how to drink less alcohol in five steps

How to Drink Less Alcohol in 5 Steps

Are you drinking too much? Do you find that you are getting home from a stressful day at work and immediately reaching for a drink to take the edge off? Do you resolve to have one drink and find that in a few hours you’ve drunk a whole bottle of wine (or sometimes more)? Then our How to Drink Less Alcohol in 5 steps can help you to take back some control over your bad habit.

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Quitting Alcohol – Step 1

When we work with drinkers we are never usually working with alcoholics instead we are dealing with the world of middle-class drinkers. Our clients don’t need to go cold turkey and quit drinking completely instead they need to curb a bad habit that has got way out of control. So step one is to understand small changes in the right direction can make a big difference to your drinking habit. Resolve to have alcohol free nights, buy half-size bottles of wine or use small glasses and you will find yourself drinking less automatically.

Never underestimate the power of making small changes to your habits and behaviours. Smaller glasses have been shown to consistently reduce the amount you drink without even thinking about it. This Juvale Set of 4 Small Clear Glass Stemmed Wine Glasses are perfect at teaching you new habits as they are only 4.5 oz each in comparison to some glasses that are 20 oz.

Whilst you are at it you could also think about buying yourself a glass that reminds you of the number of calories you are consuming each time you take a drink. The Caloric Cuvee is a calorie counting wine glass that gives you the exact numbers and helps you keep an eye on exactly how large your measures are and what that is doing to your waistline.

Moderate Drinking by Being Mindful – Step 2

As with most habits drinking in the evening is mindless. It is something that you do when watching television or playing on a computer. You aren’t noticing what we are drinking because your mind is elsewhere. So step 2 means having conscious awareness of what you are doing. Allow yourself a drink but only when there are no other distractions. Concentrate on each sip and notice the taste and flavour of what you are drinking. Make a conscious note of how many mouthfuls or glasses you are having. These simple steps help you to reduce the quantity of alcohol that you can consume.

Want to learn more about mindful drinking? Then head on over to amazon and get a copy of How to Be a Mindful Drinker which shows you how to moderate your drinking by increasing awareness of what you are doing.

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Stress and Alcohol – Step 3

Without a doubt, the biggest reason people are drinking every night is to deal with stress or other emotional issues. When you are drinking you enter a state where the outside world and worries fade a little allowing you to tune out from your problems. The only problem is that alcohol doesn’t resolve your problem and is also impacting your health. Dealing with your underlying issues is so important to take back control of your drinking. So if you are stressed do something to resolve the stress not mask it.

We help our clients lower their stress levels with our self-hypnosis downloads. You can choose a relaxation audio to help but we prefer to combine the relaxation with hypnotic suggestions for drinking less. Our drink less hypnosis download can also help to change subconscious thought patterns increasing your motivation and willpower to cut down.

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Get a Life – Step 4

How many of you that are drinking are existing rather than living? What I mean by this is that so many of our clients go to work and then come home, sit themselves down in front of the television or computer and do nothing else. Their life has got into a rut. Resolve to make changes to take you out of your comfort zone and into the land of the living. Go and watch a film, do a night class, head to the gym but don’t let life pass you by because you were too lazy to do other things.

If you are living with a partner get them involved as well. Don’t let your relationship simply revolve around evening drinking. Find things that you can do together. Talk through any problems you have rather than keeping quiet and finding comfort by drinking. Life is too short to spend your life in front of a screen.

Don’t Keep Alcohol in the House – Step 5

My clients often wonder how to drink less alcohol without thinking of the obvious solution which is not to buy it in the first place. If your fridge or wine cellar is stocked with bottles the temptation to drink them is always there. If you have a bottle open you aren’t going to just have one drink you will have the lot. If it isn’t in the house in the first place it is so much harder to get up and head to the shops to buy the alcohol especially late at night. So cut out bulk buying wine or beer and limit your options.

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