how to practice self-care at home

How to Practice Self-Care at Home

Do you know what it means to practice self-care at home? At the moment it is the latest buzzword that is being discussed everywhere but what exactly does it mean? Well, put simply it is anything that you do for yourself that improves your emotional, physical or mental health. It isn’t something that you have to do such as work instead it is something that you deliberately plan to improve your well-being.

The practice of self-care can, of course, take place inside or outside the home but as I am writing this in the middle of the Coronavirus epidemic many outdoors options are not available. This means that it is even more important than ever to find time to practice self-care at home.

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Why Self-care is Important

What is so important about self-care and why should you be doing it? Well many of us lead busy lives frantically trying to juggle everyday tasks. On top of that, we spend a good part of our time trying to please other people. We stay late at work because we want to please our bosses and further our careers. We come home and immediately start cooking and cleaning trying to make our homes perfect for our family. We say yes to attending school meetings, helping friends, ferrying children to clubs, food shopping or looking after relatives. The list is never-ending but at the end of the day where does, your well-being come into the picture? Finding ways to manage your stress is so important.

When you spend so much time looking after others it can be really easy to forget about yourself. That means that your emotional, physical and mental health needs are placed on the back burner. By the time you have catered for everyone else, there simply isn’t time for yourself and this can have an impact on your well-being.

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Self-Care is Not Selfish

Self-care at home or in any situation is not selfish although many people feel guilty for even contemplating looking after themselves. Think about it this way. If you are unable to function what happens to all of the other people that you take care of? Without you functioning at your best there is likely to be an impact on all of them as well. That is why it is so important to make sure that your needs are met as well as theirs.

By taking time out to do the things you like or simply taking time to rest you are going to not only help yourself but for them as well. Being an exhausted and fed up employee is not going to help you rise through the ranks at your job. Feeling miserable or being like a drudge at home is going to make your relationship with your family and friends strained. Find time for yourself to meet your needs and the whole picture changes for the better.

Ideas for Self-Care at Home

Making sure that you practice self-care at home is so important for your physical and mental health. So what can you do in order to look after your needs? I always say to my clients to find things that they love doing and make space for them in their life. It doesn’t matter if some of those things are sitting down in front of daytime TV with a glass of wine. This is not a competition to have the most interesting hobby or fill your time with worthwhile pursuits it is about finding me time.

Here are just some ideas that you might find to help you in your self-care journey.


Do you love the idea of having just some time for yourself and your thoughts? This is not about judging what you are thinking or being critical instead it is about observing and gaining awareness. Why not pull up a Buckwheat Meditation Cushion take a seat and allow yourself some time to float away on your thoughts.

Not sure how to meditate? Then there are a ton of books that can help. Why not start with The Headspace Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation or The Little Book of Meditation.


No, I am not talking about cooking meals for your family or friends I am talking about cooking just for you. Have you ever fancied trying some new vegan recipes then why not start with the BOSH! Healthy Vegan cookbook? Perhaps you have always fancied yourself as an expert baker. Then Mary Berry’s My Kitchen Table: 100 Cakes and Bakes might be just the thing. Alternatively, you might just want to cook healthier food to lose weight and feel better. Then you could try Pinch of Nom which has sold over a million copies. Whatever you fancy trying there is a cookbook out there to help you.


How much time out do you really take out to pamper yourself? By pamper I mean put on a face mask, give yourself a pedicure or manicure or use a moisture mask on your hair. Taking time out to make yourself feel and look good is important and the effects can last for days afterwards.

Pick an evening each week to be your spa night and start at the top and work your way down.  Start with your hair and put on a Morocconoil Intense Hydrating Mask to really improve the condition of your locks.

Then move on to your face and try an LED Face Mask to help with skin rejuvenation and skincare. This particular model helps with skin elasticity and wrinkles and can be used over and over again to get glowing skin.


Whilst the mask is on you can also get to work on your nails and give yourself a manicure with this Smith and Cult nail polish.

Finally, get to work on your feet and use this foot spa massager to soothe away any aches and pains.


Get Creative

I’m sure all of us at one point would like to indulge our creative sides but never get the chance because other things simply get in the way. Being creative covers so much ground meaning that there is something for everyone if you take the time to look.

Want to start taking photos? The Canon EOS 4000D DSLR Camera is the best entry-level model on the market and comes at a fantastic price. Even better it is perfect for self-care at home if you fancy using it for vlogging.


Perhaps you fancy yourself as a modern-day Picasso. The Royal & Langnickel All Media Easel Artist Set has got everything you need to help you on your way. Alternatively, why not start making your own clothes and show your flair for design with the Singer Simple 3232 Sewing Machine.


Exercise and Self-Care

When you are looking after your body you are also looking after your mind. Exercise makes you feel better and helps to give us feel-good endorphins which reduce anxiety and depression. Even if you don’t leave the house it is possible to exercise at home. Self-care at home does not have to be difficult or require a home gym instead you can use foldable equipment or products that can be easily stored.

Yoga is a great way to help your mind and your body plus you need minimal equipment or room to get started. The Hongbei Yoga Kit has everything you need to begin your home exercise and the products take up very little room.

If you have a garden then don’t discount skipping that you used to do as a child. The Highfii Jump Rope is great for adults and can help you to build up your fitness slowly. Got a little more room? Then think about getting a foldaway treadmill or desk walker to keep you fit. This Folding Electric Treadmill is incredibly compact so you can hide it away when you have finished your workout.


Just Chilling

Remember that self-care at home does not mean that you actually have to be doing something worth improving yourself. It also means taking some time out to switch off and unwind to help with your stress levels and to improve your mental health. We all need time to do nothing. So many people feel guilty about taking time out but without taking time to rest you are going to burn yourself out.

Why not take a bath and fill it with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil. Then light a Neom Organics Tranquility Scented Candle and lie back and relax. Finally, if you want, put on some restful chill out music to help take away the stress from the day.

Self Hypnosis for Self-Care

If you really want to help yourself relax to an even deeper level then self-hypnosis for self-care at home is a great tool to practice. There is no need to do any fancy lessons simply use a self-hypnosis audio download like my relaxation and stress reduction audio and lie back and relax. Self-hypnosis is a great way to totally switch off and leave your worries behind. It is also a fantastic tool to use to help you sleep at night. You can purchase my audio in the online shop.

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Self-Care and Mental Health

Always remember that without taking time out to look after yourself it is very easy to burn yourself out, increase your stress levels or increase anxiety. Any of these can have a significant impact on your mental health. Make sure that you allow your needs to be met by looking after yourself. You are just as important as your family and friends which means you need to sometimes say no and take a step back.

If you find it difficult to practice self-care at home or feel that you need a little extra help then I can help. My online therapy sessions are designed to help my clients figure out what they need and how to take down mental barriers that may be preventing them from getting where they need to be. For more information simply fill out my online contact form to arrange a program of sessions.

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