how to radiate positivity

How to Radiate Positivity

Are you one of those people who walk around with your head firmly pointed to the floor ignoring those around you or do you have your head held high and smile at everyone who passes you by? You might not know it but your demeanour can impact your opportunities, career, relationships and monetary worth. Learning how to radiate positivity is something that you definitely want to pay attention to if you want to get ahead in life.

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What Does Radiate Positivity Mean?

What exactly does the phrase radiate positivity mean? In simple terms, it means that when people meet you they feel comfortable, happy and at home talking to you or being in your presence. Other people know that you are not a negative person who puts a downer on things and you are not going to criticise and moan.

When you radiate positivity you spread feel-good vibes which can be infectious. Because you are feeling upbeat, smiling, energetic and are a go-getter others will follow suit. It can be really hard to stay negative in the proximity of a person who always looks on the bright side of life and searches for positive solutions.

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Does Positive Energy Attract Positive Energy?

When you have positive energy is transfers to those around you. Enthusiasm, ideas and information flow between parties in a positive environment. If you radiate positivity we can guarantee that you will attract far more opportunities than someone who is quietly hiding in the corner.

Positive energy is not some mystical force as some “new age” gurus would love you to believe. Instead, it just describes the vibe that some people give off but it can have a profound impact.

Did you ever have a teacher at school who used to bounce around the room and give great lessons that you used to love and enjoy? If you did then you no doubt paid far more attention to what was going on and learned a ton of information some of which you will remember now.

For every good teacher, there are also very bad teachers whose lessons you dreaded. Either they were incredibly boring and made lessons seem to drag on forever or they were mean and cruel and delighted in making you look like a fool. Anyone who attended those lessons probably was happy to drop that subject as soon as they could. Radiating positivity goes a long way in helping people hang around, pay attention and get results.

how to radiate positivity

Attracting Positivity

So what you can you do in your life to radiate positivity and create good vibes so that you attract opportunities into your life and make others around you feel appreciated and comfortable. Here are our twenty favourite ways that you can make a difference.

Positive Energy Sources – Wear a Smile

Never underestimate the power of a smile if you want to radiate positivity that is infectious to others. A smile tells people that you are happy to see them and that they should feel at ease in your presence. Start to practice smiling at every new person you meet or pass by and see that the reactions are. You are likely to find that those people will start smiling back and some will engage with you. This is how relationships and friendships are made that create opportunities that previously would have been closed off from you.

Positivity in Life – Carve Your Own Path

It is impossible to radiate positivity if you are doing something that you absolutely hate or have a partner that doesn’t make you feel great. You need to focus on your own happiness in order to feel good. That means carving your own path and finding a career that you love. It means working in an environment that makes you feel happy, appreciated and cared for. It means finding a partner who is loving, caring and encourages your hopes and dreams.

The Little Book of Positivity has some great tips that can help you discover your inner optimist.

Good Energy Vibes – Grab Opportunities

If you keep on doing the same things day in and day out life can get pretty boring relatively quickly no matter what you are doing. The key to staying positive is to start new projects or grab opportunities that can help you to keep things fresh and help you to feel enthusiastic. Get used to saying yes when people ask you to do things and you never know what opportunities might start to come your way.

How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Body – Exercise

It is impossible to radiate positivity if you are feeling tired and sluggish and not looking after yourself properly. Make the time to build exercise into your routine to increase your energy levels. The exercise could be something as simple as walking or swimming or if you have the ability go to the gym or take up running. Building your general fitness and stamina will help you to increase your energy and your general strength and fitness levels. Use a Fitbit to track your general fitness, count your steps and see your workout intensity.

Attracting Positive Energy – Dress the Part

Radiating positive energy simply isn’t going to happen if you dress in baggy clothes and pull on a hoody and put it over your head. That kind of dress only serves to make you blend into the background or look menacing. Start to wear clothes that make you want to stand up tall and show yourself off. Wear brighter colours (without looking like a rainbow mess) and stand out by looking sharper and smarter. When you dress well others gravitate towards you more and listen to what you have to say. Being well dressed gets you in plenty of doors that would otherwise be shut.

Dawnn Karen wants you to Dress Your Best Life. She deals in fashion psychology and knows that how you dress can influence how you feel. Read her book to find out how to dress to change your mood and build success.

How to Give Off Positive Energy – Learn Optimism

Do you live your life thinking of the glass as being half-full or half-empty? Learning optimism can change your outlook on life and help you to give off more positive energy. Nobody likes being near people who constantly talk about all the things that could go wrong instead of everything that could go right. Learn to look on the bright side of life and try and find the positives in situations that others may not.

Our self-hypnosis download has been designed to change subconscious thought patterns to build more positive thinking. Use it daily to help you start to look on the bright side and attract opportunities and people into your orbit.

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Positivity Attracts Positivity – Help Others

Radiating positivity can be easy when you give your time and energy to helping others around you. When you bother to take the time to assist others and you do it with a smile you are going to be appreciated and thanked. Those people also don’t forget the time that you have spent helping them. Later on, you may find that those people seek you out later and can help you in some way or give you an opportunity. Think about paying it forward and you may be surprised at what comes back to you.

How to Get Positive Energy – Manage Negative Thinking

We all have a negative self-critical voice in our heads and it can be easy to let it take over our thoughts and make us feel down and depressed. This voice however can and should be challenged as what it tells us isn’t actually true. Start to recognise when it is criticising you and practice self-love and acceptance rather than berating yourself for everything you do wrong. Eventually, you will find that the negative voice gets weaker and you get stronger. Learn how to stop negative thinking in our article that can help you to change old unhelpful thought patterns.

Positive Energy Tip – Reduce Stress

Radiate positivity by reducing your stress levels. When we are stressed it can make us flustered, anxious and depressed. Yet with some simple tactics, it can be possible to manage stress well so that its negative effects avoid you completely. Create a good work/life balance, get regular exercise, make sure you get good sleep and stay away from negative people. Reducing stress is a great way of protecting your mental health and can help you to stay positive.

Use our guided relaxation and stress reduction download to help yourself feel calmer, more content and in control.

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Creating Positivity – Boost Your Self-Esteem

Finally, if you want to radiate positivity then work on your self-esteem. You need to love yourself before you can get others to love you back. Practice self-esteem boosting affirmations, being kind to yourself instead of critical, learn from mistakes rather than allow them to make you feel dreadful. When you look after your self-esteem you exude an inner glow that other people can spot. It helps you attract people into your life who are good for you and it enables you to avoid those who are not.

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