of the ways to create this peaceful paradise is by using furniture and accessories that are warm and inviting. In the living room, there is nothing better than a fire to create a focal point and that calming soothing atmosphere. This could be an open fire, gas fire or a wood burner. You can even simulate the look with a freestanding electric fireplace.

Soft throws, real or fake candles, dimmed lighting can also help to create that cosy peaceful environment.

Make Your Home Have a Tranquil Atmosphere with Sound

There are many ways to create a peaceful home and sound is certainly something you can utilise to help you change the atmosphere of a space.

One of the simplest ways is simply choosing soothing music to play in a room to help you relax. Alternatively, you can use one of our guided meditations for relaxation and stress reduction to help you to switch off after a busy day.

self hypnosis relaxation and stress reduction

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If you live in a busy area and need help tuning out annoying sounds then you could think about using a white noise machine to help reduce their annoyance. These can play looping sounds such as white noise or ocean sounds to help you relax and get to sleep. They aren’t very expensive but can make a real difference.

Use Mood Decor and Peaceful Objects

There are plenty of objects, ornaments and artworks that can also help to make your home a more peaceful environment. The key is finding products that suit your taste and the room you are decorating.

We like this modern artwork that simply has the words inhale and exhale written on it. It would be a perfect piece to place in a yoga space, calming bedroom or meditation zone. Of course, pictures of natural landscapes can also work really well.

If you are looking for ornaments or sculptural pieces think about choosing ones that use natural materials and make you feel peaceful just by looking at them. These meditation figures and ornaments are a great example of a product that just makes you calm by looking at it.

Experiment with Color To Create Tranquil Home Decor

Finally, last but not least don’t forget that the color your paint your home can completely change the ambience of a space. If you are a fan of soothing and calming spaces then soft neutrals, shades of white and blue-gray colors are all excellent at making your space feel more tranquil.

When you make your home a peaceful environment with color you are changing the energy and that is a fantastic way of helping you to feel more relaxed.

Of course, there are some colors that are less likely to create a peaceful look. Stay away from bright pinks and red if you are looking at zen decor because they are energetic colors that tend to be the opposite of soothing. Nobody is going to feel that relaxed when they are faced with neon walls. If in doubt paint everything white and create interest with your furniture and accessories.

Learning how to create a peaceful home environment doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive when you know how. Even if you are on a tight budget changing the paint colour of a room can transform the vibe and energy making it a calmer place to be in. Try experimenting with some of our relaxing tips in your home and see how some simple changes could help your mental health and reduce your stress levels.

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