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Hypnosis for Anger – Can It Help you To Control Your Temper?

Are you suffering from anger problems? Do you find it difficult to control your temper or are you a bubbling pot of resentment and frustration that threatens to boil over at any moment? All of us are going to be angry at times in our life about injustices or situations but when those feelings of anger make us feel out of control and our rage is hurting others then it is time to seek help. Hypnosis for anger can be used to deal with both the underlying causes of the problem as well as helping with stress reduction.

hypnosis for anger

The Anger Test

So how do you know if you need help with anger management? What signals a person who has a problem with anger issues from the rest of the population? Anger is a natural feeling that all of us experience at some points in our lives however uncontrollable anger is something that needs to be addressed. Have a look at some of the following questions. If you can answer yes to three or more then you may have a problem that needs professional help?

  • Do you bottle up your emotions to the point where you can no longer control your anger and explode with rage?
  • Do you feel as if there is a pent up rage inside you that you can’t control?
  • Are you currently suffering from more stress than usual?
  • Do you take your anger out on others rather than the person or people you are angry with?
  • Do you deliberately engineer situations so that you can let out your anger?
  • Do you have problems with people disagreeing with what you say?
  • Have you felt that life has treated you unfairly or unjustly and that treatment makes you feel angry?
  • After your anger episodes do you feel guilt and remorse?
  • Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?
  • Do you sometimes feel angry and everyone and everything for no reason?
  • Have you ever been violent when you have been angry?

These questions can help you gauge your anger emotions and give you an indication as to whether you should be seeking help.

Hypnosis for Anger Control

How can hypnosis help with anger management? Firstly we need to look at the reasons why people may suffer from uncontrolled anger issues. The root cause of anger is what needs to be treated not just the anger itself. When you find the cause of your anger and deal with the underlying problem it can make a difference to your emotions. Here are some of the most common causes of anger problems:

  • Stress
  • Family and Relationship problems
  • Worries about Finances
  • Work problems
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • OCD
  • Guilt
  • Medical Problems

Anger Hypnosis can be used as a tool to help you to control your anger with most of these problems but in different ways. For example, we can use hypnosis to help with stress reduction to reduce anger outbursts. Alternatively, we can help our clients to manage their anxiety better so that that the anger subsides. Getting to the underlying cause of the problem and understanding the anger triggers is key to making positive and lasting changes.

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Anger Management and Stress

Let’s start by looking at one of the most common issues that anger triggers and that is stress. We all suffer from stress at points in our life but sometimes that stress either becomes too much for us to deal with or it amplifies another problem that can create anger.

Imagine that you are at work and you are under stress and pressure to meet tight deadlines to deliver some important work to your managers. You may be able to deal with this stress providing it is not prolonged. Then you find out that the company is planning on restructuring and your job may be under threat. You stress levels are now increased because you are worried about the deadlines and impressing your bosses, panicking about what may happen if you were to lose your job and concerned about your finances which may not be in great shape.

This example perfectly illustrates how circumstances out of your control can start to increase stress levels. Not imagine that same person already carried a fear of not being good enough since childhood. The restructuring program has now touched a deep emotional nerve that piles the pressure on even more. That person arrives home that evening after hearing the news and when their partner asks them if they have had a good day all that anger and stress explodes out of them.

Hypnosis for stress and anger management is a form of deep relaxation to help manage your anger. When you are in a hypnotic trance you enter a state of deep calm which diffuses any anger issues. Get a client practising this form of stress reduction daily and you are creating a form of safety valve allowing the unhelpful emotions to escape.

Hypnosis for Anger and Fear

Anxiety and fear can also be behind anger outbursts. When you feel that you are under threat then lashing out at what scares you is a coping mechanism. Hypnosis for anger can help you explore the root cause of these anxieties. Discovering what is creating the worry and fear is half the battle of anger management as the more you understand about the problem the easier it is to find coping strategies to help.

