How to manifest something by writing it down

How to Manifest Something By Writing it Down

If you want to attain your goals in life or follow your dreams then manifestation is a great way of doing this. Yes, you can manifest by purely thinking about something but thoughts can be forgotten or feel less tangible than something that is written. Learning how to manifest by writing it down makes more sense because when something is on paper it feels more serious and becomes something that is more easily actionable.

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How Does Manifesting By Writing Work?

The process of learning how to manifest something by writing it down isn’t difficult but it does require you to take the process seriously and you will need to take action. The idea of passive manifestation is something that is perpetuated by new-age websites selling miracle solutions that frankly don’t exist. Instead expect to make an effort that will take you to the places that you want to go.

The first step is to purchase a notebook or manifestation journal where you are going to start to write down what you want. It makes sense for your first try at manifestation to pick one or two goals that are realistic for you to achieve and which you could accomplish in the shorter term.

Write your goals in the journal and then follow our steps further on in this post to make what you have written down happen.

Once you become more confident at manifesting you can start to look for more complicated or longer-term goals.

how to manifest something by writing it down

How Do You Manifest Something By Writing it Down?

Freedom Mastery Life and Goals Planner is one of our favourite ways of doing written manifestations because of its design.

This law of attraction planner helps to guide you to success because of all the elements contained within it. This is jam-packed with everything from to-do lists, skills and habits lists, intentions, actions to take and even the space for a mind map.

To reach your goals you could simply just fill out the sections in the planner and diary to help you get where you want to be. However, we like to help people understand the science behind what they are doing so our steps below also tell you why each element is important and why you need to include it in your journey to success.

Manifesting By Writing

When you are using pen and paper to write a manifestation list don’t forget to invest some time and energy into what you are doing. You are not going to get what you want from the universe by not allowing yourself time to focus on the things that you want to attract in your life.

To get a great outcome you need to be positive and take the steps necessary to build the foundations of your dream life. It is easier to trust the process of manifesting when you know you have put the work in and bothered to use a planner or notebook to add detail to your dreams and goals.

You can also use our manifestation journal prompts to help you dig a little deeper into your mind including your subconscious to get the clarity you need to make things happen.

So where should you focus your energy on first when you want to manifest? Well here are the steps that we believe can help make a difference.

Identify Your Goals By Writing a Manifestation List

The best place to start when manifesting by writing is to note down a list of your goals, desires and dreams in your notebook.

Think of this as a law of attraction brain dump. When you are writing this list everything is on the table as it is just a way of getting your thoughts on paper. By writing this list you are able to examine your feelings and thoughts and start to sift through possibilities.

This initial list is just the first important step in getting you to where you want to be. It is such a simple technique for creating the life you want but think of it as a very rough diamond at this point that is about to be polished.

Clarity and The Power of Writing Things Down

If you are looking to manifest and use the law of attraction then it makes sense to look at a list of your desires and start to shape them so you get more clarity and focus.

We always suggest leaving the list for a day or two and coming back to it with fresh eyes a few days later so that you can start sifting through your writing.

Having thousands of ideas that you want to manifest sounds great but in practice, it doesn’t make sense as you simply won’t have the time and energy to do everything at once. Instead, start to look through your words and start to eliminate any of your thoughts that aren’t practical at this moment or are unrealistic and narrow your list down.

Try and come up with no more than 5 to 10 possibilities and then split those into short and longer-term goals so that they can be worked upon. Use our Law of Attraction Planner Sheets to help you reach your goals. They have been designed to help you focus on your desires and change your life by helping you to manifest using the power of goal setting and planning.

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Have Clear Manifestation Goals and Be Specific

Your next step is to take your words and start to shape your vision so that it becomes much more specific. The devil is in the detail as they say so thinking about how these goals are going to impact your life and what they will look like is important.

This detail makes it so much easier to define what you want to manifest. As an example, your initial brain dump might have said “Get a New Job” but this doesn’t give you or the universe any direction about where you want to go in your life.

Create the details about what you want to achieve by writing about the real outcome you want. This might be getting a new job as a marketing manager that pays $100,000 a year in the Boston area. When you put your energy into thinking about the details and end goal you now have a much better way of manifesting what you really want.

Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs By Changing Your Mindset

It is all very well learn how to manifest something by writing it down but what about if you find it difficult to believe that what you have written is possible?

We all have limiting beliefs that are help consciously and also in the subconscious that prevent us from following our dreams. Understanding what your limiting beliefs are and working on altering negative thinking is an important step when you want to manifest something in your life.

Think carefully about the thoughts or beliefs that might be holding you back and find ways to alter those negative thoughts. Limiting beliefs relating to confidence, self-esteem, skills, your available time and even money can all be worked on and resolved when you start to put your mind to it.

As an example, our self-hypnosis for confidence and self-esteem download can help you change unhelpful feelings and thoughts so you can get to your goal.

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Creating a Detailed Manifestation Plan Law of Attraction

When you begin to hone in our what you want to manifest by writing it down you are helping yourself to focus your vision into a more precise desire. When we have a better idea of where we want to place our energy it becomes easier to achieve.

Your next step is to use more of your energy to create a plan around how you are going to make what you want actually happen. If you want to manifest something then writing down the steps that are going to bring you closer to that dream are key to helping you get what you desire.

So going back to the earlier example of a marketing manager job you might start to put a plan in place to help you create that outcome which might look like this:

  • Apply for jobs at twenty companies in the Boston area that specialise in marketing.
  • Take extra courses in marketing management to increase my skill set.
  • Create new CV’s that are targeted to the exact companies I am looking to work for.
  • Attend marketing network events where I might meet someone who will help me get my foot in the door.
  • Follow the companies on social media and interact with them.
  • Target recruitment companies who may have the right job available.
  • Get work experience in the area I want to work in to make me more hireable.

As you can see creating positive steps and writing a plan of action to get you where you want to be can now help you to manifest the job. You have taken a woolly concept from your mind and now defined exactly what you want and the steps it will take to get you where you want to be. This is how you take control of your destiny!

The book The Practical Law Of Attraction by Victoria Gallagher digs deeper into specific techniques to help you make things happen.

Take Action

When you write something on paper that is specific and has a detailed plan you are halfway to your goal but you now need to use more of your energy to put your words into action.

The universe isn’t manifesting for you, instead, you are using your own personal power to attract what you desire into your life. This means that you now need to create a process that makes you practice putting those desires and dreams into reality.

Think of this manifestation task as something that you are going to focus on every day until you make it happen.

Look at your action plan and begin to change your life by starting to work on each individual item on your plan and doing the very thing you have written about. Work in a logical order and prioritise tasks for the process to work most efficiently.

Don’t be surprised when doing this every day starts to make things happen for you.

How to Write Manifestations

Learning how to manifest something by writing it down can change your life if you believe and trust in the process. Don’t fall for the new age trap and write things down in your notebook and then hope things will happen to you because it just won’t work. Instead, follow our steps as well as SMART goals and strategies to get what you want and turn those dreams of yours into a reality.

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