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How to Stop Binge Eating for Good

Want to stop binge eating for good? Well firstly it probably isn’t by doing what you are currently doing which I would guess is dieting. Yep, I know your brain wants to tell you that you need to lose five stone and eating lettuce instead of chocolate but I can guarantee you that your methods are not working. Binge eating and dieting is a partnership that is designed to fail. In fact, in most cases eating too little or trying to restrict your food is going to make your problem a hell of a lot worse! So what can help?

Free Stop Binge Eating Cheat Sheet

Well if you want to start with some basics we have put together a free Stop Binge Eating Cheat Sheet giving you some tips and strategies to use on your own. This can be used in conjunction with our self-hypnosis download to help change subconscious thinking.

free stop binge eating cheat sheet

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If you were not aware binge eating is rarely about the food alone but revolves around negative thoughts associated with problems such as anxiety, stress, feelings of not being good enough or perfectionism. Resolve the root causes of the problem and the issues with food also start to improve

Binge Eating Therapy

For more in-depth assistance we help rewire our client’s minds through therapy. Not just any therapy but a combination of intuitive eating, suggestion, hypnosis, coaching and NLP. Our binge eating therapy is different because it helps our clients to resolve the root cause of their problems rather than guessing at what the problem may be. Get your brain to remember the reasoning behind an old outdated behaviour and it can reboot itself and create a different more productive response.

CBT for Binge Eating

So what do I mean by this? We take a different approach to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which uses a very logical conscious approach to changing behaviour. This means you might be asked to fill out worksheets or do a series of exercises to change your habits and unhelpful eating patterns. The only problem is that for some people this simply isn’t enough and they will continue to do the same thing.

This is because these negative behaviours are done subconsciously which means no matter how much you think about trying to stop another part of your brain will continue to act against it. I liken it to a tug of war going on where you only know what one of the teams is up to.

Yet there is one method that will get to the heart of where the problem lies and that is hypnosis.

Binge Eating Hypnosis

Binge eating hypnosis is a method of getting you so relaxed that you are able to tell your therapist what is going on at the back of your mind. Find out that reason and then at least therapy can be aimed at the real problem rather than using guesswork.

So what have our years of experience using therapy for binge eating taught us? To look at the emotions behind a problem. Binge eating disorder is a problem that is created from issues such as anxiety, stress, perfectionism, and low self-esteem. Food is simply a way to comfort a person from the real underlying thoughts. Find the root cause and then progress can be made at resolving the issue.

Self-hypnosis can also help by changing subconscious thought patterns. You can use our self-hypnosis to stop binge eating download to use at home.

self hypnosis stop binge eating disorder

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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Rewiring the mind can be a relatively fast process providing we can help you discover the underlying emotional issue. Our stop binge eating program takes place over five sessions which are held one to two weeks apart. The sessions can take place online or in our Nottingham clinics. Just contact us to arrange the details.

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