A clear form of anxiety that can cause anger issue is OCD. This is where a person has a need to complete a ritual or compulsion to drop their anxiety levels. From a psychological perspective, the person believes that conducting these rituals or compulsions will keep themselves or others safe. The reality is that the behaviours do nothing of the sort but a person will feel highly anxious or angry if someone attempts to stop them from repeating their patterns.  Hypnotherapy, in this case, would look for the reasons why this anxiety exists and then deal with the underlying causes to stop the compulsions.

Anxiety and sleep disorders when mixed are also a potential flashpoint for anger. The effects of anger mean our clients can become incredibly angry and frustrated when they have insomnia that has been created by anxiety. The two problems combined amplify their irritability and aggressiveness. Thankfully hypnosis for anger and sleep can help them to relax sufficiently to sleep deeply and when they have experienced a few good nights sleep this form of anger can subside.

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Hypnosis for Anger and Resentment

Hypnosis for anger can also be used when dealing with feelings of resentment or when our clients feel they have experienced unjust treatment. Sometimes it is really clear where this problem is coming from but at other times it is not so obvious. In the situation we spoke about earlier a person may feel that it was unjust that they were working as hard as they could but were still under threat of redundancy. In this case, hypnotherapy can be used for stress reduction and to teach our clients to take back control over their situation. For example, they could write their CV, start talking to recruitment agencies, see if they could transfer elsewhere in the organisation.

What however happens when you have carried anger and resentment around with you for years but you don’t quite know why? In these cases, hypnotherapy for regression is typically used to take the client back through their memories to find out when the issue started and what caused it. This form of hypnosis which determines the underlying cause can shed new light on problems that have existed for many years.

Typically when we see resentment there may be a childhood issue behind the problem. These can be severe as in abusive family dynamics or bullying at school but there can be milder problems as well. Many of our clients will have repressed jealousy issues relating to their siblings and a belief that they were loved more than them or treated differently. The reality in many cases is that this isn’t the case but the child only saw a narrow viewpoint and carried that problem through into adulthood.

Uncovering the root causes of problems enables our clients to see an entirely different perspective. Anger hypnosis in these cases can literally change the way you think, in some cases instantly. Viewing things differently takes the need for the anger away and can diffuse the emotions.

Anger as a Learned Behaviour

Anger does not always come about because of a stressful incident or internalised emotion. It can also be a learned behaviour where being angry was normalised. If as a child if you lived in a household where the adults were angry and abusive all the time you learn to act like others as a form of survival mechanism. Also as you have known no different this angry behaviour becomes your normal.

As you grow older you still use the same behaviours that you learned in childhood and think of them as perfectly acceptable when in fact they are anything but. Therapy for anger management can help you see that what you learned as a child was inappropriate and help you to tone down your responses to people and situations.

Self-Hypnosis for Anger

A really simple mechanism to help you control your anger is by reducing your stress levels. This can be done practically by looking at your life and making adjustments to areas that are not helping you to stay calm. It can also be done with deep relaxation and stress reduction self-hypnosis.

Listening to a guided meditation for stress reduction audio may seem strange but it can have a huge impact on reducing stress. Quite simply by listening to the self-hypnosis for relaxation audio, you are making yourself take time out for around half an hour to do nothing at all apart from relax which can help you manage your anger. Remember this is not just normal relaxation either but a deep form of relaxation where after a while you lose track of time and what is going on around you. Practise this regularly and you start to find that anxiety, stress and anger start to drop significantly.

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Hypnosis for Anger Management Therapy

Hypnosis for anger management is a great tool for changing emotions including anger, frustration and resentment. Hypnotherapy can help you to discover ways of reducing your stress levels so it becomes harder for the anger to arise. It can address issues with resentment and frustration that may have been bubbling under the surface for years. Plus it can also help where anxiety or depression are concerned about helping you address the root causes of your problems.

“Anger is a punishment that we give to ourselves, for somebody else’s mistakes”! This means that your anger doesn’t actually resolve your problem at all. Instead, the anger impacts your life and those around you but leaves the people who hurt, annoyed or upset you living their lives without a thought of you.

Hypnosis for anger control can help to stop negative thought processes and help people to start to do something positive instead of sabotaging their lives and increasing their levels of distress.

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