Hypnosis for job interview confidence

How to Use Hypnosis for Job Interview Confidence

For most people going to a job interview is not something we would put on our list of favourite things to do. Being scrutinised by others whilst we are being asked difficult questions is not really fun but it doesn’t have to be torture either. If you are one of the people who is filled with dread and fear to the point where it impacts your performance then getting help to beat the nerves is going to be so important for your financial future. Which is why you might start to want to think about using hypnosis for job interview confidence.

Hypnosis for Job Interview Nerves

Firstly it doesn’t matter whether you are slightly nervous or whether you are feeling like an anxious mess, hypnosis for job interview confidence can help to make a difference. This is because it can give you an edge over your competitors. Think about how elite sports stars use mindset coaching to get the edge over their rivals. They are fully aware that physical preparation is not enough to get that gold medal or to win that tournament. You also need to be mentally prepared because if you are not then you are reducing your chances of success.

If getting a job in a certain field or company matters to you then it clearly makes sense to use everything at your disposal to move the statistics in your favour. Hypnosis for job interview confidence can do this firstly by calming your nerves. When you enter that interview room you want to look cool, calm and composed. If you have nerves and are stumbling over your words, fiddling with your hands and generally looking like you would rather be anywhere else then it will be noticed.

Hypnosis to reduce job interview stress is going to be incredibly helpful at making you calmer. During hypnosis sessions, you are usually taught to enter a deep state of relaxation and this wonderful calm state can be brought with you into the interview room. Being calmer helps you as it means you can think more clearly and answer questions with ease rather than worrying about your nerves.

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Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal

Hypnosis for job interview success also uses the power of visualisation and mental rehearsal. So let’s start with the art of visualisation. if you can’t see yourself successfully completing the job interview you are already putting yourself at a disadvantage. In order to win that job, you need to believe in yourself and think yourself into that role. Visualisation with hypnosis enables this to happen.

Hypnosis can help you to imagine yourself walking into the interview room with your head held high. It can help you to visualise yourself smiling and looking calm. Then it can help you to think about the interviewers and seeing them as being on your side. Allow your mind to think about answering their questions with ease. This form of visualisation with mental rehearsal when regularly practised creates a winning attitude. That gives you a further edge when it comes to doing the interview for real.

Hypnotherapy for Interview Anxiety

What if you actually are suffering from something worse than a case of nerves and are having full-blown anxiety or panic attacks because of your worries. Can hypnosis for job interview confidence still work? The answer is yes but now a hypnotherapist would be working with you not as a coach but as a psychotherapist to understand what the exacts fears are so that therapy can be aimed at the problem.

It is usually interesting to find that people who suffer from severe anxiety related to job interviews will have a problem that is rarely to do with the interview itself. We find that many of our clients may actually have problems with social anxiety and a fear of being judged or they are worried about being trapped in a situation that they are unable to get out of.

Anxieties like these don’t start because of job interviews but because of things that have happened to us as we were growing up. One of our clients was brought up in a religious group that required them to approach neighbours preaching their beliefs. These neighbours could be rude and dismissive. The child started to feel incredibly anxious about these situations because they had no control over what those people would say. They resolved as an adult never to feel trapped like that again. That was fine until years later they needed to attend interviews and the fear would overwhelm them. The same fear they felt as a little child of being in circumstances that they couldn’t escape from.

Understanding where a problem comes from can help therapy to be aimed at the actual fear. In this case, the calming of interview nerves was never going to be enough. Therapy had to be directed at the worry and fear of not being in control or feeling trapped. Once our client felt more empowered the worries simply started to disappear.

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Guided Meditation/Self-Hypnosis for Job Interview Success

Guided meditations or self-hypnosis for job interview success can also be used to help change old unhelpful subconscious thought patterns. We have a whole range of self-hypnosis audios that can be used to help you on your journey to success. In particular, you could try our Positive Thinking audio, our Confidence boosting audio or even our Deep Relaxation download to calm any nerves. All of these titles can help you to relax and think about things in a different way.

If you would like to try any of these guided meditations for job interview success then just head on over to your online store to get your copy for instant download.

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The Best Interview Tips

As well as being mentally prepared it also makes sense to conduct some other basic preparation before heading for your interview. Hypnosis for job interview confidence and success works best when it is combined with these simple tips for preparation.

Research – Never head into your interview without having done thorough research on the company first. If you can take it a little further and also learn about your interviewers or the particular job role that is on offer even better. Research shows that you have taken time out to care and when you show this in an interview situation it can make a big difference.

Dress for the Job you Want – Make sure that when you walk in that room you are groomed and dressed appropriately for the role that is available. If the company is formal then make sure you have the clothes that match the role. With more informal companies then make sure you don’t push the dress code too far in the wrong direction.

Practice Makes Perfect – Before any interview make sure you practice what you could be asked and your responses. Don’t just think of the easy questions you need to think about the more challenging ones as well. Think of how you can demonstrate your leadership qualities, how you work well in a team, when you overcame adversity and how you saved or made money. Try and make sure you let your interviewers know that you are flexible and can think out of the box.

Keep it Positive – Nobody wants to hear about how your last boss was a jerk and how much you hated doing certain aspects of your old job. If you are asked any awkward questions about gaps in your CV or why you may have left other jobs have a positive response ready and rehearsed.

Ask Questions – People with high self-esteem don’t just think about being interviewed. They also want to interview the interviewers. If you have skills that are incredibly in demand and sought after then you need to check that this is the company that is going to be the right fit for you. There is no need to be arrogant when asking the questions but you can make it known that you know your worth.

Sell Yourself – An interview is an opportunity for you to shine if you allow yourself to. Make sure that when the opportunity arises you let the interviewers know what you have accomplished and how you could use those same skills to benefit the company you are being interviewed for.

It is Not all or Nothing – Nobody gets ever job interview they go for. Don’t feel down just because you didn’t get a role. Treat the interview as a rehearsal for something bigger and better.

Hypnotherapy for Job Interviews

Hypnosis for job interview confidence can help you to create a winning attitude and help you shine when you are looking for your next role. Never let those nerves or anxieties stop you from achieving your goals and dreams especially when it is possible to change the way you feel. Job interview worries never need to take over your life and with the right help, it is perfectly possible to create success and get the job of your dreams.

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