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Hypnosis for Health Anxiety – Can it Help?

If any form of anxiety was in the news at the moment it would be health anxiety. Coronavirus around the world has significantly increased stress and anxiety levels and made people focus on their general health. If you suffer from anxiety about your health and well-being suddenly every cough, sneeze or ache can make you worry sometimes uncontrollably. So can hypnosis for health anxiety help you to reduce these fears?

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What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety or hypochondria is where you have a fear of already being sick or getting sick in the future. As an example currently, you may fear leaving home because of Coronavirus and worry it will kill you. Alternatively, you are feeling physical symptoms such as shortness of breath or fast heart rate and convince yourself that you are dying.

Health anxiety makes you hypervigilant and focusing on every feeling in your body. It doesn’t help that anxiety and stress have real physical symptoms such as dizziness, pain, shaking or problems breathing. This means it becomes difficult to differentiate whether it is a genuine illness or just the anxiety.

When a doctor has run tests to eliminate any physical illness and given a diagnosis of anxiety this is often not enough for the hypochondriac. They will question whether the doctor has missed something or whether the test results were wrong. These worries and fears can persist for years. In fact, many of our clients are regular visitors to their local hospital or doctors surgeries trying to discover if they have a mystery illness.

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Symptoms of Health Anxiety

What are the symptoms if you have a problem with health or illness anxiety. Here are some of the common problems that we come across:

  • Constantly checking your body if you experience any pain, twinge or bump in case it is a serious illness
  • Repeatedly visiting your doctor to try and identify an illness that you believe you have
  • Asking for tests to be run again and again in case a mistake was made
  • Regularly visiting the internet to check to see if you have certain illnesses
  • Being preoccupied with family members illnesses and convincing yourself that you may have the same
  • General feels of anxiety and stress-related to medical issues
  • Avoiding locations where you believe you could get ill

Hypnosis for Hypochondria

How can hypnosis for health anxiety make a difference? In the first instance, a hypnotherapist can start to help you to reduce general stress levels. If you are constantly stressed and worried it can set off the “fight or flight” response which can create physical anxiety symptoms. Using relaxation hypnosis it is possible for a hypnotherapist to calm you sufficiently so many of these anxiety symptoms start to vanish. When you understand how it is possible to control your physical symptoms it is easier to control your psychological symptoms.

You can try this simple system for yourself by using our Relaxation and Stress reduction audio which you can purchase in our online store. Use this audio daily to help reduce background levels of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Health Anxiety

Once stress reduction methods are underway a hypnotherapist can then start to look at why you may be experiencing the problem. Health anxiety does not appear for no reason. Usually, there is an incident or problem that has occurred in your life that created the feelings of worry and fear. This issue typically begins in childhood.

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients have experienced problems worrying about their health.

  • Having a medical scare when they were younger
  • Being in hospital by themselves as a child
  • Having an illness when they were younger that was frightening
  • Having a parent who was preoccupied with their health
  • Other anxiety-related issues which could be connected such as fear of needles or hospitals

In order to resolve the problem hypnosis for health anxiety can also use regression hypnotherapy to get to the root cause of the issue. Whilst you are in hypnosis you are taken back through your memories to locate the incident that may have started the problem.

This form of analytical hypnosis for hypochondria can make a big difference in the way your mind thinks about your problem. When you understand and can see the bigger picture it is easier to rationalise why you may have been feeling anxious. In many cases when this form of hypnosis is combined with anxiety and stress reduction the problem just begins to fade away quickly.

You can also track your triggers for your health anxiety and challenge anxious thoughts with our anxiety tracker printable PDF which you can purchase in our online store.

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Coronavirus Anxiety

It is worth noting that Coronavirus has had a big impact on the world’s mental health. Firstly it appeared so quickly as if out of nowhere and within a short time newspapers were sensationalising stories of deaths and horrible symptoms. To make matters worse everyone was told to stay in their homes and stop working which created huge amounts of stress. Money worries, job worries combined with a preoccupation with health created a toxic mix of stress. All forms of anxiety are heightened when there are high levels of stress.

If you are experiencing high levels of health anxiety or any other of anxiety due to Coronavirus it is important to take control of your stress levels. In addition please read our article on Coronavirus anxiety and fear management.

Self-Hypnosis for Health Anxiety

Self-hypnosis for health anxiety-related issues is something that you can use at home to manage your problem. Self-hypnosis is simply a deep state of focused relaxation that allows you to switch off from your worries and fears. Whilst you are in the hypnotic trance positive suggestions can be used to help change the way that your mind is thinking.

At Rewire the Mind we use self-hypnosis for anxiety-related issues with all of our clients. This method of stress reduction and relaxation is fantastic at helping lessen anxiety symptoms. Our best selling Ultimate Stop Anxiety program has been specifically aimed at calming down some of the most common triggers associated with these worries and fears.

The five track audio download has self-hypnosis anxiety downloads for:

  • General Anxiety
  • Worrying and Negative Thinking
  • Sleep Problems Related to Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Deep Relaxation to Reduce Stress

If you want to purchase the full guided meditations for anxiety set you can head to our online store to get your copy.

Self-Help for Hypochondria

If you want to take things a little further than self-hypnosis then our audio downloads are also included in our Blitz Anxiety Program. This program also contains video guides to help you understand anxiety as well as giving you tips and strategies to change the way you think.

Self-help methods for health anxiety can help you to take control of your condition with some simple exercises to help change the way you think and behave.

Online Health Anxiety Treatment

Do you have a problem with health anxiety? Are you looking for hypnosis for health anxiety? We run online anxiety therapy sessions worldwide to help our clients take back control over their worries and fears. Our four sessions anxiety management program can help you to take back control over your condition and reduce your stress levels. To get more details of our program simply fill out our contact form.

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