How to drink less this Christmas

How to Drink Less This Christmas

Traditionally Christmas is a time of parties, social gatherings and boozy day time drinking. As ever drinking in moderation is fine but endless drinking creates hangovers and impacts your physical and mental health. Want to learn how to drink less this Christmas or at other times of the year? Our tips and strategies should help you to take back control this festive season.

Responsible Drinking Plan

Before attending any event where you know there will be a temptation to drink it is always sensible to create a responsible drinking plan. First of all, be aware of your limits. You may be fine on three or four glass of wine or beer but know that once you go over these limits you start to make impaired decisions. Create a plan before you start drinking and then stick to it.

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Discover Your Alcohol Triggers

All of our clients have situations, people or circumstances that trigger their need for alcohol yet most won’t notice them because the urges and needs are automatic and based on habits and conditioning. Learning to understand your triggers and putting in place a plan of action to change them can be incredibly helpful at altering unhelpful behaviours.

We have designed a set of Alcohol Tracker Worksheets to help you slow down your thoughts and become more consciously aware of what you are drinking. The printables have sheets to help with habits and track exactly what you are drinking. They also give you suggestions for healthier habits and a plan of action to change what you are doing.  You can purchase your copy in our online store.

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Moderate Your Drinking

As well as knowing your limits you can also help to reduce your alcohol consumption by choosing to drink something different. Shots and shorts, for example, could be problematic for you whilst weak beer can help you to get through the evening without overdoing it.

Choose to monitor your measures. Some glasses of wine in pubs are almost the size of half a bottle. Pour yourself smaller measures or ask for smaller measures whilst you are at the bar. Remember learning how to drink less this Christmas means taking control of your drinks. If someone else hands you a glass with alcohol in it it could contain significantly larger measures than you would have chosen for yourself so take charge.

Learn How to Pace Your Drinking

If you choose to drink quickly then you are going to feel the impact. It is always better to drink slowly and be mindful of your alcohol consumption. Pacing yourself might involve taking a certain time between each drink or alternating one alcoholic beverage with a soft drink.

If possible try and eat something either before you drink or during the event. Drinking on an empty stomach is a sure-fire way to get you drunk very quickly so be sensible and make sure you have something that will cushion the impact of the alcohol.

Self Hypnosis to Drink Less Alcohol

If you want to change your mindset around alcohol self-hypnosis to drink less alcohol can help to create new patterns of behaviours. Our drink less audio download is available to buy in our online store and can be helpful at changing your bad habits.

Play the Scenario Forward

If you do feel the temptation to drink more it is worth playing a fast forward on the evening in your head. Think about the times when you have done this before and really concentrate on the previous consequences of your actions. Are you prone to doing or saying something embarrassing when you have had too many? Have you become bad-tempered and a bad drunk? Did drinking too much make you feel ill for days afterwards with a terrible hangover? Thinking of the negative aspects of overdoing it may be enough to curb your enthusiasm for more alcohol!

Plan Your Exit

It isn’t always necessary for you to stay to the bitter end at a party or an event. Before attending a Christmas party resolve to have an exit plan. Perhaps book a taxi to take you home at a certain time so you can’t stay drinking. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you of when you said you would leave. Or agree to become the designated driver so that you simply can’t drink at all!

Cutting Down on Alcohol Benefits

The benefits of moderating your alcohol intake are huge. Alcohol impacts your energy levels, your general health and makes you put on weight. Drink regularly and you are setting yourself up for some serious physical and mental health problems later on in life. Control your drinking and you will live longer and be happier plus you will be considerably wealthier. An average drinker spends over £5,000 a year on nights out! Think of what you could do with even a small percentage of that money.

Need help learning how to drink less this Christmas or in the New year? Contact us for more information about our drink less four-session program to help change your relationship with alcohol.

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