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How to Reset Your Mind in 8 Steps

We all have moments when we feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, annoyed or just plain fed up. But what about if those moments are lasting far longer than you would like and you feel as if you can’t seem to get yourself out of a rut? Then it might be time to learn how to reset your mind and start afresh.

The idea of clearing your head or doing a brain reset is something that we are experts in. After all our website isn’t called Rewire The Mind for nothing. We have worked for years with clients who feel as if they can’t regain control of their thoughts and feelings. They feel powerless but with some lifestyle changes, coaching and therapy they are thinking and acting in an entirely different way.

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Reset Your Mindset

Learning how to reset your mind doesn’t have to be difficult yet we know that sometimes our clients can’t see the wood from the trees. Our job is to help them take a step back, pause and analyse and then react in a new way.

For some people resetting their mindset can be done with some of the self-help methods that we are going to mention below. For others, therapy might be needed to help change subconscious thoughts, habits and behaviours. We suggest trying the easy routes first and if they are not enough booking in to see a qualified therapist who has expertise in changing how people think.

How Do You Reset Your Emotions?

Let’s talk about the best ways to learn how to reset your mind. We like to talk to our clients about a simple four-step process that helps our clients to think more clearly and alter their thoughts.

Understand the Problem – First of all, you have to recognise that you have a problem or issue. When you have awareness you can start to accept that there is a glitch in the way that you are thinking. For example, if you are feeling anxious every time you go outside and there is no danger then your mind is sending you false signals. Accept that the information that your mind is giving you is incorrect and pay attention to when that might be happening.

What is Causing the Problem – Now you need to try and work out what might be creating the thoughts and behaviours that are not working for you. Start to note when they may be occurring and their frequency. Do you feel the problems all of the time or only in certain situations? Do certain people or places trigger the issues?

Think & Act Differently – If you are able to identify where your problems are coming from then think about what you can do to alter your responses. Can you take control of certain issues, can you confront others or can you remove them from your life completely? Are you able to change your thought processes to feel calmer, happier, less anxious?

Review – Reassess how you feel after you have altered things for a period of time. Do you still need to do some work or have the steps you have taken resolved the problem? If they haven’t what else could you do to continue your journey?

how to reset your mind

How to Reset Your Mind and Mood

We’ve put together ten steps that can help you to change the way you think. None of them should be considered in isolation. As people, we have a huge number of factors that determine how we feel. Usually more than one of these factors might be creating a problem. Your job is to start to influence the most important to change your mood and mindset. Just tackling one area without the others might not always do the trick. This is why we always encourage our clients to live a holistic lifestyle.

So let’s look at what you can proactively do to change your mental state.

How to Change Your Emotional State – Sleep

If you want to know how to reset your mind then the first thing you should tackle before anything else is your sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is absolutely essential to your mental and physical well-being.

When you aren’t sleeping well or you are choosing to stay up late night after night then you are not going to be performing at your best the following day. You are going to feel tired, sluggish and lack energy. Plus a lack of sleep can start to amplifying problems that previously you might have been able to cope with.

Our clients know that when they aren’t sleeping well their anxiety and stress levels start to rise significantly (causing more sleep problems). Plus if they suffer from depression their moods become worse. This means that you need to prioritise sleep before anything else. When you are sleeping well it becomes so much easier to put in place some of the other strategies we are going to talk about.

Our guided meditation for sleep is the perfect tool to help switch off your busy brain and help you get a good nights rest.

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How do I Get My Brain Back? – Journal

Now that you have started to get a better nights sleep you should find that you are better rested, have more energy and are more able to think about what might be causing a problem in your life. The next step is to start a journal to look at triggers for negative emotions, to track your emotions and to set goals and intentions for the coming weeks.

Keeping a journal or mood diary is the absolute best way to see what might be creating problems in your life. The very act of writing down what is happening allows you time to pause and reflect on situations, people and feelings.

The Mood Diary by Andrew Harrn is the perfect tool to use as it has a journal to track everything from your sleep, your energy levels, your mood and triggers. It also includes CBT worksheets as part of the book. This will help you understand where problems may lie in your life and give you some strategies to create positive change.

How Do I Reset My Mental State? – Exercise

All the research into mental health shows that taking more exercise improves how you feel. Nobody is going to feel great if they just sit inside and lie on the sofa all day. You need to move your body more and preferably go outside.

Exercise does not have to involve extremes but it needs to be consistent. That means you may need to go out for a daily walk to help keep you fit. Perhaps you choose to ride your bike every day in order to get to work. You need to find something that will easily fit into your lifestyle and which doesn’t involve hours and hour of your time doing something that you absolutely hate.

Not only does exercise help your mental health and therefore your mind but it also improves your physical health. Therefore you should be feeling fitter and healthier in general when you start to do some exercise daily.

