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Hypnosis for Learning Does it work?

If you are in the middle of studying for exams, learning a new skill or about to take a test is there anything that can help to give you an edge to improve your chances of success? It turns out that hypnosis for learning is the perfect tool to help you create success. In fact, we have worked with thousands of clients over the years ranging from students to nervous drivers worried about their tests to help them get results. So how can hypnosis help with studying?

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Hypnosis for Studying

Let’s firstly look at some of the most common problems people have when they need to study or learn something new.

  • They procrastinate
  • They get distracted
  • They lose focus
  • They have difficulty recalling information
  • They have limiting beliefs such as a belief they are not intelligent enough
  • They may lack motivation
  • They feel stressed
  • They have poor time management

Each one of these factors can create a problem with studying or passing a test. Hypnosis for learning is used to help alter problematic thoughts and behaviours so that learning becomes simpler and easier. When the underlying problems are resolved it suddenly becomes so much easier to create success. Let’s look at how each of these areas can be tackled.

Hypnosis for Procrastination and Motivation

Firstly how many of you will have procrastinated when you were supposed to be studying or learning something at school, college or university? We all do it at times as a way of avoiding sitting down and actually getting the work done. It becomes more interesting to clean out a closet, head out to buy something at the local shops or chat to a friend online.

Procrastination is fine if it happens occasionally but can cause real problems if you are always leaving things to the last minute and doing far too little preparation for your exams or tests.

Hypnotherapy for procrastination and motivation teaches you to focus and get what needs to be done in the most efficient manner. This can be by either the use of positive suggestion and visualisation or by addressing the root cause of why you have a problem. For example, are you procrastinating or lack motivation because you have a fear of failure, because you are a perfectionist or because you believe that it doesn’t matter if you pass or fail. A hypnotherapist can help you to see the underlying problem to create change.

Self-hypnosis for motivation can also help you to boost your drive for success. Why not try our guided meditation for motivation to help you focus on success.

Hypnosis for Concentration and Focus

If you were not aware we all have a limited concentration span. On average an adult loses attention somewhere between 7 and 15 minutes into a task. Clearly, this can be a problem if you have a large amount of information that you need to learn before an exam, interview or test.

If you were not aware hypnosis is a state of deep focused and relaxed concentration. It is relatively easy to extend an attention span whilst you are in hypnosis. Learn self-hypnosis for concentration and suddenly it becomes incredibly simple to teach yourself to increase the period of time when you are concentrating on a task.

This self-help technique is one that is used by famous sports personalities worldwide. You must have heard of people getting into “the zone” before a big sporting event. This is where they have learned to completely focus on the task at hand and tune out anything that would distract them from winning. Hypnotherapists can help to teach you the exact same concentration hypnosis technique so that you use the same mindset to create success.

Hypnosis for Memory Recall

So how can hypnosis for learning help with memory recall? There are a number of ways that memory can be improved whilst in hypnosis. Firstly hypnosis involves deep relaxation. When you are deeply relaxed it becomes so much easier to remember events or information that you may have learned many years before.

Regression therapy is a staple of hypnotherapy sessions where a hypnotherapist will guide a client back through memories to find the source of their problems. It can also be used to help a client remember where they might have put something that they have lost. Using hypnosis for memory recall you can start to remember what you have learned over the past week or month.

You can think of the brain as like one huge library. For most of the time, you can only access parts of the library but whilst you are in hypnosis the whole of the library is available for you to browse around. Hypnosis to study and remember gives you a key to a part of your mind that isn’t always available in your conscious mind.

Secondly, the deep calm that you feel in hypnosis combats test nerves. When you are incredibly anxious or panicking about an exam or test your mind goes blank making it impossible for you to access what you have learned. Meditation for memory recall can help you to stay calm so information flows easily into your brain.

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Hypnosis for Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can create big problems for you and prevent you from doing your best. Test nerves and stop you from recalling important information, they can cause mistakes during practical exams and generally stop you from success. In extreme cases, the test nerves can be so bad that your brain totally freezes and you can’t recall anything at all or you just stop what you are doing. Panic starts to take over and when that happens you are sometimes forced to quit completely.

Hypnosis for studying can help test anxiety by helping you to become calmer and more in control even when you are under pressure. As hypnosis is deeply relaxing it reduces the fight or flight response. Plus a good hypnotherapist can help you to address why your anxiety is there in the first place. Resolve the underlying cause and the problem vanishes.

Here are some of the most common reasons for test anxiety and fears:

  • Fear of embarrassing yourself
  • Fear of failure
  • Worries about not being good enough
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Too much pressure to succeed

One of our clients needed to pass a set of exams to get into a university but they kept on freezing in their mock tests. When we investigated why the problem was there it was because they were comparing themselves to their highly intelligent elder siblings. They had a belief that they didn’t match up so why bother. Whenever that thought appeared in their mind the anxiety took over and they froze. Hypnosis taught that person to concentrate on their goals instead of comparing themselves to others. A few months later we were told they had passed with flying colours and got a place on the course they wanted.

Our online anxiety course can help you if you suffer from anxiety that is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Hypnosis for Learning and Stress

It is really important to note that too much stress can have a detrimental effect on learning. Everyone is under a certain amount of stress when they are doing exams but sometimes that stress becomes unmanageable and stops you from functioning completely.

Any form of stress can have a problematic impact if it becomes too big. That can mean stress from events that are unrelated to exams or performance as well as those that are caused because of studying.

So if whilst you are studying you are experiencing money worries, problems with a job or family troubles they can also cause your general stress levels to rise. Alternatively, that stress can come directly from the pressure put on you to succeed. Parents and schools sometimes put too much emphasis on incredibly high grades or exam results leaving people feeling unable to meet these high expectations. When this stress becomes too much instead of improving performance it makes it worse.

Hypnotherapy for Exam Stress

Hypnotherapy for exam stress can help to alleviate this pressure. Stress management hypnosis is incredibly important to help you to switch off from extreme pressure and allow your mind to rest. When you are calmer you will perform better and make more rational decisions.

Practising stress reduction hypnosis daily can really help to make you more able to think more clearly and tune out external pressure. The best way to do this is with self-hypnosis for relaxation and stress reduction. Our best selling self-hypnosis audio for relaxation can help you to switch off and let the pressure subside. Use it daily in the month or so leading up to an exam and it can help you manage any feelings of anxiety or stress.

Time Management Hypnosis

Most good hypnotherapists can also help you with time management hypnosis. Planning and prioritising what you need to learn in the lead up to a test or an exam is incredibly important. Some people try and leave too much to the last minute. Others are studying 16 hours a day leaving themselves tired and unable to concentrate. Getting the right balance is the key to creating successful results.

Time management hypnosis can also help you to break down what you have to do rather than allowing it to overwhelm you. For example, if you have a 10,000-word dissertation to write it can seem an almost impossible task. Yet a therapist can help you to see that if you wrote 300 to 400 words a day for a month this now becomes incredibly achievable.

Exam Confidence Hypnotherapy

Finally, exam confidence hypnosis can help you to build your belief in yourself. Knowing that passing a test or an exam is achievable is half the battle. Yet if a part of your mind thinks that you will fail even before you have started you are fighting a losing battle.

Hypnosis for confidence can increase your self-esteem, self-belief and self-worth and create a can-do attitude. Knowing that you are going to succeed makes it simpler for you to sit down and focus on the job at hand. It can also improve your mood making studying less of a chore.

Hypnosis for learning encompasses a wide range of tools, tips and strategies to help you to study with ease. Learning something new never has to be hard when you have the right skills and help to create success.

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