How to Reset Your Subconscious Mind – Hypnosis

If you want to learn how to reset your mind you need to work not only on your conscious thoughts but on your subconscious ones as well. There is a significant amount of automated thinking that might be going on beyond your conscious awareness.

To illustrate this think about many years ago when you learned how to tie your shoelaces. The first few weeks when you learned the process was difficult and no doubt you got it wrong more times than you got it right. Once you learned how to do and the automated pattern started and now you never have to think about it again. The act of tying your shoelaces is now contained within the subconscious where you no longer actively think about it.

This process of learning things and then placing them in the subconscious happens all the time. The problem is that some of the thought patterns and habits you have created and consigned to the subconscious might no longer be working for you.

Stating consciously that you want to do something differently will not be enough to create the change. You also have to update the subconscious and the easiest way to do this is with hypnotherapy or if you are using self-help methods self-hypnosis.

We have a large number of self-hypnosis downloads in our online store to help our clients with this process. Our audio downloads help with everything from confidence to anxiety. Head on over and see if there is one to cover your particular issues as part of your brain reset.

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How to Reset Your Brain Chemistry – Reduce Stress

When we examine what might be causing a problem in our client’s lives stress is behind a significant portion of worries, anxieties and negative thinking. We sometimes get so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t even notice that stress is creeping up on us.

As you write your journal start to look at areas that are causing you stress. So what might be your:

  • Job
  • Relationships
  • Commitments
  • Children
  • Health
  • Lifestyle choices

Start to write a list of areas in your life which might cause you to feel flustered, out of control or under pressure and then start looking at ways that you can cut back on that stress. As an example going to the supermarket and shopping for an hour two or three times a week is time that could be spent relaxing or indulging in self care. Arranging to get your food delivered to your door claws back time for you. When you start to take a long hard look at your life it is amazing how you can take back control of how you feel.

In addition, finding time to sit and do nothing but relax your mind is not wasted time. It is highly beneficial to your mental health. Start to listen to a self-hypnosis relaxation audio daily to help calm down background levels of stress which in turn helps anxiety and allows you time to clear your mind.

self hypnosis relaxation and stress reduction

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Reboot Your Brain – Drink Less Alcohol

There is currently a middle-class drinking epidemic going on and it is having a significant impact on physical and mental health. If you want to know how to reset your mind then drink less alcohol.

This particularly applies to people who are either binge drinking or are drinking a bottle of wine or more every evening to unwind after a busy day. Alcohol has become the drug of choice because it is so easily accessible and relatively inexpensive and it is causing our clients problems.

If you drink too much you have a much lower quality of sleep which has a knock-on impact on how you feel the next day. Repeat that night after night and your mind is not going to be working at anywhere near capacity. Drinkers experience worse anxiety, lower moods and have problems dealing with stress.

We always recommend moderate drinking strategies to change how much you are consuming. Get a free copy of our Drink Less Quick Start Guide below or use our Drink Less Self-hypnosis Download to help you increase willpower and motivation to drink less.

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Mood Reset – Limit Social Media

Have you ever looked at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tik Tok and felt:

  • Jealous
  • Angry
  • Annoyed
  • Upset
  • Insulted
  • Lied To
  • Anxious
  • Intimidated

If so you are not alone. Every day people are on social media platforms looking at posts and threads that are inappropriate. You have problems with people using filters to make their lives seem so glamorous leaving you jealous. You are bombarded with ads trying to sell you stuff you don’t want. Your friends try and coerce you to sign the latest petitions or post pictures that you really don’t want to see but feel obliged to comment on. Then worst of all, there are the people who feel that they can say whatever they like insulting you when they have never even met you.

Social media can be exhausting, anxiety-provoking and a time sap! Start to fight back by limiting who you follow and how much you bother going on to the sites. This will do your mental health a world of good and help you stop the constant posting, liking and the following cycle.

how to reset your mind

Brain Reset Therapy

Finally, if you are still having problems learning how to reset your mind consider therapy. Remember we can’t all expect to solve everything by ourselves. As therapists, we specialise in helping people to understand what might be impacting their moods or making them feel overwhelmed or out of control. Then we assist them in making changes to the way that they think as well as looking at changes that could be made to their lifestyle.

Therapy to reset your mind makes sense because how are you supposed to take an objective look at your life when you are so immersed within it? How are you supposed to come up with solutions when you are not an expert in psychology or mental health? You don’t do your own plumbing, electrics and car maintenance so would you expect to be able to reset your mental state by yourself?

We help our clients reset their emotions so that they can live their lives without fears, worries or habits and behaviours that are unwanted. If you want to consider one of our programs then just contact us at the form below to get more details of our programs.

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